July 24, 2016

Claim: French government pressured Nice authorities to destroy tapes, alter records of attack

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In this shocking French news video, authorities in Nice explain that the government of France tried to force them to alter evidence to make it look like there was a real federal police presence in the area of the attack, which there was not. 

Full transcript:

Following the security controversy of July 14 in Nice, we are talking to Igor Sayeri, who is the special envoy for BFM TV in Nice.

“Igor, the female police officer in charge of the municipal CCTV center today claims she was put under pressure by the Ministry of the Interior, in order to change her report.”

“Yes, absolutely! Sandra Bertin actually says that the day after the attack, well, a commissioner of the Place Beauvau [in Paris, Ministry of the Interior HQ] came to meet her, came into this urban supervision center (CCTV); she evokes a busy man who asks her to do, well, a report on the presence of the municipal police at points in the recording, specifying that also the national police can be seen at two specific points in the recording.

She refuses, because on her screens there are no national police at these two points in particular.

The man, the commissioner, then asked her, well, to send a report by email that could be altered.

She refuses at first, and then she — the head of the municipal police — Goes one step further, and claims harassment. She says she was harassed for over an hour, ordered to confirm the presence of the national police at the specific points, a presence that she did not see on her screens. She even says she was actually forced to ask the commissioner from the CSU to leave, and ultimately she had to send two reports: one non-modifiable and another one modifiable.

Finally, she confirms also that a few days later, well, the anti-terrorist sub-directorate asked her to destroy the videotapes from six CCTV cameras that she mentions in her report:

"Those are exactly, well, these six cameras that filmed the killings of 14 July.

"Officially they need to be suppressed, well, to prevent leaks in the press or in the public.”

Note that the Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas responded with a statement: He reminded us that the investigation falls exclusively within the purview of the judiciary.

He specified that the images captured by video surveillance, seized by the justice system, were, I quote, “in no case destroyed.”

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commented 2016-07-27 09:19:01 -0400
When are we going to find out more about the house explosion
commented 2016-07-25 14:16:54 -0400
France and Germany deserve our criticism; but what about us allowing the CBC and Trudeau’s henchmen to Censor us? The Halifax Chronicle cover up etc..
commented 2016-07-25 13:01:38 -0400
It always amazes me how little people learn from scandals past. It only takes is one whistle blower or one revealed email and you might find yourself out of a job and on the other end or the arm of justice. There are too many tracks to cover and it is only a matter of time in this atmosphere of growing public outrage to risk your career and freedom covering for someone else who might not have your back when he or she is under risk of prosecution and they opt to save their own neck or tell some other lie that doesn’t line up with the web you have been spinning.
commented 2016-07-25 12:51:37 -0400
Edward Jobin commented – “It’s time for the people to demand the arrest of any government authority trying to suppress or destroy evidence.”

We are re-living in that momentary epic between Marie Antoinette insulting the people and the storming of the bastille. The metaphoric “Bastille” must be stormed again and the privileged globalist aristocrats must face the guillotine – ISIS were not the first to perfect the practice of beheading traitors.
commented 2016-07-25 12:46:56 -0400
The French people now see their enemy sits in their government house. The enemy has revealed itself in actively repressing the truth and French nationalism. The next move is theirs
commented 2016-07-25 11:48:35 -0400
Death penalty for destruction of evidence. Death penalty for risking our lives by bringing in Islamists.
commented 2016-07-25 10:25:29 -0400
It’s time for the people to demand the arrest of any government authority trying to suppress or destroy evidence. It is time for the people to demand dishonest media outlets to come clean or step aside. It is time for the police to investigate and lay charges when crimes are committed without showing favor. Failure to do your duty will end up in removal with possible charges. Enough is enough!
commented 2016-07-25 10:25:24 -0400
It’s not just France. All Western countries, governments, police and media are hard at work covering up, denying or lying about the dire threat of Islam – and in the face of all the evidence! That is a huge conspiracy.
Are they lying and committing criminal acts against their citizens because they are afraid of being labeled racist – like all the politicians, media and police lie about and cover up the ‘Knock-out Game’.
Or is it some mistaken belief that they are ‘protecting’ their fellow countrymen by withholding the truth of how bad it has really gotten?
Or are they lying to cover up their own incompetence and criminality which is behind the willingness to import, en masse, the enemy into their own home, an enemy who has publicly and repeatedly stated their intention of establishing a Worldwide Caliphate by force and stealth?
Or is something much more sinister afoot…
commented 2016-07-25 09:28:24 -0400
The French authorities are so stressed they’re acting like terrified children. Inspector Clouseau is in charge.
commented 2016-07-25 07:20:47 -0400

From time to time I will post some questions just for the fun of it

Who was the first to say " I’M COOKED ON THAT SIDE; TURN ME OVER, AND EAT ME. "

I’ll post the answers at the end of Ezra’s show on Monday.
Just another reason to watch THE REBEL only $8 bucks a month or $80 bucks a year.
The only voice that shines a light on the news and brings you the news the other media won’t. Just think of all the comments you leave FREEDOM OF SPEECH….use it or loose it.
commented 2016-07-25 04:35:24 -0400
Since it’s obviously “blowing up” in Francois Hollande’s and Angela Merkel’s faces on an almost daily basis now, it will be interesting to see how long their news media choose to play along with the denial in the face of body parts and stark reality… Do any of them, news media included, get a good night’s sleep anymore?… And are their mothers proud of their lying sons and daughters?… Somehow I doubt it…
commented 2016-07-25 01:24:17 -0400
Dirty, dirty, dirty lot. Good on Ms Bertin for standing up to them. I expect she’ll be in the unemployment line soon.
commented 2016-07-24 23:15:39 -0400
Fraser you are correct… The French are doomed and they will be going down in a tail spin very shortly.

When will these fuckers wake the fuck up and stand for their country.
commented 2016-07-24 21:14:53 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,378 Attacks, 199,323 Killed, 279,956 Injured.
commented 2016-07-24 21:14:27 -0400