March 10, 2018

Foreign-funded extremists attempt to kill Canadian pipelines

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show, I reported on leaked battle plans by American extremists group to organize lawbreakers to oppose the construction of Canadian oil pipelines. 

While the mainstream media continues to be obsessed with the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, nobody is paying attention to foreign-funded environmental extremists. 

These criminals are paid to destroy Canadian prosperity and violate our sovereignty. It's why they do nothing to oppose the importing of Sharia oil from Saudi Arabia or Qatar, they're only interested in stopping Canada's.

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commented 2018-03-13 01:01:04 -0400
Yes, liza, love your passion, Harper had a full majority in Parliament and if I would have been him, I would have sold off the welfare cbc right-of-the -bat, I would have dismantled all the fake charities like Suzuki foundation,and all the foreign funded groups that are undermining our resources and democracy, dismantled the massive unions that pay no taxes at all and that work against conservatives. I liked Harper but he could have pushed for getting rid of much more. Hell, didn’t matter what the evil msm said about him, there was never pleasing them, of course, unless you an fg traitor trudope and liberals.
commented 2018-03-12 23:30:51 -0400
I agree with you Tammie P Z, perhaps if the lamestream media started doing real journalism & exposed these extrememists for who they are & how they’re getting paid as well as having harsh punishments for those law breakers, then we could accomplish something. Instead these protesters are given a free hand to run around all over the place, vandalize, disrupt, delay, waste valuable police time all at great expense & there are never any consequences, it’s no wonder it just keeps going on & on & on.
commented 2018-03-12 11:17:54 -0400
Andy, like I said – earthquake.
commented 2018-03-12 04:00:58 -0400
Liza Rosie: – quote:- “B.C. has been flooded with nutcases.”… All too true and it has been ever thus since the flower child 70s when Granville and Georgia was the pot smoking capital of Canada… For about 4 decades now Hastings and Main has been the drug capital postal code of Canada, which has spilled over into the provincial capital Victoria in the past 15 years… The old drug-addled hippies, who used to run naked around Sombrio Beach and Texada Island communes, have produced a new generation of the same, and are still promoting legislation to facilitate drug use… And in doing so, they have “welcomed” nutcases from clear across Canada… So no surprises that they oppose even eco-friendly projects like the Site C hydro dam on the Peace River… To say nothing of the “insane reality” that the Peace River County in northern B.C. has enough natural gas to serve all of Canada for hundreds of years!…
commented 2018-03-12 03:46:10 -0400
I don’t think Mr. Ford will have a problem explaining to Joe Trudeau how the “notwithstanding clause” works and perhaps Western or oil can start to flow east… Without a doubt Rachel Notley will soon be removed from the position she found herself in by accident then all we need is to remove Joe Trudeau and Canada could once again enjoy the great prosperity that our natural resources have entitled it citizens to..
commented 2018-03-12 01:14:44 -0400
I wonder if James/ Vincent/Bob will comment on American style liberalism in Canada?
commented 2018-03-12 01:13:52 -0400
O wonder if James/ Vincent/Bob will comment on American style liberalism in Canada?
commented 2018-03-11 19:36:47 -0400
Bill c-371 defeated. Happy days for the liberals.
commented 2018-03-11 11:51:33 -0400
Yes I have heard of the HIVE and Tides.
I have said this many times Canada should be oil self sufficient. Not sending billions to other countries for imported oil at a rate off 800,000 barrels a day to Eastern Canada. I suspect these groups are funded by the above. Only Canadian oil is being attacked by paid thugs.
Someone else suggested Alberta ,Saskatchewan, Manitoba ban together and build both refineries and a pipe line to the deep water port in Northern Manitoba. A lot of money is being spent to ensure we get f-all for our oil, then buy it back refined (giving the buyers the profits). In essence we are giving oil (we get quite a bit less than world price)away and then paying to buy it back as refined fuel.
Billions in Jobs and dollars kept out of Canada. Billions of dollars sent to Saudis friends of turdo .
commented 2018-03-11 11:35:35 -0400
Farmers are also suffering. The oil and gas get moved one way or the other. No pipelines? They move it by rail car, putting people at risk and leaving farmers odd man out for wheat transport.
The question is, can we make Canada sane again? Andrew Scheer, calling Andrew Scheer! A little pressure please.

B.C. has been flooded with nutcases. The coast needs an earthquake to bite the lower mainland off and spit it out into the sea. They are KILLING this province.
commented 2018-03-11 08:52:40 -0400
Canada – rapidly becoming the new Sweden.
commented 2018-03-10 22:20:35 -0500
Robert Hewgill—-Agreed, although I liked Harper for his financial strengths, he sure dropped the ball on pipelines.
Just think, he had a Majority Conservative Gov., a friendly Provincial Conservative/Liberal Gov., and back then, the silent majority was for the pipelines. Harper and the Premier of BC also had
the NON-WITHSTANDING CLAUSE on their side which would negate their decisions should any non-elected slimy Judges try and interfere.
David vs Goliath and David won again.
commented 2018-03-10 19:41:13 -0500
It’s been going on for years. It was going on when Harper PM and he knew about it and did nothing about it.