February 01, 2016

From zero to hero: NHL All Star Game MVP John Scott rips Jeremy Roenick

StaffRebel Columnist

Many people had no idea who John Scott was before the NHL's fan voting ended.

The grinder, known only for fighting in the AHL, John Scott was chosen by fans to captain the Pacific Division All Stars.

Despite endless controversy caused by the NHL regarding Scott, the man got to play and did he ever, scoring two goals in the mini tournament much to the well-hidden displeasure of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

After the game, Scott was interviewed by former American NHLer Jeremy Roenick and Scott just owns him in the best way possible.

Check it out here, warning: suggestive lyrics.

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commented 2016-02-02 10:57:38 -0500
Any time Bettman is “displeased” is a good day for hockey fans – the day they fire this over rated carny barker the sooner hockey will resemble a sport instead of a Referee battle.