May 03, 2017

Fort Mac evacuation: A year ago today

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

A year ago today, the Wood Buffalo wild fire swept into Fort McMurray and triggered the largest evacuation in Canadian history.

Nearly 100,000 people were evacuated in just a few short hours from Alberta’s oilsands hub, to oilsands man camps north of the city or to evacuation centers to the south.

About 2400 structures were lost: about 10 per cent of Fort McMurray.

It was a horrific time for a city already struggling in a bad economy.

I’ve been part of a lot of things I am very proud of here at the Rebel. I get to feel like I am making a difference every single day —giving voice to the voiceless, the deplorables and the "sewer rats".  

But the thing I’m most proud of is how so many of our friends, allies, viewers and fans rushed to help these Albertans when we put out the call for funds.

Canadians from all across the country stepped up to raise over $160,000 for disaster relief in Fort Mac.  

It's easy to feel like the rest of the country has it out for Alberta. We get the short stick in equalization. We get punished with a carbon tax. We get told that we are going to be phased out.

But regular Canadians don't have it out for Alberta. Canadians stepped up when Albertans needed it the most. You made such a huge difference —  so much of a difference that Rachel Notley even had to recognize you for all that you had done.

It’s a year later, but I want to thank you again for what you gave for people you’d never know. And you did something special for me.

You reminded me that Canada cares about Alberta.  

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commented 2017-05-04 02:58:46 -0400
Ndpees were celebrating in a very expensive high-end restaurant when people’s homes and their possessions were being burnt and they were fleeing for their lives. The ndpees had also cut the fire fighting budget. I noticed on the evil msm, there was NOT one complaint of the ndpees actions. Amazing how these despicable Marxist at the helm get no criticism from anyone. Oh, I forgot the ndpees spent 2 million dollars telling Albertans that this punitive carbon tax was going to be so good for us. No wonder you don’t hear boo from the bought-and-paid-for msm.
commented 2017-05-03 22:50:16 -0400
Mongrel the NDP was laughing the whole way , they are hate filled scum.
commented 2017-05-03 19:16:18 -0400
Art, Peter and all,

Also remember the initial smoke plume was observed at least three days before it became a wildfire, yet no action was taken when it was at the controllable stage. Fires were happening all through the North at that time, the majority being controlled when first spotted. I would like to think the best of the NDP in this situation in believing that they are just complete idiotic morons. However, the longer it is taking for facts to come out, I am becoming a believer that dark motives of collusion are involved; otherwise why do they not come clean?
commented 2017-05-03 19:08:27 -0400
And Bermann of Modor was one of those saying MacMurray deserved it, and is now campaigning for the NDP in BC, who want to punish McMurray further.
commented 2017-05-03 17:34:44 -0400
I too believe the fires were intentional; and, set by eco-terrorists. I hope the investigation continues until arrests are made. Perhaps a reward for tips leading to an arrest will entice a person with knowledge to come forward and report it to police… appealing to their greed may be something to try.
I love Alberta, and was heartbroken this tragedy happened. My thoughts and prayers are still with Albertans. Many of us contributed to the Red Cross and wished we could do more to help.
commented 2017-05-03 16:47:13 -0400
ART , i too think it was set , as well I think people "high up " in policing and justice departments think so too , but I doubt if anything will come of it in near future, perhaps in half a lifetime, a deathbed confession

PETER , you’re first comments , spot on , you hit all the bases
commented 2017-05-03 16:36:06 -0400
It’s also the 1 year anniversary of Trudeau refusing help with the fire. Bet he and his oil sands hater pals partied hearty celebrating an Alberta disaster that night.
commented 2017-05-03 14:14:14 -0400
@ Art

You are right about there being no lightning activity. In addition the fire started in two locations, if I have my information correctly.

I firmly believe that the fires were set by environmentalist criminals. But that is only my opinion.
commented 2017-05-03 14:13:24 -0400
Art – I still think the fire was deliberately set.
commented 2017-05-03 14:11:40 -0400
Sheila, the general population of Canada may like Alberta but unfortunately they are not the Canadians that have the power and authority to make life a real living hell for Albertans.

So the unfortunate end result seen by Albertans is the malevolence thrust towards them from the ones who can make their life difficult.

And no, it is not just the Liberals. The NDP as well as the Greens think Alberta is an eco-cess pool and treat Albertan accordingly. The elites in the Laurentian belt hate Alberta. And the Liberals in Quebec has a special hatred for Alberta not only because of the perceive environmental damage caused by the “evil” oilsands, but because the income from those evil oilsands is what funds som much of their economy, to the tune of about 9.5 billion.

But thank you to the regular Canadians who do not hate Alberta and have contributed to Ft. McMurrays’ recovery.
commented 2017-05-03 14:00:27 -0400
So far the only peep I have heard about a cause was the fact that there were zip, zero, nada, lightning strikes anywhere near Fort Mac. So why do we not have any potential causes yet? It has been a year and I would think the fire experts would have SOMETHING by now. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this is starting to smell like the magic bullet story used to explain away the Megantic disaster. Seems to be a lot of that going around these days.