July 13, 2016

WATCH “Gangster Islam”: A special report on a rising phenomenon in Europe

Rebel Staff

“Gangster Islam," a crime wave packing prisons and overtaking Europe, is a problem the mainstream media will not report.

Ordinary Europeans -- for fear of being called "racist" or even being imprisoned for "hate speech" -- are afraid even to talk about it.

Timon Dias, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, discusses the issue in our latest video collaboration.

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commented 2016-07-13 18:23:56 -0400
Wait till it happens here because I’m pretty sure that people here with itchy trigger fingers will what to relieve their itch !
commented 2016-07-13 17:58:25 -0400
Paul Brice you talk like an a hole concerning Christianity. Where do you get off saying that Catholicism and orthodoxy is not Christian and is a state religion? It’s because of fools like you that there are roughly 40,000 "protestant " Christian denominations. That kind of biblical Christianity looks severely mangled, confused and totally messed up.
commented 2016-07-13 17:49:36 -0400
He forgot to mention that this mentality (violence/degradation against non muslims)is embedded right in the Koran and is being preached at all mosques by all imams to all muslims. There may be young violent Islamic gang violence but what about all the other muslims, wearing a suit and tie with an education, who are not gang members and are doing everything they can to change democracy and all other host country’s governing laws to suit their Koran and sharia law and eventually take over. And what about all the Islamic organizations, loaded with money, also trying to dismantle our laws with sharia laws? It’s a far more immense problem than just gang violence. He’s trying to make it look like a more or less possible controllable situation, which as he even admits that this muslim gang violence alone is uncontrollable let alone all the other situations I mentioned. Stopping islamic gang violence is not going to solve anything as far as Islamic domination is concerned.
commented 2016-07-13 17:08:38 -0400
“Gangster Islam” is a redundancy.
commented 2016-07-13 17:04:42 -0400
It will get far worse before some Euro man finally stands up – removes his nylons, panties, high heels, puts down his purse, wipes his man make up off his face and puts on boots and picks up a rifle.

That will eventually happen.

Until then it will continue to be a bad thing.
commented 2016-07-13 15:51:57 -0400
Until something is done to fix the self-destructive immigration policies, it will continue.
commented 2016-07-13 13:40:45 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,326 Attacks, 198,829 Killed, 279,250 Injured
commented 2016-07-13 13:29:14 -0400
Their religion is their law and their law is their religion. Given that their law is the antithesis of our law it is logical to declare their religion the antithesis of our Judeo-Christian based laws and our religions. And sorry folks that call themselves athiests or agnostics. Ain’t your problem? Think again! Not recognizing Allah just isn’t allowed. And yes, I said Allah , not God . You see, I haven’t bent to the will of Allah ,nor Loretta Lynch and Obama , who changed the words of the police transcript in the Orlando massacre to ensure Islam wasn’t made out to be the culprit. SUCH SOPHISTRY
commented 2016-07-13 13:24:26 -0400
If the Muslims are so for Islamic law to govern themselves (and the country), perhaps Muslims should be punished under Sharia law. Theft is treated by losing the right hand and the left foot; this would also apply to certain other crimes under Sharia. In the case of blinding and crippling of the two elderly people in the story, cripple and blind the criminals. Rapist would be buried to their neck and then stoned to death. Once that happens, and they know they will be punished as under Sharia, crime and violence will definitely drop if not stop.

This form of punishment is abhorrent under Western values, but the Muslims hold themselves separate from the West even when living in Western nations. So treat and punish them only them under Islamic law for that is the only law they believe can only be rendered unto them. Of course, the trial and judges will be Dutch and under Dutch law, but punishment will be Sharia for Muslims.

Oh yes, under Sharia, these punishments are supposed to be issued publicly. Some will cry “barbaric”, but, as we hear so often the demand for respect for their culture, it would be accommodation of their religious beliefs.
commented 2016-07-13 13:13:25 -0400
“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.” Romans 1:25

‘Gangster Islam’? There is only ISLAM.
commented 2016-07-13 12:03:40 -0400
Hearing comments since Brexit about civil war in Britain makes you realize the seriousness of the situation.
It’s unbelievable how blind politicians are to history on these issues but then they are ideologically driven and think they can make a difference against all the history on religious issues.
Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism is completely opposed to Judaism and Christianity and will never be at “Peace” with them.
Christianity as I am defining it is Biblical Christianity and not the Christianity espoused by state religions like Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. While there may be some true Christians in those organizations their leadership is not walking with the Lord or in line with His Word.
Humanists cannot understand this although Islamists and Humanists serve the same spiritual master.
This is not a war against Christianity and Judaism but a spiritual war between God and Satan played out here on earth.
Well, it’s not really a war since the outcome is predetermined and God cannot lose.
Isaiah 66:1 “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool;”
Satan is God’s Satan and he is on a short leash with God in complete control.
God has allowed Satan limited control on earth for a predetermined time of His choosing to complete a plan for created man who sinned against Him.
Losing my life in complete obedience to God is not my decision to make it is His.
That does not mean I can kill in God’s name as Islam does in Satan’s name but I will defend my family and friends from indiscriminate violence unless God calls me to martyrdom.
Christians are defenders of their fellow human beings freedoms and we see that throughout history they have defended even those who do not share a personal relationship with Jesus in hopes of sharing Jesus with them.
Magna Carta is a good example of what Christianity produces.
Sharia Law is a good example of what Islam produces.
Holy reincarnated cattle and starving people is a good example of what Hinduism produces.
One is freedom and one is bondage.
Putin is a shill for the Russian Orthodox Church (Eastern Orthodox) and just passed laws to persecute Christians that are not members of the Russian Orthodox Church.
If you belong to any belief system that needs you to persecute, torture, rape, and in any other way forcibly project your beliefs on anyone else then you need to get to know the one true creator God by reading the Bible.
My God (Yaweh) does not need my puny human efforts to accomplish His will for humanity. If He did I would not want to serve such a weak God as you find in Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.
I am saved by God’s grace and nothing I can do on this earth with my puny sinful human efforts can bridge the gap between God and man. Jesus bridged that gap when He paid the penalty for my sin by dying on the cross. Salvation is a free gift bestowed by God’s grace on those He chooses who are completely undeserving as all humans are sinners and in need of a saviour.

For the unbelieving: Gods Word, the Bible, through the power of the Holy Spirit is what saves not what I have to say on this issue.

Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and co-founder of the highly regarded String Field Theory, has created a stir in the scientific community by saying he believes there is evidence that the universe was created by a higher intelligence and not by accident.
“I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence,” the scientist said in an article published in the Geophilosophical Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies, according to ForcesMente. “Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore. To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.”
Kaku, who is not known to believe in any particular religion and appears to believe in Spinoza’s God, says he can explain this by theoretical particles known as “primitive semi-radius tachyons,” which are capable of unsticking the universe matter or vacuum space between matter particles, leaving everything free from the influences of the surrounding universe.
Kaku, who’s a theoretical physicist at the City College of New York, discovered this while working on String Theory.

Why is it so hard to acknowledge God when all the evidence points to Him?
Romans 1:20 “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.”
commented 2016-07-13 11:29:21 -0400
No such thing as gangster Islam. It’s just Islam and Mohammed was the original gangster. They’re just obeying their leader.
commented 2016-07-13 11:21:13 -0400
Islam has been Anarchist all along. Lets face it. Our laws are not their laws, and they feel free to break them, and put people in place to help the process.
Once upon a time, I wanted to flip a house with a guy. This guy came to me saying he wanted to get in business, flip a house and he would look after the financing. I would look after the renovations, and we would split profits.
So I said sure, and I went with him to the bank cause I want to see all things going on with the deal, and he a taxi driver comes in with papers that he works at another place that he doesn’t and shows false income and has letters of reference from a guy providing him false work papers.
The Mortgage broker of sorts we where in front of was recommended by another one of his Muslim friends. And they where both from Pakistan.
At the time I was so surprised to say anything so after the meeting, trying to be kind but firm, I said, look, I don’t want any part of this, you obviously are doing as you see fit, so count me out. What you are doing is a crime and I want no part of it.

From what I have heard from another customer of mine, he also offered to get me a mortgage without any proper paperwork, and that he would “look after it” After a short talk that was the last time I will work for that Muslim guy as well. He was from Bangyourdish.

Call it racist, call it painting everyone with the same brush, call it what you like, but You just don’t matter to those in Islam if you are in their way. Your rules, your safety, your life doesn’t matter. Sure that is not the case with ever Muslim, but so far, it seems to be a trend that makes Isis look like the norm. There is a reason that girl got acid thrown on her face, why they blew up schools for girls, why Pakistan Prime Ministers wifes end up dead. Gangster doesn’t properly describe it. ODD might better describe it. Maybe the wild west, or Anarchy but just Gangster, or terrorism doesn’t properly describe it. Maybe we should say, that is just the ‘ways of Islam.’
commented 2016-07-13 10:57:04 -0400
Barbaric animals that should be put down!
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