June 29, 2019

BREAKING! #GarbageShip docks, its filthy cargo to be burned in Vancouver

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

The #GarbageShip has returned to Canadian shores, and The Rebel was there to welcome it back.

It's been difficult to get information on his ship as it made its way to Canada from the Philippines, but after a few calls to the Port Authority we knew when and where it would land. Catherine McKenna was so proud to welcome this ship back, but her ministry has not been forthcoming on details.

From here where the Anna Maersk has landed in British Columbia, the trash will be sent to the Metro Vancouver Incinerator, which runs a risk of sending cadmium, lead, zinc and copper into the air over Burnaby through fly ash. And that's not counting the emissions from sending this junk on its trip in the first place!

To help support this journalism and to read more about this strange case, please visit GarbageShip.com! More to come.

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commented 2019-07-02 21:34:16 -0400
Please, What you can do is put a monitor team on this vessel to assure it is in-fact still loaded with garbage and has not been dumped at sea on its journey back to Canada???
This is after all Justin Truedoughs Liberal Government. www.aroadtowalkon.com
The Road Walker C H Evers
commented 2019-07-02 15:57:23 -0400
Since Climate Barbie is so enthusiastically reporting that this garbage will be “turned into energy that’ll power homes in British Columbia” (Three Cheers for Climate Barbie!) why not do this for all household garbage?

Because she knows that burning house-hold garbage unsorted will emit toxic substances into the atmosphere.

I’m not referring to CO2, which is actually good for the environment, and isn’t creating a “climate crisis” like Climate Barbie claims:

https://tinyurl.com/yb6mkyy4 (15 minute video)

The scientists aren’t the ones wailing on about a “climate crisis”; it’s the main stack-holders that will benefit the most from frightening the public:

- the politicians
- the enviro-activists
- the media

This 5-minute video by renowned climatologist Richard Lindzen at MIT explains what these groups have to gain from preaching climate doom:

commented 2019-07-02 12:10:03 -0400
“ANDREA…once again you seem to miss the point….Keane is pointing out hypocrasy…there is no such thing as a city with air quality that equals that of remote ex-urban areas. Ecology is the itch that just gets worse the more you scratch it.”

I don’t think he is. I think he’s being dramatic because that’s just what the Rebel does. Point source pollution releases similar emissions no matter the location. Urban pollution has declined a lot in recent years – certain things like phosphorus in waterways is mostly due to fertilizer runoff rather than sewage, the opposite of decades past.

Re: recyclable plastic: polylactic acid has a lot of advantages. It’s recyclable, biodegradable, and can be sourced from renewable feedstocks. Bakelite offers no advantages over existing modern polymers most of which are easier to handle.
commented 2019-07-01 10:48:52 -0400
The hi-tech incinerator is an environmentally responsible means of disposing garbage. I would much rather see the incinerator expanded than have our landfills filled with toxic materials that eventually will leech into the environment.
commented 2019-07-01 09:19:49 -0400
Oh Keenan, I love your activism !, But you are the one blowing fly ash criticizing that Incinerator. Get your facts straight. From at the cleanliness of the location does it look like its dropping ash everywhere ? There is a huge baghouse connected to it that filters out any particles as well as a scrubber that is part of millions of dollars of anti pollution equipment that take up more space than the incinerator itself. The air contamination regulations it meets are extremely strict as they should be. A single wood burning fireplace emits more cancer causing dioxins and furans than this high tech trash burner. Plus it will only take 3 days to burn the whole sordid contents of that garbage scow. Why Oh why didnt they send it there in the first place.
commented 2019-07-01 01:17:57 -0400
Thank You Fred Quarrie for answering the question I have been asking for several weeks now :- which was the company that sent this “shitload” to the Philippines in the first place… So “Chronic Inc.” it is and was “based in Ontario”?… And even though it is defunct, why aren’t the principals of Chronic Inc, being named and held accountable for this international fiasco? Is there some “magical shield” that prevents them being held accountable or named? ’Splain please????
commented 2019-06-30 18:04:27 -0400
We seem to have settled the Bakelite problem so now, how about looking at a video.
I came across this one by chance, though I did post another video on the same subject a year or more ago. This one is about how mixed up the Muslims are regarding Mecca and is well worth viewing in it’s entirety.
The Sacred City of Mecca: Have We Got It Wrong?
commented 2019-06-30 17:07:37 -0400
Liza Rosie : The Soviets(among others) used it for reentry purposes.
Recycling would be by grinding and it is very useful as a filler,as it is stable.The brittle Bakelite almost always occurred on utensil handles due to the continued exposure to high temperatures.
My statement of “endlessly recycled” is misleading.I meant that once the Bakelite had served it’s original purpose,it’s use as a recyclable would be an endless process,as we always looking for various fillers.
commented 2019-06-30 14:06:54 -0400
Re: Bakelite could be endlessly recycled……

I remember bakelite, plates and pot handles. Some of it anyway gets brittle and crumbles when its old. From what I can understand from google, it is a thermosetting polymer and like epoxy can’t be reheated and recycled into anything else. It will degrade but not melt. I don’t see how it can be recycled or made into anything else. It could fill a landfill pretty quick. Maybe it could be ground down and used for roads or decks or something as long as it remained chemically inert when crushed.

There was also melamine and melmac which are both thermoplastics and can be melted unlike Bakelite which is thermosetting.. I’m sure Bakelite could be used for some things though since its heat resistant. I would like to see the info on its uses in aerospace. A side note: Call me crazy but there just seems to be something inherently wrong with using something that could degrade (the more used and higher the temps the more brittle it becomes) to protect an aluminum (extremely low melting point) spacecraft(shuttle) aircraft of any kind. I’m sure I am being simplistic here.
commented 2019-06-30 12:31:59 -0400
Keith Barnes : 100 % correct.Bakelite is a combination of phenol and formaldehyde formed in a condensation process.(somewhere around 1910). Extremely durable,resistant to scratches,used widely as an electrical insulator(back in the day) and it takes machining very well and the end product has an attractive finish.Almost all the old-style kitchen radio bodies were made from it ,as well utensil handles etc.Also used in aerospace heat shields.An excellent choice to reintroduce today to replace many of the “plastics” that came later.The plastics were cheaper to manufacture than the phenolic sheet….hence their appearance.The Bakelite could be endlessly recycled……
commented 2019-06-30 11:55:18 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 19 hours ago.
It looks like our recycling programs really have been a hoax all these years. Countries need to deal with their own garbage and banning straws,………………….

Liza, Can you remember Bakalite (Spelling ?) it was like a plastic and things like electrical wall outlets and covers etc were made from it. Breakable if stressed but still useable in place of many plastic items. It could be ground up and recycled into other items. This, in my mind makes it a winner.
commented 2019-06-30 10:57:34 -0400
Deborah Graupner, that is outrageous. Spend thrift Nenshie can double property taxes but still can’t budget for timely garbage pick up? That man is a disgrace as a mayor. Its well past time smurf boy was turfed. What an entitled and obnoxious man.
commented 2019-06-30 10:35:28 -0400
Often because of how long we must store our trash now. I find mine dumped out by our growing homeless population.
Now that we have a safe for who? drug injection site.
Someone is making money off it because despite the community protests we got it anyway.
Needles being found everywhere , drug dealers, and their business seems to be what is being protected.

No surprise police nuisance calls up, property crime up,break ins up.
Massive tax increases for businesses, the new customers to our neighborhood are only here to buy one thing.
Panhandling is a constant and security is now present in many store locations.
commented 2019-06-30 10:21:06 -0400
SHELDON EISLER commented 15 hours ago.
Keith: what happened to that pregnant woman………………….

Sheldon, The child, born from a dead mother, has since died. AM Sunday. A second man has been arrested…..Sky News,
commented 2019-06-30 10:02:52 -0400
In Calgary, they used to pick up the trash weekly. Now they raised the prices and reduced the service to bi-weekly. These trash bins attract unwanted pests. My daughter told me that the magpies fight over dirty diapers. She said she came home one day and her trash was being fought over by about 50-magpies. She was horrified because all the neighbours were out watching the show!
commented 2019-06-30 08:33:18 -0400
The MSM would never put a tracker on the supposedly recycled plastic,s because after you paid those hefty rates to have it done you might be pissed.
Composting is worth while and useful for half the year the other half it remained a frozen chunk in my bin. I purchased my own compost bin from the city years ago,however one may not opt out of the payment for the new forced bin.

So three different trucks come three different times Garbage, compost and recycling.
Efficiency and carbon foot print for three trucks going to three different places?

Just another money grab. Pay more for less service.
commented 2019-06-30 06:48:11 -0400
Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, attempting to put a positive spin on the problem, tweeted “Anchors aweigh! The containers of garbage have departed the Philippines and will arrive in Canada in four weeks — where the waste will be turned into energy that’ll power homes in British Columbia.” There are several sites in Canada burning trash as fuel for the generation of electricity, cleanly, thanks to technical advances. This is the obvious and logical solution to our “garbage crisis”, build lots of garbage burning generators. Why is our government not actively pursuing this solution?

Chronic Inc., a plastics exporter based in Ontario, sent the containers, supposedly filled with recyclable Vancouver plastics, to the Philippines. Why isn’t our government moving to hold the principals of that company (even if the company has since closed) financially and criminally responsible for exporting mixed garbage rather than clean recyclable material as contracted?
commented 2019-06-29 23:22:26 -0400
What terrific coverage of this story by The Rebel and Jessica did a spectacular job in the Philippines.
If TheRebel was mainstream, it would be a better world. At least our own country would know the truth and be able to form wiser and more insightful opinions on who they want to vote for.
We wouldn’t be in this mess if, literally.
commented 2019-06-29 22:21:24 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON commented 6 hours ago
Puzzling that this is when you get upset about combustion emissions. And the shipping emissions weren’t Trudeau’s fault.

“I’m guessing it will makes its way into the straight of Juan de Fuca like all the rest of the sewage.”

All knowing Andrew knows the difference between Vancouver, which has full sewage treatment and is where the ship has docked, and Victoria, which doesn’t.


ANDREA…once again you seem to miss the point….Keane is pointing out hypocrasy…there is no such thing as a city with air quality that equals that of remote ex-urban areas. Ecology is the itch that just gets worse the more you scratch it.
commented 2019-06-29 20:50:43 -0400
Yeah!!! Now we can get all kinds of free energy burning that clean fermented garbage. Not like that dirty oil sands stuff, or that odorous natural gas.
commented 2019-06-29 20:18:25 -0400
Recycle my sh!t Liberals and any politician that tries to shove their sh!t down my throat! What about the RAW SEWAGE DUMP INTO ONE OF YOUR/OUR MAIN WATERWAYS!!.. you Trudeau lover goofballs!
commented 2019-06-29 19:19:09 -0400
Oh…..is that right all knowing one, I made no reference to combustion emmisions but nice deflection. Now explain all knowing one, why there is no swimming or splashing in the burrard inlet due to e-coli levels.
Once again, enlighten the masses!!
commented 2019-06-29 19:09:31 -0400
Keith: what happened to that pregnant woman should be enough for Britain to rise up,track the scumbag down and hang a slow beating on him until dead!! Islamic scumbags are cowards!!
commented 2019-06-29 19:08:56 -0400
Don’t tell Climate Barbie or Little Spud about B.C.’s coal exports to China or they will try to kill that fossil fuel industry too.
commented 2019-06-29 18:22:09 -0400
Truck the whole load of it to Ottawa and dump it in Trudeau’s back yard. Make him feel at home.

OFF TOPIC, London UK. Young pregnant woman stabbed to death, her baby which was born at the scene is in critical condition. Young man shouting Allah Akbar arrested…..Sky News.
commented 2019-06-29 16:54:16 -0400
Leave it to the Tyrannical Left < Ndp, Greens, Liberals and include the LibCon Scheer CPC > to ROYALLY SCREW UP – because, hey – it’s what they do 🙄 they have an Agenda and it doesn’t include WE THE PEOPLE, WE THE INDIVIDUAL 😢
commented 2019-06-29 16:13:39 -0400
It looks like our recycling programs really have been a hoax all these years. Countries need to deal with their own garbage and banning straws, plastic bags and hobbling businesses isn’t the answer. Fine tune the technology and burn at least some of it. The world will always need plastic. Even if everything we use plastic for was replaced with paper product/containers, etc. there wouldn’t be a tree left standing. How much enviro sense would that make?

Clearly, the Canadian government(s) who have pushed this recycling business, fabricated on the lie that it was ‘saving the earth’, don’t know what they are doing.. The Liberals have egg on their face’s for promising to do something and dragging their feet until they were threatened by Duterte. The whole thing is a joke.