June 05, 2015

Do the PMs new anti-terrorism measures go far enough?

Marissa SemkiwArchive

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced new measures aimed at safeguarding Canada by thwarting Islamic terrorism here at home.

The Prime Minister has been tough on terrorism, but I'd argue his measures should go one step further.

Millions of dollars of foreign extremist money flows into Canada to fuel extremism and social segregation here at home, and the Canada Revenue Agency has no way of tracking it.

This isn't money that is funding terrorism directly, but rather funds that foster an environment susceptible to terrorism.

I accept that there are no easy answers here, but this is an issue that all Canadian society must accept is happening, and confront.


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commented 2015-06-06 19:46:00 -0400
Every Canadian is supporting terrorism all over the world, merely by paying your taxes.
How is this so? Let me explain.
Religious organisations are given a tax free status. That means, for every tax dollar they don’t have to pay, you and I have to pay to keep the country operating.
The only way to stop it is to remove charitable status to all religious organisations. Then and only then, do the people of Canada stop the governments money going to these organisations.
If we can do this, we may have a chance at regulation all charitable organisations to prevent those with an anti Canada agenda from operating in Canada.
Some people will say “Hold up there” but really. Canada has Agriculture, Mining, Oil, Fishing and Manufacturing plus a very impressive scientific community. Any person that speaks out against any of these issues is a threat to our country.
You see, I have a problem with any Tax Free Status for anything. Every Organisation, including political, should have to pay tax, just like any of the people who work for a living have to.
The entire charitable donation system needs an overhaul and those 100 year old laws need to be replaced.
commented 2015-06-06 16:37:36 -0400
Keith Barnes you make a good point and I agree with you. The problem is that if Harper pushes too hard and does not make changes in small steps, he will cause enough problems that he can and will be removed from office by the filthy left. We have seen the extremely dirty tactics of the left since Harper has taken office in 2006. I am sure that if Harper makes changes too quick the left will find a way to smear him with such dirty politics that people will not vote for him in October. Many people do not pay enough attention to politics to realize the lies propagated by the left when the accuse Harper of anything and everything imaginable hoping something will stick. The left have no compunction about lying and cheating their way to obtain power. And I, for one, want Harper back in office. Because if he does not get into office, Canada is screwed, just like Alberta is now that the NDP in power and poised to destroy our economy just like they have in 4 provinces already.
commented 2015-06-06 14:01:17 -0400
PM Harper is on the right track but he needs to stop being so Politically Correct. We are not dealing with normal people here. They are all brainwashed into believing the political agenda of Islam, they live in the Seventh Century. Unstable in the mind, due to inbreeding, they will do whatever their local Imam tells them and that is mostly about hating Canadians.
Islam intends to take this Country over, to convert everyone to Islam. Canadians will listen, or have their heads hacked off, with a Butcher’s Knife. Would you agree to having your eight or nine year old Daughters Clitoris removed, using a pair of Tweezers and a Razor Blade. This is Islam. How about your Gay Brother being Hung. just because of his sexual preferences. Churchill had it right, “They are the scum of the earth”.
Did you know that the World Capital for ‘Gay Porn Literature’ is Pakistan?
Now we see the Lib/NDP Whacko’s, having a Love In with Islam, promising them, increased immigration in exchange for their votes.
The only way to save Canada from these Heathens is to deport the whole lot of them. Rescind Citizenship’s, NOW.
commented 2015-06-06 10:44:59 -0400
Marissa, I would be interested in you posing the question you put to Stephen Harper, to the leaders of the other two official parties and reporting their responses on this website.
commented 2015-06-06 10:42:58 -0400
Sigh, for all who oppose Bill C-51, it does give CSIS the power to spy on foreign governments that no one can reasonaby expect to disclose how much cash they smuggle into Canada.

Harper won’t craft any legislation additional to C-51 before the election, but I am certain he has heard Fatah’s testimony and will enact law that requires all donations over $25 to be made by cheque or credit card, should he be re-elected. It just makes common sense.
commented 2015-06-06 03:00:55 -0400
To the extent that Saudi Arabia or Iran are funding Mosques in Canada this is no doubt a problem but the bigger problem is our government doesn’t want to touch the Mosques in this country. They are officially off-limits to law enforcement. We all know that in every Mosque Imam’s preach hatred – in fact they goes as far as to call for the killing of non-believers i.e. they are stepping over our free speech boundaries and should be arrested for inciting violence.

It would be so easy for police to infiltrate these Mosque’s with brown-skinned under cover officers and gather evidence for prosecution of the Imams leading to the shutting down of the Mosques but our GUTLESS politicians just want to ignore the Mosque problem so as not to “offend” the Muslim’s. Instead of tackling the problem head on they just pass more laws to limit our freedom of speech and liberty.

Make no mistake about it – Harper likes to talk tough on terrorism but he is just as bad as the Liberals and NDP when it comes to kissing the Muslim’s ass (Harper get the job done by sending his bum-boy Jason – 47 y/o virgin – Kenney to visit every Mosque in the country).
commented 2015-06-06 02:51:12 -0400
Why does it take an election before Harper gets off his ass and addresses these problem? How long has he been PM? almost 10 years?

While the government has shut down IRFAN and ISNA there remain in this country many Islamic charities that are tied to terrorist groups that still have registered charity status i.e. WE are funding these Islamist groups in part with OUR tax dollars!

A case in point is “Human Concern International” “HCI”. This is a charity that Bin Laden claimed (in an interview with an Egyptian reporter) funded Al Qaeda! Omar Khadr’s father was the head of the Pakistan branch of HCI and yet we give them charity status in Canada(Charitable Registration Number: 107497125RR0001) ! As with ISNAHCI has been found to funnel money to IRFAN who in turn funnel money to Hamas. Why hasn’t HCI’s charitable status been revoked?

This spring the Muslim Student Assoc of Ryerson raised $70,000 in a very dubious fundraising campaign “30 days for 30 orphans” (its always the “poor orphans” they are raising money for). The office of the President of Ryerson – Sheldon Levy actually gave $10,000! (bet it didn’t come out of his wallet). When it was pointed out to the Ryerson MSA that HCI had given money to IRFAN they broke off their relationship but month’s later no word on what happened to the 70,000!

Terrorist fundraising on Canadian campuses is a HUGE problem that none of our media wants to touch (not even the Rebel Media who I have emailed about half a dozen times about this issue ).
commented 2015-06-05 23:59:00 -0400
I agree with Judy. God bless you Marissa. I know you know what I mean
commented 2015-06-05 21:11:53 -0400
Marissa…with you at work, I feel much more safe…you have the concise and intrepid thinking process that we need to hold our governments to account…Harper, as noted elsewhere, has had to move in stages…and is limited to acting within the law…unlike the terrorists and thugs that oppose our liberty…but I feel for any government leader with whom you disagree that finds him/her self at the open end of your microphone! Wither them with your rhetoric and your reason and wrestle them to the ground with your clarity of vision! You are a fine example of a brilliant young female Canadian…who is fit to lead others and to shape our thinking in the decades ahead…I hope you will become a figurehead for other young women who see the potential there is in being a free, unbridled and thinking person, unlimited by unreasonable cultural restraints and ridiculous bondage of the will imposed on females, particularly in certain cultures that need to see the potential in freeing females from the prisons of false ideas and by thus doing liberating themselves and enriching their cultures, as well.
commented 2015-06-05 19:43:57 -0400
Marissa has a strong point we do need to be sure money from foreign countries isn’t being used to stuff a Trojan Horse to be used against Canadian citizens’ and our way of life and values!
commented 2015-06-05 18:54:27 -0400
Easy, Marissa. Harper’s in enough media trouble for the measures he’s trying to bring in (even from some who comment on this site). No need to add this to it, yet. There is such a thing as “doing it in stages”…
commented 2015-06-05 18:07:07 -0400
That was a good report. I think Pandora’s box is now open. Very little can be done. Eliminating the charitable status for all and sundry would not stop the inflow of funds that Marissa is rightly concerned about. Even if somehow you could stop the inflow the followers would just be “taxed” more than they are now by their leaders.