November 17, 2017

Fraser Institute: 75K Ontario jobs lost due to high cost of “green” energy

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

We’re told green energy programs create jobs and will help diversify the economy, but a recent report from the Fraser Institute suggests as many as 75,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost due to the high costs of green energy in Ontario

The aim of Ontario’s Green Energy Act was to boost solar panel and wind turbine manufacturing jobs, but the recently closed Siemens wind turbine plant in Tillsonburg, is just one example of what really happens.

The closure resulted in 340 layoffs so while updates on the government website point to only 20,000 jobs created, what they don’t mention is that many of those jobs are temporary.

Over the last six years, small industrial consumers have seen increases of about 50 per cent in electricity costs. The result can be seen in the manufacturing jobs lost in the paper, steel and iron industries — businesses in which electricity is among the highest input costs.

In addition to billions in green energy subsidies, the Ontario government is using taxpayer money to reduce residential hydro bills by 25 per cent, at a cost Ontario’s Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk puts at an extra $39.4 billion

The Ontario Liberals provide a cautionary tale of what will come for any other government whether the Alberta NDP or the federal Liberals, if they continue ramming through green energy policies.

In doing so, they’re killing competition and jobs without thinking about the consequences.

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commented 2017-11-20 00:52:33 -0500
And meanwhile the bat and bird killing wind farms continue to churn, at least now and then….
commented 2017-11-19 11:41:31 -0500
Automation reduces labour but consumes energy and is very capital expensive. It can save jobs by preventing wholesale relocation to low labour countries like Mexico, however high taxes, over regulation and unsustainable government spending discourages investment. Àutomation is not responsible for the destruction of Ontario’s manufacturing economy, that rests solely on the shoulders of bad Liberal McGuinty/Wynne policy making Ontario uncompetitive and unattractive to business. The so called " high tech" jobs are the next to go as India will soon overtake the US in software design. How many Solar panel companies exist today in Ontario? The Liberals invested huge amounts of tax dollars betting on a vanity industry that has contributed less than nothing as we are saddled with tens of billions in debt reaching out decades. The government has no business picking the winners and losers in business.
commented 2017-11-19 10:30:12 -0500
Interesting. I don’t think anyone would deny that there are winners and losers with any policy decision. I would like to see an in-depth analysis investigating whether these jobs would have been lost to automation anyways in the medium term. If so, holding on to these manufacturing jobs at all costs is the equivalent of wanting to stop farmers from using agricultural equipment to save farming jobs.
commented 2017-11-18 10:33:19 -0500
As a small manufacturing business owner I can support the findings of this report related to job loss and business closures directly the result of high electricity prices.
I have lost dozens of customers whose plants have shut down, but most have moved to the States, where energy, labour, land, buildings, and taxes are considerably cheaper, by half. If anyone things the new economy is high tech, better brace yourselves as it is moving offshore at an exponential rate. China rivals the world , on the US heals, in patent applications, and Mexico, every year, has 10 times the number of Engineering graduates that we have in Canada. We are not very serious about our survival.
commented 2017-11-18 03:16:34 -0500
Ron Joseph… You got that right!… Apparently in the last 24 hours the American NAFTA negotiating team has served notice that they are "no longer playing games’…
commented 2017-11-18 01:33:06 -0500
No matter which Provincial Party wins, Ontario’s Business and Industry is not competitive with policies of Minimum Wage increases and new Carbon Taxes.
Even more important, it looks like Trudeau isn’t too interested in coming to a new NAFTA agreement, the way he is treating Trump. If this is true, Trump will make Michigan look like INDUSTRY HEAVEN to Ontario Companies.
commented 2017-11-17 22:28:19 -0500
Ontario has been deindustralizing since Muldoom opened the floodgates for tax and regulation-burdened industry to move south or off shore and service the market with a competitive advantage. What the McChimpy-Wynn soviets have done is literally kill the remaining mid sized assembly-fabrication businesses with energy costs – these businesses haven’t gone elsewhere and could come back if conditions improve, these are jobs gone for good – there is nothing replacing the lost full time mid-wage jobs lost to this energy madness. Ontario will look like the east coast did in the 60s
commented 2017-11-17 21:54:31 -0500
Set up a windmill right outside Wynn’s home and maybe she will get the hint how bad it is to live near one. That is why they are in the countryside, and the countryside doesn’t vote Liberal.

She doesn’t worry about jobs vanishing. Al Gore told her she is great and green. That is what is important – don’t you know?

No need to worry about jobs. She has a great income, lots of perks, and a guaranteed pension no matter what happens to the province.

My big fear is that Brown remains head of the Ontario Conservatives. With him at the helm of the Conservatives it will be another Liberal government. And in the unlikely chance that Brown leads the next government, will anyone really see a difference in government.

Lets face facts: Liberals and NDP will gladly spend and tax everyone into property, and business is capitalism and must be brought to heel. Brown is a closet Liberal. Ontario is screwed.
commented 2017-11-17 21:24:03 -0500
The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money, and that’s where were headed folks.
commented 2017-11-17 20:46:59 -0500
The big joke is the increase in minimum wage then the Liberal fn carbon tax . This is Butt heads wet dream that Dalton Wynne and Trudope have gone all in . This will screw many businesses as well as the poor . Everything has to get more expensive . It’s called inflation . But not to worry the public system has a cost of living built in .
Job loss in the private sector is for real . But what the hell would Trudeau or Wynne care .
commented 2017-11-17 18:14:34 -0500
And if Ontario votes in the NDP, Andrea will take the province even further left that the wicked witch has done already.

Sorry Ontario, but all I can see is that you are royally screwed.
commented 2017-11-17 18:12:27 -0500
Wouldn’t it just be the final blow to Ontario if they voted in the wicked witch again?

I tend to think that they might just do that, and if do actually vote in the Conservatives, with Patrick Brown leading the charge would there be any difference between the two parties? It would probably be the same old same old.
commented 2017-11-17 17:41:47 -0500
“Ontario’s “Green Energy Plan” has been a total clusterf***!!!

Actually it depends what side of the fence you are sitting on. To Wynne and her greenie cohorts it is a huge success, their wallets (and off shore accounts no doubt) have been greatly fattened. Now why should they care that the tax paying peons in the private sector are getting poorer and poorer? It doesn’t effect the public sector whatsoever, they get regular increases guaranteed which more than covers increases and their jobs are secure. Perspective people!!
commented 2017-11-17 17:10:53 -0500
Ontario’s “Green Energy Plan” has been a total clusterf***!!!
McGuinty and Wynne has turned this into a have not province & created energy poverty for so many Ontarians. Left wing nut jobs!
commented 2017-11-17 16:07:00 -0500
I have no sympathy for anyone who voted Liberal and lost their job, they deserve it.
commented 2017-11-17 16:06:20 -0500
Deborah got that right , they live like kings while we live like Serfs.
commented 2017-11-17 15:21:57 -0500
Their intent is to kill capitalism, and distribute the wealth. The UN’s Agenda 21 plan is what they have been implementing for decades. Only the wealth is going to those who wish to control and destroy humanity.
commented 2017-11-17 15:11:09 -0500
I disagree with the commentary "they are killing jobs without thinking of the consequences ". In reality , they just don’t give a hoot about jobs or the economy of the future.
commented 2017-11-17 15:10:15 -0500
Wynney the Pooh up to It’s usual tricks of shafting the Public. Typical of all Marxist, if you cannot Con the public out of their money, then it’s not worth it.

To the original Whinny the Pooh, I apologies for the derogatory comparison.
commented 2017-11-17 13:07:31 -0500
This Politically Correct left wing extermist nut job has consistently used her office to further her own personal/social agendas and we are paying for it with our tax dollars (and going into huge debt)

We the “majority” have had our traditions and values shelved and own personal rights violated all due to her perception of the way society should be. If you speak out about it your a: Climate change denier… homophoibe…Islamaphobic…Having and independent opinion and voicing it is not only the very principle that “they” hang their hat on ….Freedom of speech religion expression etc. it is their right and was ours until it disagreed with theirs …

She’s such a joke but the punchline is erosion of our traditions/society and at a huge finical cost.
commented 2017-11-17 11:34:31 -0500
isn’t it funny how politicians never really face the consequences of job killing policies…other than getting voted out of office…maybe…severance packages, gold plated publically funded pensions…things not accessable to the people whose lives they forever altered…