June 03, 2017

Tennis star gets frisky with female reporter: Kiss-Gate reveals journalism’s “groping” double standards

David MenziesMission Specialist

French tennis player, Maxime Hamou, got a little frisky with a female sports reporter on live television as she was trying to interview him, and now he’s in the tennis penalty box for "unsolicited kissing". 

Hamou was just goofing around for the cameras but has become this month’s version of Kevin Pillar – the Toronto Blue Jay who called an opposing player a “faggot” in the heat of the moment and is still uttering endless mea culpas for his crime against humanity.

The French Tennis Federation was quick to issue a statement regarding l’affair Mad Max:

“The management of the tournament has decided to revoke Maxime Hamou’s accreditation following his reprehensible behavior with a journalist.”

Reprehensible? Thomas’s colleagues on the show, male and female, seemed to get a kick out of Kiss-Gate, and the video went viral, which is what it’s all about in the media game.

Instead, Hamou will no doubt soon take part in his own cross-country apology tour and sensitivity training likely awaits.

But, if a male hugging a female reporter is so egregious, what about the repercussions if the roles are reversed? Who mourns for the Menzoid?

Watch as I take you back to a time when I was violated on camera while trying to do serious journalism.

After Kiss-Gate, it looks like goofing around on camera is over so to all the young, drunk females out there: Hands off, ladies! I am no longer your boy-toy!

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commented 2017-06-03 17:42:30 -0400
that’s “new level” not “knew level”. There’s that dyslexia kicking in again.
commented 2017-06-03 16:37:50 -0400
This guy most definitely crossed the line. It would have been different if the reporter was someone he knew and was friends with, but this was just a sports reporter trying to do her job. However, this isn’t a sexual harassment issue, it’s an asshole issue. Like with all assholes, you simply chalk him up in the asshole column and move on…. and the next time he tries it you turn him into a soprano. There’s nothing wrong with letting him know how you feel, but it sure as hell isn’t a major news story, and it isn’t something that requires an apology tour or formal disciplinary action. He’s an asshole, big deal! I’ll bet a lot of those calling for his head are assholes. However there’s one huge difference between some second rate tennis player acting uncouth and a head of state crashing a wedding and kissing the Bride. That ramps the term asshole up to a whole knew level. There is no comparison at all. And those who posted here trying to draw that comparison have a very screwed up sense of what is or is not appropriate. To use one’s power while acting in the capacity of Prime Minister, and place someone in that awkward position on their special day is inexcusable. David Menzies occasionally covers stories that are politically, socially and morally important, but more often than not his stories are about trivial insignificant matters that I don’t give a shit about. Normally, if I skip a “Menziod” article, I didn’t miss much. Sorry to all you Menziod followers, but that’s just the way I feel.
commented 2017-06-03 15:53:23 -0400
Ah, did I invade your safe space? Please call 1-800-745-GFYS
commented 2017-06-03 15:50:44 -0400
Why do Hillary supporters always want to punch people in the head?
commented 2017-06-03 13:55:41 -0400
Kelly Webber…..you just can’t figure it out can you. It is you’re obsession with the Rebel and particularly, Ezra that clouds your not so sound judgement.
Keep trying there sport, you may yet get out of the leftist regressive haze you’re stuck in.
commented 2017-06-03 12:44:34 -0400
The media’s double standard is on display here where the nation of “L’Amour” crucifies a public kiss by a tennis jock but would cheer on a venal globalist poser like Truedough for grabbing the first female at hand and tounge diving her for cheap a photo op to the horny housewives who follow his twitter feed.

Yeah there’s a big double standard in the MSM and people’s revulsion of it is tanking the dino media, only the old and low IQ cucks use it as factual reference..
commented 2017-06-03 11:54:41 -0400
Is this like the time Ezra went bat shit crazy over Trudeau kissing the bride on her cheek?
commented 2017-06-03 10:43:42 -0400
Yes Menzoid, you are a sought after sex object. Everything is sexual harassment these days, like the tall man backing into the crowded New York elevator and his elbow touched a womans shoulder. It actually went to court as sexual harassment.