Sign our insulting message to Turkey's thug, Recep Erdogan!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Turkey’s disgraceful President, Recep Erdogan, is a thuggish dictator.

Erdogan shuts down or seizes Turkish media he disagrees with, like the newspaper Zaman, which now runs as a propaganda arm of Turkey.

But that’s mild compared to his violence against the Kurds and other citizens. Erdogan murders the Kurds by the hundred — he’s worried that the Kurds want a country, Kurdistan, that would include the Kurdish regions of Turkey. That’s why Erdogan supports the Islamic State terrorists — they both want to kill the Kurds.

But now Erdogan has started exporting his thuggery around the world. 

When Erdogan was in Washington, D.C., his entourage beat up an independent Turkish journalist and threatened protesters.

But even worse, when a comedian read out a dirty poem about Erdogan on a German TV comedy show, Erdogan freaked out. He demanded that Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, prosecute that comedian under an obscure law that protects foreign leaders from insults. And Merkel agreed.

Erdogan's next move was to arrest a Dutch journalist who had the temerity of tweeting critical comments about him. Arrested. Later freed, but barred from leaving the country. 

And Holland didn't do anything to respond. 

Erdogan then issued a demand that Switzerland shut down a photographic exhibit that showed a boy fatally injured in a Turkish crackdown against an anti-government protest. 

There are too many examples to list; Turkish embassies around the world have been ordered to scour the media for examples of “insults” to Erdogan that will be subjects of complaints or threats.

Some western leaders brush off Erdogan’s requests. But ignoring Erdogan is not enough.

This calls for a harsher rebuke of Erdogan. Erdogan should be told he’s wrong and suffer consequences for trying to export sharia values to the west and meddle in our domestic affairs. 

Some European media are rising to the occasion. The front page of this Dutch newspaper responded to the arrest of the Dutch journalists by portraying Erdogan as an ape.

The Spectator magazine in the UK put out a call for insulting poems about Erdogan, in an homage to the German comedian.

That’s something we have to do as well.

It’s not enough to say, "Dear Mr. Erdogan, sir, we disagree". It’s not enough to be normal and polite. In this rare case, being rude is not just acceptable, it’s required.

The only way to show that you love western freedom of speech, and the right to be rude to tyrants, foreign or domestic, is to actually use rudeness. 

And so it goes here: Fuck Erdogan.

You have to say it, in those words. Because we have to be sure he’s offended. Offending him is now the purpose, and the test. It shows we’re still free; and it shows we put Erdogan in his proper place; and we teach him his threats will not be rewarded, indeed they’ll backfire.

And so we say: Fuck Erdogan.

Not because we are rude by nature; not because we swear by nature. But because when a foreign tyrant tells us we can’t, and when western politicians obey him, we must show we are not obedient. We are free men and women in the west. And we say: Fuck Erdogan.

Even if you don’t swear — well, now’s the time to start, for this one occasion. To show you’re free.

Please sign our petition. I'll personally deliver it to the Turkish Embassy.

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Dear President Erdogan: Fuck you.

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