May 25, 2015

Former UN climate boss guilty: Report

Brian LilleyArchive

RK Pachauri, the former head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has been indicted by an internal review looking into allegations of sexual harassment.  

Pachauri is accused of sexually harassing a 29-year-old research analyst at TERI, an Indian research institute that the 74-year-old scientist headed up.

News of the allegations, made public in February, forced Pachauri to resign from the IPCC where he had long been the public face of the UN's climate change program.

Now, according to The Times of India, an internal review at TERI has indicted Pachauri.

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has found that Pachauri's conduct amounted to misuse of his position and violation of the organisation's policy on sexual harassment.

The report, the contents of which were described to ET by sources familiar with it, says that the complaint filed against Pachauri by his subordinate has been confirmed after a detailed inquiry.

The allegations against Pachauri include inappropriate text and Whatsapp messages, written notes and gifts.

Pachauri is facing criminal investigation as well. He is currently free on bail as the legal process takes its course.


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commented 2015-06-06 11:29:03 -0400
74 years old and randy? Cut this guys viagra till he settles down to normal.
Or increase it till he f…s himself to death. Either report would be welcomed.
commented 2015-06-04 06:44:32 -0400
False flag, using this dope to try and legitimize unipc panel, it’s corrupt top to bottom.
commented 2015-05-26 07:13:26 -0400
all we need is someone to come forward and complain about St. Suzuki
commented 2015-05-25 18:47:10 -0400
Another egotistical bag of wind who is nothing more than a low life in real life. Good riddance. I hope they throw the book at him. More of these know it all bags of wind in such high positions of power should be investigated for any little thing, just to get rid of them. Even better investigate the entire UN. It is all corrupt and needs to be shut down.
commented 2015-05-25 17:10:22 -0400
But, But, But, he’s saving the planet, so we can give him some slack! Right? (sarc)
commented 2015-05-25 14:06:31 -0400
Pachauri is just one of thousands of profiteering carpet baggers at the UN – all turning a buck on all the fraudulent “crisis” that is churned out of this nest of vipers. After all the AGW/GHG bunkos he’s pulled it seems an anticlimax seeing him getting pinched for being a serial groper.
commented 2015-05-25 13:47:02 -0400
Another example of elistists thinking they are unaccountable and above everyone else!
commented 2015-05-25 13:04:08 -0400
Yuck!!! This guy is horrible – that poor lady! Does anyone want to bet that nothing will happen to this gross man?
commented 2015-05-25 10:18:49 -0400
UN expensed hookers and drugs and these communist turds still can’t get it right.

Hope you, RK Pachauri, get a jail cell with bubba who dry runs you 5 times a day.