March 13, 2016

Full interview: Lars Hedegaard on the new wave of social media censorship -- and why he's on trial again

Rebel Staff

Even before the 2005 publications of the so-called "Mohammed cartoons," Danish historian Lars Hedegaard was sounding the alarm about creeping sharia and the Islamification of the West.

Having survived an assassination attempt a few years ago, Hedegaard now lives in a high security home and can't venture out without bodyguards.

He explains why this arrangement actually makes him feel more free than he did before.

Having been found not guilty of "hate speech" by the Supreme Court, Hedegaard is currently on trial for the "crime" of mentioning his would-be assassin's name in public!

We talk about the ever more aggressive censorship being carried out by Facebook and Twitter -- and of course, increased Muslim migration to Europe and whether or not the West can survive it.

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