January 26, 2016

From Michael Caine to Ice Cube: the best quotes against the entitled brats boycotting the Oscars

StaffRebel Columnist

You'd think that all of Liberal Hollywood would side with those boycotting The Oscars over the alleged lack of 'racial diversity' for the nominees.

While changes are being made to the academy after the 'racist outcry' and #OscarsSoWhite online activism, a handful of members have spoken out and defended themselves over accusations of racism.

Michael Caine has gone on record speaking against affirmative action infecting the voting process. “There’s loads of black actors. In the end you can’t vote for an actor because he’s black. You can’t say ‘I’m going to vote for him, he’s not very good, but he’s black, I’ll vote for him,'” he said.

Straight Outta Compton producer Ice Cube took on the controversy too, saying, “You can’t boycott something that you never used to go to anyway. I look at it like a horse race. Once your horse loses the race, you tear up your ticket and back on out.”

He went on to add, “I think an older generation got an understanding of why we do that kind of music, and the younger generation got a history lesson, and we got so much praise for the movie, it’s like, how could you be mad because one other academy or guild or anybody didn’t say it’s the No. 1?”

The kicker, “It’s crying about not having enough icing on your cake. It’s just ridiculous.”

And that's coming from Ice Cube.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Penelope Ann Miller, known for Carlito's Way and The Artist responded to the criticism that Academy Members are racist.

“I voted for a number of black performers, and I was sorry they weren't nominated,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “To imply that this is because all of us are racists is extremely offensive. I don't want to be lumped into a category of being a racist because I'm certainly not and because I support and benefit from the talent of black people in this business. It was just an incredibly competitive year.”

Even Whoopi Goldberg – a former Oscar winner - defended the Academy Members. On The View she said, “The issue is not the Academy. Even if you fill the Academy with black and Latino and Asian members, if there’s no one on the screen to vote for, you’re not going to get the outcome that you want,” she said.

“I won once, so it can’t be that racist. I’ve been black the whole time.”

Do you agree with these stars speaking out against being called racist?

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commented 2016-01-29 15:55:07 -0500
Wow I can’t believe Sam Jackson didn’t win for forcing the white guy to give him a blowjob the academy truely is racist
I am being sarcastic tarantino the race bater put that scene in the hateful eight not worth the money but I saw it free buy a video streamer that has xbmc don’t waste you hard earned dollars on the cbc and cable
commented 2016-01-27 20:48:25 -0500
I don’t know why, but I often seem to locate some drastically different motivations among the “actors”, movers & shakers here. If I’m right, the boycott isn’t going to… CHANGE anything at all! In this instance, GREED is the reason for the so-called racism, not racism itself. I mean, America is 12% Black, 13% Hispanic, and 70-something percent White. AND the Whites are richer. Imagine you had 100 million dollars and it was your function to manufacture a movie with it that MADE MONEY BACK. So – do you make a movie starring Hispanic and Black actors doing stuff – blowing stuff up, or fighting the evil aliens, etc? OF COURSE NOT – you make a movie full of White people, and they’re doing white stuff. Or a Woody Allen movie – white people yakking their brains out about some stuff they did before, and some more stuff thsty’re planning to do. In order to make a financially-successful movie, you NEED the White audience; BECAUSE there’s LOTS of ‘em, and they have most of the money! You can sling the racist meme all you want but NOTHING will change as a result. As long as people are SATISFIED with this broad, amorphic power comcept & word – “RACISM!” – they’re gonna get NOthing DONE. You Don’t need to “Cure Racism!” all at once – what you NEED is to put more black actors in better movies.

This blows right back to Ferguson – you carry a sign saying “END RACISM” and 40 million fat White guys are gonna leap up outta theiir Barcaloungers and say “Oh MY GOD! Now I SEE! I’m not gonna be a racist anymore!” No. How-a-bout a little more focused, a little bit smaller goal. And that would be STOP FUCKING SHOOTING UnARMED PEOPLE, Officer Fosdick. Last year was an absolute record-breaker as far as police shooting, although the actual statistics seem to have quietly snuck out of the newsrooms. Is this because of anti-terrorism, we’re retraining police as occupying soldiers in an enemy land? But they can’t FIND any A-rab terrorists because there aren’t any, so they have to practice on Blacks smokin’ boo instead? THE POLICE HAVE GONE INSANE and no one wants to discuss why, not when you get to march around playing the Sixties. Well, the police are just playing the Iraqi Game… I first got kinda freaked by the crowds at the protests against the FIRST Gulf War. Fur-shorn old hippies tooling up in their Mercedes, bringing PICNIC FOOD and LAWN CHAIRS to protests against, hmmmm… whatever. Death, the slaughter of tens of thousands civilians via DEPLETED-URANIUM CLUSTER BOMBS:

“Oh drat, darling, I forget the sunscreen!” No Nukes Y’all, Save the Whales and pass the caviar….
commented 2016-01-27 13:13:43 -0500
Well I guess Denzel and Morgan were not very active this past year. Lesser blacks must have been busy and that’s why they didn’t get nominations. Was that you Will and Jenna?
commented 2016-01-27 08:56:11 -0500
And the award for the best cafeteria in a rehab clinic goes to…..
commented 2016-01-26 22:24:28 -0500
How much more than a bazillion dollar paycheck does an actor need? I don’t know enough about the workings of it but if the cheques keep rolling in i certainly wouldn’t care too much about not being nominated
commented 2016-01-26 17:51:29 -0500
now if justin would only fall off of his high horse
commented 2016-01-26 17:32:32 -0500
It’s the same throughout the nation…black and white discrimation.

commented 2016-01-26 17:27:22 -0500
Whoopie made sense?

I wouldn’t have believe it if I didn’t see it.
commented 2016-01-26 16:51:47 -0500
“and the award for best aboriginal actor in the role of getting shot and falling off a horse goes to…..”

“and the award for the best cracker in a culturally appropriating role goes to….”

“being an actor is practicing your accents while you are driving a cab”…..Dustin Hoffman