December 16, 2015

French Language group whines about pronunciation of 'Pee-Kay' Subban

StaffRebel Columnist

A French Language group in Quebec has taken issue with how sports announcers are pronouncing Montreal Canadiens player PK Subban's name.

CJAD reports that the Association pour le soutien et l'usage de la langue française (ASULF) says the star defenceman's name should be pronounced “Pay-Kah” instead of the English “Pee-Kay”.

The group says that “Pee-Kay” is not the proper pronunciation for a French audience.

In a separate (pun not intended) issue, CJAD reports that the ASULF is trying to get the term 'tailgate' changed to “rendez-vous d'avant match.”

Rolls right off the tongue.

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commented 2015-12-17 06:59:57 -0500
But P.K. was the smartest of them all he truns this into derision and made a hell of a good answer , lighting up this nonsense.
commented 2015-12-17 06:58:17 -0500
Our useless Gestapo language guards , have found the important issue of the day , wonder why Quebecers don’t give a damn about them.
commented 2015-12-17 02:17:18 -0500
Dan Mancuso, I believe the question is how much does our Liberal government wish to spend to continue to spend on 101?
commented 2015-12-17 00:35:09 -0500
How many hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars has Pierre Trudeau’s forced bilingualism (and Bill 101) cost Canadians?
commented 2015-12-16 23:51:31 -0500
shut up and get out of Canada already.
commented 2015-12-16 21:05:43 -0500
Jeez, even CTV had a laugh at this one.
I do wonder, though, what they would say if I told them how I wanted their names pronounced.
commented 2015-12-16 20:01:20 -0500
Some people really have too much time on their hands.
commented 2015-12-16 18:42:03 -0500
As a diehard Habs fan, all I can say to this group is “STFU!!!!”
commented 2015-12-16 18:02:41 -0500
Did anyone tell these french that he was born in Toronto to immigrant parents from Jamaica/Monteserat (no french connection at all.) There is nothing french about this, so who are they to tell anyone how to pronounce anything? His first name is Pernell, latin for “country bumpkin,” middle name Karl, old german for “free man” and short for Charles. Again, no french connection. Who the hell are the french to change any of this?
commented 2015-12-16 17:59:58 -0500
a pity that all french canadians arent like the subbans.
commented 2015-12-16 17:58:42 -0500
les flics de la langue…tabernacle, merde and zoot alors…
commented 2015-12-16 17:56:13 -0500
the rebel staff left out a key part of this story .. how are we supposed to pronounce ASULF? thanks for leaving us out in the cold.. oh and thanks to pm vogue baby vogue’s dearest daddy for bilingualism aka government mandated racism.
commented 2015-12-16 17:32:59 -0500
Not to worry, our official language will soon be Muslim or what ever the hell they speak. Then neither pronunciation will be correct, it will be Mohamed!
commented 2015-12-16 17:18:19 -0500
When the frogs start paying their own way in Canada and start paying me to speak their froggie speak – then and only then will I think about it.

Besides that – who gives a rip about a froggie team and their players anyways?

commented 2015-12-16 17:04:41 -0500
Separate Please ?
commented 2015-12-16 16:55:15 -0500
To pronounce his name for a French audience. Its an English broadcast. If they can’t accept the English pronunciation why are they watching an English broadcast?

Now, if we could only have the French announcers pronounce English names and English named places properly, then they would have, possibly and remotely, a complaint about how French names are pronounced.

Never can it be said that Quebec doesn’t go after small and ridiculous complaints if it is someone speaking English. The English speaking parrot in a pet shop, the man who didn’t die in French because he chose to be in an English hospital, Italian restaurants using the word “pasta” to describe pasta, store having a sign in 30+ languages saying “welcome” on its door, English first on automated answering system at an English language hospital, English speaking staff on break speaking English to each other, and the infinite list goes on and on. Wanting Walmart, Canadian Tire, Starbucks, and so on expected to have a French explanation to the company name (i.e. explaining that Walmart is a store, Starbucks is a coffee shop) are other major concerns for the language elite.

If you speak French fluently, but have an English accent, so many refuse to understand you because your accent isn’t prefect French. No joke. It isn’t considered French unless your accent is perfect – yet they feel bilingual with mispronounced and slaughtered English grammar. You go into a hardware store and you ask for something in English and they will only reply in French – essentially giving you a language lesson, but when out of Quebec, such as in Hollywood, Florida, they demand to be served in French (no joke).

Then there was the man who complained to a human rights tribunal that he wasn’t served a 7-Up in French on an Air Canada flight. How do you ask for a 7-Up in French? Its pronounced the same way as in English (un 7-Up). That was a $7000 judgement against Air Canada.

Maybe keep the Language Nazis happy and simply call him “Subban”. He certainly doesn’t care. He is very open to everyone and very quietly donates millions to charity and does not ask for recognition for his many good deeds.
commented 2015-12-16 16:22:00 -0500
Of all the problems facing Canada and the world lets concentrate on trivial matters. We need a world war to get people back to normal thinking.
commented 2015-12-16 15:25:49 -0500
A funny story at last. After all of the sad and as Trudeau would put it, “disgusting”, stories in the news this day – at least now we have a reason to laugh out loud.
commented 2015-12-16 14:50:24 -0500
commented 2015-12-16 14:41:00 -0500
They flush their toilets into the rivers…who cares what they think or say – collectively they have an IQ of 10
commented 2015-12-16 14:40:16 -0500
Pee -Kay or PEE-weee who gives a ****.
commented 2015-12-16 14:39:59 -0500
. . . or we could just ask the hockey player. Surely he is the one who decides his preference — or maybe he uses both.
commented 2015-12-16 14:34:04 -0500
Jayzus, don’t we have enough to worry about, now a bunch of Kermits are trying to get in on the act.

Steve Mcqueen is right, they ‘are’ a joke in France, especially when they open their mouths.
commented 2015-12-16 13:59:50 -0500
The numbsksulls of Quebec speak Quebec. They do not speak French. Don’t believe me? The take one of these Quebeckers to Paris and order some food at a Parisian restaurant.

And watch the waiter give you at WTF look.

Quebec speaks dialect french which is only understood in Quebec and NOWHERE ELSE IN THE FUCKING WORLD.

This is how mentally retarded Canadians are – we accept a second language that is useless outside of Quebec.

Canadians are the most passive idiots on the planet. We eat shit for a living and love it.
commented 2015-12-16 13:59:24 -0500
These people really are insufferable fools.
commented 2015-12-16 13:51:41 -0500
The French Canadians are always whining about something, if it is not about their language and how the evil English speaking Canadians are destroying it, it is whining about Alberta’s “dirty oil” while simultaneously snatching the money out of Alberta’s hands that comes from that dirty oil.
commented 2015-12-16 13:43:43 -0500
OH by the way we didn’t get one red cent from the government
commented 2015-12-16 13:37:42 -0500
That is why I’m a refugee from Quebec like the other million Canadians who where chased out of Quebec it started when Truedeau That’s the father who spurned a partition signed by almost a million Anglos and Fracaphones He jokenly laughed and said if you don’t like it leave so we did spreading to all parts of Canada and the world the greatest mass migration in history