September 28, 2017

From NAFTA to Bombardier: Trudeau's trade fights with Trump hurt Canada

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I tried to make sense of Justin Trudeau's attitudes toward President Trump and trade.

He seems more focussed on demonizing Trump and America than securing jobs and prosperity for Canadians.

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commented 2017-10-02 12:32:08 -0400
Paul Taylor: I certainly hope Trudeau gets creamed and thus Canada gets creamed in any NAFTA negotiations. It might have to be the price to this country to get Emperor Justin off the throne. Just as long as the idiots who put Trudeau there are the ones loosing the jobs. Unfortunately it usually is the opposite.
commented 2017-09-29 01:23:06 -0400
Jay Kelly or Kelly Weber please enlighten me as to why none of this is being asked of Saudi Arabia or China by the libs?
commented 2017-09-29 01:22:24 -0400
Kelly Weber Justin threw the first blow in this, why should Trump kiss his ass and let Justin tell him how to run his country?
commented 2017-09-29 01:21:38 -0400
Jay Kelly he is doing what is right for his country, Justin did this before Trump is responding. Try and keep up. Justin is the problem, he does not get to make social policy for the US.
commented 2017-09-29 00:26:01 -0400
Good point, Tammie Putinski-Zanbelt! Ask “why this interests you so much!”

Rebel readers are subjected to such ridiculous stories and when we protest we hear “but Rebel readers will go along with it.”

The Bombarbier tax levy by the U.S. government will hurt thousands of Canadian workers if it goes through. Trudeau is in a tight spot to try to wrangle out of it while appearing friendly to the United States.
commented 2017-09-28 21:06:23 -0400
To those who are fixated ass, examine why this interests you so much!
commented 2017-09-28 17:18:19 -0400
Everything he does, hurts Canada.
commented 2017-09-28 17:14:56 -0400
KELLY WEBER are you fixated on Trump’s ass?
commented 2017-09-28 15:00:47 -0400
He should just kiss Trump’s ass like Ezra would do.
commented 2017-09-28 13:18:45 -0400
The Clown Prince of the Lieberal Party is operating well above his capabilities.
I always say “never take a knife to a gun fight” and Trudeau is unarmed and out gunned. Trump will chew him up and spit him out.