May 09, 2017

Former Obama official praises Allah for mass killings of Christians in Egypt by ISIS

StaffRebel Columnist

A high-ranking member of Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council appeared to celebrate the slaughter of Christians in Egypt on Twitter.

"Reading ISIS’s latest mag ‘otherizing’ Egypt’s Copts. Subhanallah how what goes around comes around. Coptic ldrs did same to MB Egyptians," Mohamed Elibiary tweeted on Sunday.

As The Daily Caller points out, “Subhanallah” is Arabic for “Glory to Allah”. So basically, Elibiary is praising Allah for the fact that ISIS killing Egyptian Christians is a supposed retribution for Coptic leaders doing the same to Muslim Brotherhood members.

Elibiary's pro-Islamist views actually got him fired in 2014. At one point he suggested that an Islamic caliphate was inevitable and once insisted that the United States was “an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution”.

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commented 2017-05-10 09:45:05 -0400
We all know that Obama and much of his administration love Islam. That is also why Trudeau and much of his administration love the Obama administration, because Justin also loves Islam.

So, much of the Left lusts after an oppressive hateful misogynistic religion, Islam, and intentionally reject the religion that promotes freedom, love and equality for all, Christianity.

How insane is that?
commented 2017-05-10 04:55:31 -0400
not surprised at all. i started watching Brigitte Gabrielle when Obama first got in & she warned the Muslim Brotherhhood members were given positions of power under obama. i could not believe only 7 yrs after 9/11 Islam would be in the Whitehouse. sad sad sad. That was a huge battle won for islamification of the west. & then came Mr Trump to hold it off for a while. Canada has a mini me obama now so were f..ked.
commented 2017-05-09 23:38:55 -0400
Oh how history repeats itself. Maybe someone should remind this fellow, that it started with the Muslims raiding everyone else, and that Christians were the victims, not the perpetrators, just like they will be in the next set of Crusades!
commented 2017-05-09 21:48:26 -0400
Right on, Keith Barnes.
While I detest violence as a rule and would rather leave that to the left. We will see a lot of blood on our streets in the future.The innocents will pay the price (as always), till the rest of these idiot libtards wake up to what they have done to this great country. This is WAR,us against them, there is no other way of stating it. Our rights and freedom, our very way of life is an affront to islam and they will NEVER tolerate us. We are all infidel who are not muslims. People,especially atheists need to learn that this is a holy war and it will be convert or die. Its that simple,there is no other choice. If you value your freedom, you need to stop helping the enemy of our country. Stop talking about their rights,as their intention is to take yours away.Stop believing that their ideology is one of peace,that is bullshit talk till their numbers grow enough to take over. Educate yourself, it’s not that hard,and don’t listen to do-gooders who only see poor refugees who will appreciate what we do for them and assimilate , for they won’t. Should you need proof,have a good look at Europe,looks to me as they might have shown less acceptance. Finally,stop supporting the liberal agenda, witch is a total sell out the people. They have been paid for by the middle east,just like they bought the UN council. If you care at all about our future,then wake up and stop this insanity.
commented 2017-05-09 18:32:54 -0400
Important to remember, Elibiary was in the upper echelon of the Obama administration. He was fired in 2014 not because his views were considered extreme by Obama; rather, he was too vocal and would call attention to the oval office. Obama couldn’t afford to have the American people take a closer look at who has infiltrated the government at every level.
commented 2017-05-09 17:01:26 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,273 Attacks, 214,127 Killed, 295,316 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-05-09 15:43:04 -0400
It is time for everybody, everywhere, who is not a Muslim, to start standing up for our rights. It is Us who are the Humans, we are not savages. What has happened to Democracy? What has happened to our, so called, Leaders.

It is time to fight back, in the same manner as we are attacked. If this means Savagery, then so be it.