April 08, 2016

(VIDEOS) Friday's Top 5 for the Counter-Jihad: Germany's new women-only trains and more

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Here comes a list of some of the worthy stories showing the threat to classical civilization presented by Islam and the radical extreme left wing.

1. German trains introduce sharia compliant, women-only train compartments.

Lets see if we can track this process.

A) The government of Germany insists on bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims, claiming they are refugees to Germany most of whom are Muslim and believe in sharia norms.

B) The Muslims commit such frequent acts of barbarism towards German women that various organizations react by changing rules so that women are 'safer' from the threat of Islamic molestation and rape and other forms of violent crime.

C) The rules which are implemented rather than being preventative, like not letting in people who are abusive to women or even deporting those who commit assaults against women, instead mirror those in Islamic countries and comply with sharia law.

The result? The German government gets to implement sharia norms while pretending its for women's safety from the very people German policy foisted upon those same women. 

This is a similar policy to the one where European nations let in millions of antisemitic Muslims and then post a few guards around synagogues after a murder spree by some of them. A trick of optics at best.

2. Illegal migrants occupy port in Chios, Greece 

Additional videos can be seen here, and here of arrests of some of the occupiers. 

3. Egypt: ISIS bombs in Sinai, 18 casualties

Eighteen members of the Egyptian military were killed in an attack by the Islamic State in the Sinai today. The Islamic State planted 4 bombs along a highway and claimed to have killed many of the "apostate army". It is important to understand the rationale of the Islamic State. Calling them an "apostate Army", more likely, "takfiri" is a capital crime in Islam. To claim to be Islamic but actually working towards disbelief or a perverted form of Islam from koranic and authenticated sources. 

To understand this better, a short documentary was made about the first official video made by the Islamic State after they had declared themselves the Caliphate. 

4. Montreal teen sentenced to 3 years for terror-related charges

A Montreal teenager has been sentenced to three years on two terrorism-related charges.

The 16-year-old was found guilty in December of committing a robbery in association with a terrorist organization and of planning to leave Canada to participate in the activities of a terrorist group abroad.

The Lachine teenager is the first Canadian to be convicted of attempting to leave the country to participate in terrorism-related activities – one of the federal anti-terror laws passed in 2013.

He will serve 16 months in youth detention, followed by eight months of community service and one year of probation.

5. Australia: Children’s Court: Islam says I can, claims teen who beat sister

A GEELONG teenager has told a court he is entitled to beat and whip his younger sister because he is her guardian according to Islam.

A Children’s Court heard the 17-year-old also resisted police during his arrest, telling them later he hoped officers would either shoot him or send him back to Afghanistan.


“He said that, as a man, he was entitled to replace his mother’s television and that, as a man, he was entitled to hit his sister because he was her guardian according to Islam.”

Bonus item!

6. British health care worker loses appeal on bullying and harassment charges because she asked a Muslim employee to discuss religion and gave a book to her about a Muslim woman's encounter with Christianity.

Somehow, the British court of appeals, felt that dismissing the appeal and upholding the conviction did not in any way violate this woman's right to freedom of religion and religious expression.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see if Muslims are allowed to try and peddle their religious faith to the unbeliever in the UK?



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commented 2016-04-10 23:11:32 -0400
@rick Plesnik…..you are absolutely right….there was a time that the Halifax-Dartmouth ferry was divided down the middle to separate men from women…in fact I still have a photograph of the Dartmouth ferry terminal from that era….there is a woman who I count as my best woman friend who camps on my land…one night on that ferry she was a young teenager returning home to Dartmouth from an event at the Halifax Forum…she was the only woman on that side of the ferry…three young men of historically oppressed….yaddy yaddy yadda…notced this and simply defied the edicts and came on her side and attempted to gang rape her…one had a knife….she stuck to her guns defying them because she had learned that if you take off your own clothes “rape” won’t stick….the crew in the pilot house heard her screams but did not intervene…they radioed the police and they arrived and met up with her step father who was waiting for her at the ferry terminal….there were three to one in terms of he said /she said…but the one with the knife made the mistake of cutting her beautiful face with the knife….the three of them did time….back when that was normal.
commented 2016-04-10 14:17:54 -0400
Female only carriages. That should make it easier for the rapefugees!
commented 2016-04-09 15:30:34 -0400
@michael Krchnak……It seems like evrybody who miraculously became a special friend of God by reading ink stains on paper wants to impose things on people who don’t agree. Our freedoms in the west come from secular separation of this from the state’s policies. There are Christians and Jews on the “right wing” of the political spectrum who would be just as glad to have their notions of propriety imposed on others by force of law as the Sharia crowd.

The thing about Sharia Law that worries me much more than the medieval punishments is the banning of loans with interest. Any Islamic state that does not have oil wealth is piss poor as a resullt of it.

And the more I ponder that “peaceful demand” that we all convert to Islam….the more it concerns me…..the fits of rage burn out like fire and can be contained….that passive aggression is as insidious as spreading sarin contamination.
commented 2016-04-09 01:49:53 -0400
Glenn Craig….WTF?
commented 2016-04-08 23:41:11 -0400
I think the last video demonstrates that Islamists do not need to be terrorists in order to be bad news…..they are….at best…..an overbearing one-size-fits-all conformity that completely belies the “diversity” ghillie suit of their political apologists.

Having said that….I may joint sides with Christians and Jews as co-belligerant against them…..but I cannot honestly say that I like their version of the one-size-fits-all confomity much better.
commented 2016-04-08 19:44:32 -0400
Well…I must say….they do seem to be capable of a peacefull demonstration….but something tells me this will turn into rage when we peacefully and politely refuse to be assimilated into the BORG.
commented 2016-04-08 19:40:44 -0400

You guys at “The Rebel” are doing a great job!

Keep it up!