January 12, 2017

Fort McMurray First Nation distances itself from Jane Fonda’s travelling “kook” show

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Fort McMurray First Nation is distancing itself from the Jane Fonda travelling kook road show. 

Jane Fonda spent the week in Alberta bashing the oilsands as toxic and comparing the one site she saw during her carbon intensive flyover of the region, to “having the skin peeled from my body.”

And during her trip, Fonda has painted herself as the voice of Indigenous people in the Fort McMurray region.

But when the news broke that one of Fort McMurray First Nation’s former band councillors had been with Fonda on her seditious tour of the area, the Nation’s Chief executive officer, Barry Calihoo, released a statement:

“FMFN 468 (Fort McMurray First Nation) played no part in the planning, facilitating or participating in the Jane Fonda visit...our Nation does not endorse the Fonda visit” and “FMFN 468 does support the responsible development of the Oil Sands, and is confident that our industry partners have the same vision….we are grateful to these partners for the significant role they have played in our efforts since 2011 to establish FMFN 468 as a strong, economically self sufficient First Nation.”

As much as Fonda likes to think otherwise about herself, a rich white Liberal from Hollywood doesn't speak for Fort McMurray First Nation.

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commented 2017-01-17 22:41:17 -0500
I was shocked to hear that Jane Fonda is 78 years old!

I was deeply disappointed that she thought she could use some native leaders as a backdrop for her prepared ideological speeches. She never acknowledged that Aboriginal Albertans have a very serious personal interest in jobs, oil-sands development, and the economy over all.

Canadians should maintain a respectful but cautious view of spokespeople from the United States.
commented 2017-01-15 16:17:18 -0500
All of her physical workouts might have helped her body, but they sure did nothing to improve her brain or thought process.
commented 2017-01-15 16:12:08 -0500
What I say to those self righteous sobs from Cliffhangerornia, is this:. What the Canada’s oilsands industry does is take the oil saturated sand out of the ground, cleans it and sells the oil at fair market price. By comparison, what Hollywood does is to take sex, which starts out clean, makes it dirty and then sells it for an obscene price to people around the world! Jane, take this message back to your hypocrite fan club and tell them to STICK IT . We Canadians have had enough of your outhouse verbal fertilizer.
commented 2017-01-13 16:40:21 -0500
Hannoying Jane has had her skin stretched so many times I’m surprised the wind doesn’t peel it off.
commented 2017-01-13 12:03:51 -0500
I wonder how many people on this site know what the symbol on you hoodie is? It is from the Arabic alphabet for the letter “N” or “nun”. This is used by the Jihadists to mark Christian dwellings ( n = Nazarene) so as to make sure the Christians pay the Jizya a punitive tax, or get harassed or worse case killed. I also like to use as a symbol for persecuted Christians, merged with the crucifix. Keep up the good work, some of the tops you have on I would of like to get, you “ugly” Christmas jumper was cool. You do where a lot of black though on a black back ground that make it look odd just a face and moving hands .
commented 2017-01-13 00:06:41 -0500
Good old Hanoi Jane. Still on the wrong side
commented 2017-01-13 00:01:38 -0500
Sheila, I noticed in your twitter feed that you asked where the heck was Fort Mac’s Mayor when #HanoilJane showed up. That is a very good question. Kind of the least she could do.
commented 2017-01-12 21:19:17 -0500
Perhaps not this time Gerry. It’s reported that he’s down one billion dollars as the result of incorrectly anticipating a stock market crash following Trump’s election victory.
commented 2017-01-12 20:09:21 -0500
Did G.Soros pay for the trip???
commented 2017-01-12 20:09:21 -0500
Did G.Soros pay for the trip???
commented 2017-01-12 20:09:21 -0500
Did G.Soros pay for the trip???
commented 2017-01-12 19:40:02 -0500
Liberals hate free thinking financial independent minorities – they only love them when they are needy – needy of liberal bankrupt charity that keeps them on a reservation or ghetto welfare plantation. If they are self sustaining and successful they disavow them.

Cue a chorus of “love me I’m a Liberal”.
commented 2017-01-12 19:34:58 -0500
Thanks Sheila.. The Rebel..the rebelnites….keep posting all of the factual links..factual news..keep pounding the bastards with truth..fact after fact..Hopefully it wakes up enough everyday good People.
commented 2017-01-12 19:34:48 -0500
Years from now communications students will read about this in their text books as an an example of a horrible PR failure. Fonda is political poison to any cause, but she is always available because of her pathetic ego which needs constant feeding.
commented 2017-01-12 19:04:51 -0500
People are having enough of the celebrities who fly up here and lecture us, Sounds like the natives are finally having enough of these useless celebrities as well. Go home Jane and stay there, DONT COME BACK PLEASE.
commented 2017-01-12 19:00:55 -0500
Thank you SHEILA , I knew you’d be presenting a follow up of the work of ROBBIE PICARDE
And a thanks for that inclusive statement FMFN
Jane go find Tarzan ,or go back to Han annoy
commented 2017-01-12 19:00:01 -0500
My favourite experience in MacMurray was in a bar listening to a couple of FN entrepreneurs discussing the international economic situation and the impact on their businesses. Maybe Freeland should try to find these guys for advice, because they knew their stuff.
commented 2017-01-12 18:58:48 -0500
Thank God, we have The Rebel journalists and reporters who are saying like it is, thank you, Sheila and Holly, especially Ezra who are so very truthful to help our country and province navigate through these trying times. I never put on ctv, cbc and global anymore, these left winged msm are just bought-and-paid-for by nutley using our hard-earned money to spew their never ending lies. I presume in ontariowe, it is the same garbage lies the left wing msm does as well and everywhere in Canada.
commented 2017-01-12 18:54:40 -0500
Of course she doesn’t speak for first nations people. She speaks for the privileged leftist elites. So what else is new.