July 28, 2016

Fraser Institute study confirms proportional representation costs MORE: Here’s why

Brian LilleyArchive

We’re in the dog days of summer but the debate over electoral reform continues. Now, there’s a new argument out from the Fraser Institute about possible policy and fiscal consequences we might face if we go towards some kind of proportional representation.

You can see the press release about the new study from the Fraser Institute HERE and as you’ll see, whatever else Canadians may think of the idea, there’s just no question that proportional representation governments tend to cost more.

Watch as I discuss the study with Fraser Institute Senior Policy Analyst, Taylor Jackson, who outlines the fiscal and policy consequences that would follow such a change.

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commented 2016-07-29 18:29:07 -0400
Coalition governments between different branded globalist parties amounts to a single party state – that is the end game for this undermining of majority will. Ultimately it ends in wide corruption as also ran parties are bought off by globalist coalitions
commented 2016-07-29 14:30:55 -0400
What it’s all about is Trudeau, his minions and co- conspirators want to corrupt the system to ensure that his party enjoys a permanent majority. Too bad Harper didn’t fill the vacant Senate seats. At least that would have slowed the duplicitous, country-wrecking son of bitch down…
commented 2016-07-29 13:33:43 -0400
“proportional representation will give many of us a voice that is being ignored and unwelcome by the mainstream Conservative establishment” ? ? ?
Proportional representation will guarantee 10 political parties or more and within a Decade will will look more like Italy. Who will pay the highest price . . . why the poorly educated, minorities and of course the Native Bands who will finally lose much of their funding in a bankrupt Canada.
commented 2016-07-29 03:46:25 -0400
OK proportional rep advocates, chew on this reality of what PR looks like in actual practice… (Stephen E. has given some insight citing Italy’s history…) Latvia regained independence from the Soviet Union in August of 1991… This is a country of just under 2 million people – i.e. somewhere between the populations of Vancouver and Calgary… Right now it struggles to form coalition governments from 8 “major parties” and 9 “minor parties”… And the really telling point – since August of 1991 it has also seen 23 (!) now “defunct” parties… Welcome to the zoo of PR reality…
commented 2016-07-29 01:51:12 -0400
Sorry but good or bad government , nothing would get done with so many bickering about every little thing.
commented 2016-07-29 01:50:29 -0400
Anon when does it start and end? Does every seat get divided up into every candidate at every level?
commented 2016-07-29 01:18:24 -0400
Proportional representation has worked very well in Italy. In the past forty years, Italy has had thirty-eight governments. Great stability. Wonderful for the economy. A leading economic force in the world. Yes, proportional representation is definitely the way to go! That is if you are a complete twit. Oh yea, we have Baby Doc (aka Prince Dumb) in charge.

Meanwhile, Baby Doc Trudeau sees this as a means to keep Liberal governments elected forever. Since coming to power (seemingly his throne), we have gone from a 7.5 billion surplus to a 30 billion (and still counting) deficit. Under prop rep this will just keep growing even faster than now.

The minister in charge of setting this up is another federal MP with dual citizenship. I wonder how prop rep has worked out for her homeland Afghanistan? This also brings up the question whether dual citizens should be allowed to be in Parliament?

Change for the sake of change never works out well. Baby Doc wants to change Canada so quickly that what it means to be Canada will be lost.
commented 2016-07-28 23:04:10 -0400
Anonymous wrote «unwelcome by the mainstream Conservatives, like Jason Kenny, who fear the bigot card being played by the left that always does this to those who disagree with them»

That’s why we need someone like Kevin O’Leary, who doesn’t care what idiots call him.
commented 2016-07-28 23:00:08 -0400
Proportional representation would bring more minority governments, more deadlock, more compromised half-measures, more and pork-based horse trading. That’s why the majority of voters prefer first-past-the-post. Having policy lurching left and then right is still better than being stuck in the mud.
commented 2016-07-28 20:44:02 -0400
When a democracy votes, we do not vote for the best person or party. We vote against the party we dislike the most. Democracy occurs when we are able to get rid of the political party that is most corrupt or falls out of favour with the population. We do not vote for the best party or person, but we vote someone out of office. Democracy eliminates a person or party from gaining too much power. Proportional representation, however, prevents a country from removing a political party from power. There will always be some who vote for them and like Europe they will form coalitions and therefore remain in power for years if not forever. The so called “small parties” join these coalitions, being promised a voice but become part of the power structure like we see in Europe. Proportional representation leads us away from democracy and toward socialism. Proportional representation is an evil that must be fought against more than anything else. Without our present from of voting we will lose our democracy forever. We need to vote out of office the politicians and parties that we the people do not like.
commented 2016-07-28 19:24:56 -0400
RIght now a lot of social things discussed and supported by the Rebel like ending multiculturalism, official bilingualism, ending free trade with 3rd world countries, support for the rights of the majority as well as minority groups, ending policies that view people not as individuals but as all look and act alike groups (All “privileged” Whites, a’ll “disadvantaged” non-Whites – all Asians, Blacks, East Indians etc look and act alike) – these are being ignored and those expressing such views are unwelcome by the mainstream Conservatives, like Jason Kenny, who fear the bigot card being played by the left that always does this to those who disagree with them, and fear losing the big business Quebec support (Liberals have the Toronto big business support)

Thus, proportional representation will give many of us a voice that is being ignored and unwelcome by the mainstream Conservative establishment