May 03, 2019

(WATCH) FreedomToons: “You Shouldn't Do That” Man!

Rebel Staff

Why do women need weapons to protect themselves from being attacked by men? Men just shouldn't do that! 

FreedomToons explores the topic with a terrible superhero.

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commented 2019-05-04 23:43:54 -0400

Get even with the Liberals for this. Broadcast loudly the truth about how those Boeing 737 Max 8 planes were brought down by their ISIS Orc supporting jihadist co-pilots. Both planes were “sudden jihad syndrome” events. ALLAHU AKBAR was screamed in the cockpits at the end. Cockpit voice recordings confirm this.

The problem isn’t with the Boeing 737 Max 8. The problem is with ISIS sympathizing JIHADI PILOTS.

I would fly on a MAX 8 any day, just so ling as non-Muslims were flying the plane!

Do not fly in a plane when Orcs are the pilots.