October 17, 2015

Gagnier-gate: Three strikes and space cadet Trudeau is out

Mitch WolfeRebel Blogger

When even the pro-Trudeau and heavily-biased CBC turns on Trudeau, you know that it is curtains for the clueless space cadet.

I predict Trudeau and the Liberals are in free fall in Quebec, without a parachute.

Dan Gagnier, the now-former Liberal campaign co-chair, was acting for both the Liberals and the hated oil pipeline line giant, TransCanada Pipelines, since the spring of 2015. TransCanada is hated in certain parts of Quebec for its dreaded West-East oil pipeline into Quebec. (Strike one.)

Gagnier’s double dealing between Liberals and TransCanada, playing both ends, smacks of the Liberal sponsorship scandal in Quebec (Strike two).

Trudeau is lying when he stated  that he just learned of Gagnier’s double-dealing. In the spring, the Liberals knew Gagnier was advising TransCanada while Trudeau’s campaign co-chair. (Strike three.)

Three strikes, and you are out of there, for your bald-faced lying in public. Nice knowing you, buddy.

My Quebec Liberal friends morbidly want to know whether or not it’s too late to replace the fallen space cadet with the real astronaut, Marc Garneau. I think that space ship has sailed.

Because of GagnierGate, my prediction is that Mulcair will make a move on Trudeau in Quebec and may catch him, election day. 

If Trudeau loses in Papineau, he’s gone. Out of politics. Back to being a spoiled unemployed trust fund baby.

And the Liberals will feast on his sorry, skinny carcass.


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commented 2015-10-19 22:42:19 -0400
Did anyone else see the Tom Mulcair spit on the Canadian flag ad? It is disgusting.
commented 2015-10-18 23:02:38 -0400
Of course we don’t buy it Brian & it all smacks of corruption.
Um…..ah…….um…..ah…..e……um…..um…..when we found out…….um…..e……ah…we sat down with him like good little kiddies …..ah…..um….um….& Mr. Gagnier decided to do the right thing & step down. How big of him……did he have a choice?
commented 2015-10-18 08:04:00 -0400
Hope you’re right.
commented 2015-10-18 04:08:39 -0400
In any event we’re in for a minority government with the NDP holding the joker
commented 2015-10-18 01:26:14 -0400
Trudeau has a massive lead in some good polls.
commented 2015-10-17 18:12:51 -0400
‘Hope springs eternal in THEREBEL breast’.