June 14, 2016

UPDATED! Terrorist LIVE STREAMED fatal stabbing of Paris cop, wife

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

France: In another apparent jihad attack, a man who the Islamic State claims is one of their "fighters" murdered a random man and his wife. 

UPDATE: The terrorist LIVE STREAMED the attack!

The man turned out to be a high ranking police officer in France. Both he and his wife died of the attack leaving a small child behind.

From The Independent:

A French police officer and his wife, who worked for the Ministry of the Interior, have been killed in knife attacks by an unknown assailant, who has now been shot dead by police after a tense stand off in the family home.

A three-year-old boy, thought to be their son, was caught up in the hostage situation which followed but was found unharmed when police stormed the house, in the Paris suburb of Magnanville on Monday night. 

The Islamic State's Amaq news agency cited an unnamed "source" as saying an IS fighter carried out the attack, but the extremist jihadist group has not officially claimed the attack.

From The Mirror:

An 'Islamic State fighter' has stabbed a top cop and his wife to death in their Paris home.

Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, a police commander, suffered nine stomach wounds in the 'terror attack' at his suburban house in the Yvelines department, north of Paris, shortly after 8.30pm.

His wife's body was found in the property after elite RAID commandos stormed the building and killed the attacker.

The article goes on to say that the killer had taken hostages after he murdered the two people.

A Twitter feed can be seen here. 


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commented 2016-06-15 16:44:03 -0400
All too true Drew. This may sound weird, but on my Dad’s side of the family, they, as far as I know are all liberals. My Dad, his cousins, his aunts, my sister and brother, ect. Funny because they all live in a small BC town. So I have been seeing the “Stop the hate. Its not about Islam” meme all over facebook.
commented 2016-06-15 10:15:33 -0400
Sorry, it seems the removal of pork by Tim Horton’s was a false story. I should know not to believe everything on the net!
My apologies!
commented 2016-06-15 09:36:04 -0400
It’s time to boycot Tim Hortons!

BREAKING: Tim Hortons Will STOP Serving Pork After Strong Demand By Muslims

Here we go!
commented 2016-06-15 02:13:09 -0400
Jack i would call it something other than surprise, being surprised means you accepted that it happened,they still do not acknowledge it when it does happen. They just find another person to blame.
commented 2016-06-14 13:34:05 -0400
Ramadan by the numbers

Ramadan Bombathon 2016 Day number 9

Muslims often insist that other religions are just as violent as theirs and that the bigger problem is “Islamophobia”.
We put that narrative to the rest each Ramadan with a running count of ALL terror attacks categorized by motive.

Motive – Terror in the name of Islam………………..Attacks = 72……….Kills = 614
Motive – All other religions combined …………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0
Motive – By Islamophobes…………………………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0

Source: TheReligionofPeace.com

Those who live by the sword will be shot by those of us who have progressed.

Author unknown
commented 2016-06-14 12:01:50 -0400
Maybe Trudeau can take an entourage of Gordo Steele aliases from here, with winter coats in hand, over to the Middle East, and talk to ISIS about the “root causes.”
commented 2016-06-14 11:52:15 -0400
Mike, the thing about the left they are always surprised when these things happen. We are not.
commented 2016-06-14 11:31:26 -0400
What?…..No rhetoric from the leftist progressive fucktard apologists yet?
Right….they are busy trying to spin the narrative. Stay tuned.
commented 2016-06-14 09:58:25 -0400
This is what happens when evil is allowed to roam uncontrolled! These demons will get what is due to them very soon.
commented 2016-06-14 09:56:21 -0400
I don’t think it was just by chance that he was a senior officer. He was targeted!
commented 2016-06-14 08:35:04 -0400
Exactly what the globalist want.
commented 2016-06-14 08:11:24 -0400
Our leftist Canadian government led by our illustrious dictator El-Bow now has more evidence that will help them to institute a knife registry.
In the future, all hunters and fishermen in possession of a blade longer than 1inch must have it registered.
In the home, homemakers will not be allow to have knives at all as there may be children present. Muslims will be exempted from this since they never use knives at the table but only for sacrificial killings in strict abeyance of their religious beliefs as laid out in their book of fairy tales the Holy Quaran.

commented 2016-06-14 07:22:06 -0400
@ Elton Braun commented 7 hours ago
Just heard this on CBC radio news. Nothing about identity or motive. Guess we are just expected to assume the rest cause what else could it be?

This is how it works.

If it is a Jew or a Christian or a white person – they are immediately named.

If it is a black or an Islamic the information is suppressed.

Watch and you will see how true that is.

No name or additional personal information provided?

Definitely Islamic and potentially black.

Almost 100% that way now.
commented 2016-06-14 02:58:36 -0400
no rest for the wicked.
commented 2016-06-14 02:01:13 -0400
Hey John S France has bent over for them ,yet they attack and kill.
commented 2016-06-14 01:34:31 -0400
Al, when there is simply no rational, logical, or resonable explanation for blindness to the obvious, there can be no other explanation.
commented 2016-06-14 01:10:09 -0400
Leslie, it all seems so patently obvious but for some reason people want to believe a lie. I suspect it is satanic deception but many would call me a religious nut. But what else can it be? The sum of intelligence in the world is a constant. Only the population is increasing.
commented 2016-06-14 00:35:06 -0400

If there is to be discussions raised by politicians and the media about gun control, then there needs to be discussions raised by politicians and the media about how to tackle the Islamic terror situation that is sweeping the globe like a wild fire.

Placing a temporary moratorium on Islamic immigration “until we can figure out what the hell is going on” needs to be discussed PUBLICLY.

There is no deadline for Muslims to immigrate to Canada or America (or is there???). What’s the hurry for? Does Islam have something BIG planned for the west and the deadline for everybody to be in place is coming up soon? Trump mentioned the Trojan Horse thing today, and he is correct.

Look at Obama’s record. Besides training and arming Wahhabi terrorists in Syria, let’s look at the refugees he is bringing in. Trudeau’s policy is similar.

Syrians entering US in first six weeks of 2016 fiscal year; 98% Sunni Muslim

Obama’s Religious Test: 2,098 Syrian Muslim Refugees Allowed Into America, ONLY 53 Christians

Despite the fact that the Christians and Yazedis are facing genocide by the Sunni cult, Obama is bringing in people who share the same Sunni Wahhabi cult as ISIS. We already know that about a third of Syrian refugees have ISIS sympathies.

Donald Trump is spot on. Waiting a few years until Islam can straighten itself out sounds like a rational thing to do. I mean, it’s quite obvious to me and any other person who hasn’t already been hogtide by political correctness.

Let’s hope that in Canada it never comes to what the president of Hungary is saying…

Viktor Orbán: “The Time Has Come for Opposition and Resistance”
commented 2016-06-14 00:25:29 -0400
Just heard this on CBC radio news. Nothing about identity or motive. Guess we are just expected to assume the rest cause what else could it be?