May 01, 2015

Debate: Is the Conservative budget really "conservative"?

Marissa SemkiwArchive

With budget season behind us, Anthony Furey takes a look at the federal budget (and several provincial budgets) and concludes: "The country is not as fiscally right as you might think."

Even though the federal Conservatives introduced a balanced budget for the first time in seven years, and projected a $1.4 billion surplus, Furey remains pessimistic:

"This budget is probably the most conservative budget we'll see in a fifteen year period-- and it isn't particularly fiscally conservative. That's why I'm worried."

It's a sad state of affairs, he adds, when Quebec is the only province making headlines for true fiscally conservative moves.

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commented 2015-05-06 10:15:24 -0400
If you think that Quebec as the more conservative budget in all of Canada, it will only show that you are gullible and have been fooled by the “magic” tricks of accounting.

The PLQ, in December of 2014, hike taxes and all on average of 1400$ per family… just a couple of months before their budget. So their budget looks good because they did the lazy thing behind closed doors.

So if for you a conservative budget includes raising taxes and all by an average of 1400$ per family is conservative, Then, I’m might not be conservative after all!
commented 2015-05-02 17:22:31 -0400

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commented 2015-05-02 16:27:00 -0400
No as good as last week but quite charming when you turned it on, Anthony. You could call the Friday piece The Anthony Whisperer or The Sound and The Furey, or Beauty and the Beast.
commented 2015-05-02 15:34:35 -0400
commented 2015-05-02 15:32:29 -0400
“Chretien and Martin balanced budgets by taking from provinces.” And from the EI fund, and Pension Funds, and anywhere else they could steal money from. I recall the Chretien/Martin Liberals introducing budgets with say, an 11 percent tax hike in some form, then dropping it back, claiming they were giving Taxpayers a “tax cut”. Despicable. I agree with the prevailing sentiment the current Fed Budget is meant to appeal to as many people as possible prior to an election. Who dosen’t like keeping more of their hard earned money? Socialists maybe, but they really excel in spending other people’s money until it runs out, and they then declare the “rich” must pay. By definition, the “rich” in this country is really the middle class as that is where collectively the majority of assets are held, real estate, etc. etc. Trudope, saying he wants to “help” the middle class gives me the chills. I think he and the Liberals really just want to help themselves as they did in Adscam. Realistically, all we have heard from the current opposition parties so far, is they will legalize marijuana (yeah, let’s keep the voter stoned, so they don’t notice) and we will raise your taxes to spend on our priorities.
commented 2015-05-02 12:53:25 -0400
Chretien and Martin balanced budgets by taking from provinces.

Harper started out on unsure footing. He had to make budgets that kept him in power. We don’t need disgruntled Libertarians bringing down the Conservative Party with frivolous criticisms.

No offence, Furious Furey’s boy Friday … :-)

Having said that, I too want smaller government. Stating with firing all the sleepers.
commented 2015-05-02 11:44:47 -0400
quebec oh come on anthony they have national day care the are spending money in trying to put gun registration in Quebec they want to give alot of money out for enviromental hoaxes and all the government money they spend on unions.
commented 2015-05-02 06:04:10 -0400
Oh, and I agree with James Small. Marissa, what is it with this time limit thing? Take all the time you need. And Anthony, thanks for letting Marissa talk on occasion. :)
commented 2015-05-02 05:59:34 -0400
Could Joe Oliver have cut further? For sure.
Could this budget have been closer to a true fiscal conservative budget? Yes, of course.
Are these federal Conservatives as conservative as many conservatives would like to see? Undoubtedly not.
Is this budget the best budget that they cold have come out with considering all factors? Probably not.

However, considering this is an election year this budget has to please any many people as possible and annoy as few as possible. Have they achieved this goal? Probably about as good as they could have.

I like the taxable income reduction offers, such as the increase to tax free savings limit. That’s about all that affects me, so according to Justie and Tommie, I am one of the rich. Woo Hoo! Oh, wait, I still have very little to spend.

Even if this budget does not affect me personally very much, I’ll be plenty happy if it gets Harper back in that PM chair.

Some have mentioned that Harper is not fiscally and/or socially a conservative enough. Well, much of that is subjective to each person doing the evaluating as there is not absolute line that defines conservative from not. And as a result, Harper will always be criticized for being too conservative while at the same time being criticized for not being enough conservative.

Harper is, however, far better at leading this country than the leader of any of the other parties. None of them are even in the same league.
commented 2015-05-02 02:40:31 -0400
Fiscally and socially, I don’t see Stephen Harper as a conservative, just as a Jean Chretien or Paul Martin liberal. This is what passes for conservative in Canada now. But it’s still better than either a JT or NDP socialist regime.
commented 2015-05-02 00:55:39 -0400
I just hope we can have a majority Conservative government for at least 5 more years or until there is a reasonable opponent, that wont cripple our economy and country. The left wing parties can make massive cuts a lot easier than the right wing parties. That is just a fact. They just don’t face the same type of political pressures when they themselves make the cuts, and that is the reason.
commented 2015-05-02 00:51:40 -0400
Was gonna post a salient comment here but I see the three previous comments stole my thunder, and I’m so glad they did. The only complaint I have on this video is Marissa’s last comment of “That’s all the time we have”. Hunh? This is a webcast! Take all the time you want!!! Love ya Marissa!
commented 2015-05-01 22:28:16 -0400
Government can always be smaller in my opinion. This may be the first budget actually balanced by the Conservatives, but Flaherty did a damn fine job in past years. He was very cognisant of the big picture, and we have a lot to thank him for, for helping Canada get through that recession. Oliver has passed his first budget for us, and I would say he gets an A. All of what they have done this year, makes sense. I’d really like to see the bureaucracy trimmed. We could do a heck of a lot more if we didn’t have to pay out so many pensions. Harper knows the economy, and gets good men to help him.
commented 2015-05-01 20:28:54 -0400
The problem with Canada is there are three levels of government all wanting to grab money from the electorate. The right direction is to eliminate government and the legalized theft known as taxes. Thanks for the Rebel letting us know from Mr. Furey that the Conservatives are doing little to make things right. Marissa Semkiw seemed to get it. Her reports are usually the most thought provoking.
commented 2015-05-01 20:07:03 -0400
I agree with Anthony that the Federal Government could do more to reduce the size of the government, but I also believe that this is an election friendly budget, a little bit for everyone and that is important because if the other parties should gain control we know what the outcome will be. Trudeau is not Jean Chrétien or John Turner when it comes to fiscal responsibility and Tom Mulcair will strangle the economy like Greg Selinger is in Manitoba.
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