June 19, 2016

Gavin and Milo lock lips in Orlando! “We risked our lives to promote YOUR hedonistic lifestyle, you ingrates!”

Gavin McInnesArchive

I flew down to Orlando after the massacre to discuss Islam with Orlandians and they didn’t seem to care. Sure, they recognized a horrible massacre had happened but -- as with Paris -- they treated it like an unavoidable catastrophe that had nothing to do with the Koran.


When pushed, they’d cite the NRA and mental illness and maybe Congress. It’s a disturbing level of cognitive dissonance because Paris didn’t have guns to blame and they STILL refused to see the war of ideology that threatened their lives.

Anyway, to really drive the point home, I rammed my tongue down Islam’s throat after exclaiming, “F***k Islam, this is America.”

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commented 2016-06-29 03:41:00 -0400
Andrea ostrov

Islam was a major supporter of nazi germany and during ww2 used THEIR control over oil , which washanded to them by its western discoverers, to extort wealth from the west while they were trying to destroy hitler. What has islam done with that wealth, nothing but buy prostitutes, fancy cars and subjugate. Turkey, a game changer during the war, debated joining hitler and opted to stay out of the war. All islam has done since then is keep its people in economic and military stone age. It is true that the state of isreal created this modern mess, but rather than move forward and share the world islam has chosen, like the soviet union, to use its resources NOT, to help its people but to impose dictator after dictator idiot imam after idiot imam. Islam IS a dogma of hate. Moderate muslim, like gay christian, are fantasies of the dilusional. Islam was created by mohammad to counter the growing chrisitian faith and used itimidation and the threat of death to spread, NOT, personal choice. Christianity, despitebeing hijacked by human intervention, has grown today through personal choice and not through any threat. Islam is no ally to mankind. The jews have their issues as well, but they represent a free and democratic society which has done for many muslims what their own leaders will not. Violence is never the answer but we will defend ourseleves and islam WILL be defeated.
commented 2016-06-25 13:24:06 -0400
That kiss was sickening, but it was funny, made me laugh and was entertaining, so it’s all good!
commented 2016-06-24 20:24:45 -0400
Gavin and Milo…Disgusting and Sick. Maybe you think you guys need to blow each other to get your various points across, and your Ungodly language. Sodomites and homosexuals will not enter Heaven. Time to clean house, Rebel.
commented 2016-06-21 10:02:56 -0400
One does not have to promote homosexuality in order to fight Islam. Both are depraved.
commented 2016-06-21 05:33:44 -0400
Mikey that really hurt.Coming from you that’s a compliment,THANKS
commented 2016-06-21 04:40:37 -0400
You are truly a deranged individual Andrea Ostrov, crawl back under your rock before they notice that you are missing from the mental asylum.
commented 2016-06-21 02:17:59 -0400
US wars in the Middle East aren’t good for most Americans, but they’ve been great for Jews. And as the US is controlled by Jews and follows Judeo-centric foreign policy, we have to see US role in the Middle East as a resounding success.

Have they bankrupted America? It doesn’t matter to Jews since they got the Fed and can print more money for themselves.
What affects most American doesn’t affect Jews. Shipping job to China, India, or Mexico might be bad for US workers, but most Jews are not of the working class. They are part of the globalist urban class who gain to profit from US corporations reducing cost with easy access to cheaper labor. Just look at Jews in Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley just getting richer.
Jews are 2% of the population but 43% of the top 1%. It’s like Israel never suffers despite downturns in the US economy. Like Paulie in GOODFELLAS, Israel gets to say, “Fuc* you, pay me.”

Now, what do Jews fear most in the Middle East? Modern secular Arab and/or Muslim nation-states with capability in science, technology, and economic growth.

Jews don’t fear ISIS, a bunch of ragtag morons running around with AK-47s and machetes. They do horrible things on the ground, but they pose ZERO threat to Israel and to the US.

Jews fear men like Saddam Hussein and Assad. Iran is a theocracy, but even the Mullahs have allowed science and engineering. As long as people don’t get too out of line with decadence and sexuality, the Iranian state is live-and-let-live.
Such nations are capable of developing strong economies and modern weapons systems.

Since Jews are mostly secular and ‘Liberal’, you would think they would prefer modern secular Arab states to Muslim extremists. Not necessarily.
After all, it is secular Arab and/or Muslim states that can run a modern economy and even develop missiles and bombs and tanks that might rival the power of Israel.

It’s like the Cold War. US had more in common with USSR than with Maoist China or Afghan Mujahadeeen or Saudi Arabia.
USSR after Stalin’s death remained repressive but sort of liberalized into a modern secular state like the US.
It was committed to modernity and science and technology.

In contrast, Maoism was into radical lunacy. Saudi Arabia has been run by religious hardliners. And Mujahadeen were extreme religious zealots.

So, why did US work with them against USSR, a modern secular state?
Because the modern and secular aspects of USSR allowed it to have tanks, jets, nukes, missiles, and etc.

Jews don’t care about higher principles. They only think in terms of “Is it good for the Jews?”
And Jews want the Arab or Muslim nations to be destroyed and fractured beyond repair.

Long after invasion of Iraq, that nation is still divided. Libya is shattered into various pieces. Syria may never come together again. And in all those nations, the once powerful modern secular regimes have been toppled or crippled, and much of the land is overrun by Road Warrior Muslim anarchists whose violence prevent any kind of order, organization, development. As such, those nations pose zero threat to Israel. Jews love it.

Jews messed up Ukraine too.
We have to mention the Jew.
The Ukraine mess has been bad for Ukrainians and bad for Russians who got hit with all sorts of sanctions. But it has been great for the Jews. Make Slav fight Slav. Make goy fight goy. Cripple resurgent nationalist Russia with all sorts of economic warfare.

So, before Conservatives yammer about Muslims as the aggressors, they need to mention how Muslims have been the main victims.

How many Americans and Europeans were killed by Muslim terror?
How many Muslims and Arabs have been killed by Jewish-controlled US imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa?

Americans killed a lot of Arabs/Muslims with guns and bombs. But worse, US invasion created a power vacuum that was filled by Jihadis, foreign elements, mercenaries, thugs, and opportunists. (I suspect Jewish gangsters looted the Baghdad Archaeology Museum soon after US invasion. It seems to have been coordinated. A lot of that loot are probably in Israel right now as they have Biblical significance.)
So many Muslims and Arabs have been killed.

Now, I totally oppose the mass migration of Muslims/Arabs to the EU and US, but why are so many people on the move in the first place? Because of the mayhem and horror unleashed by JEWISH control of foreign policy.

The media tell us about Muslims killing homos, but why is that happening? When Syria, Iraq, and Libya were ruled by secular rulers, there were no terrorist psychos going around tossing homos from rooftops. And even Christian Arabs lived in peace and harmony with their Muslim neighbors.
But what happened to all such people as the result of Jewish-controlled foreign policy?

Muslim terrorism is horrible, but it’s pipsqueak stuff compared to Globalist Terror of the Zionists. Iraq War was an act of terrorism far worse than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. There was NO justification for US to just destroy a nation that hadn’t attacked the US. It was especially vile after US had killed 100,ooos of women and children through sanctions. Worse, much of Hussein’s power had been aided by the US when Iraq was at war with Iran.

But we are so amnesiac and only blaming Muslims for all the violence.
Muslims are stupid, and guys like Omar need their heads examined, but much of Muslim violence is blowback pure and simple.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it suffered massive blowback. US felt justified in firebombing entire cities and killing over 100,000 in a single night in Tokyo. Just when Japan was about to surrender, US nuked two cities. US calls this the ‘good war’.

If US was right to act thus in retaliation for Pearl Harbor, then why is it so terrible that Muslims and Arabs are lashing out at the West after what the West has done to Arab/Muslim nations?

ISIS wouldn’t exist if Obama and Hillary hadn’t taken orders from Jews to mess up Libya and Syria. Gaddafi made peace with West and gave up WMD, but his independent spirit in Africa was too much for the Jewish globalists.
And Assad had to be fatally weakened or toppled because he was allied with Russia and Iran, two nations Jews hate most.

Of course, Jews despise the Saudis too(and Saudis hate Jews), but as the saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. As long as Saudi whores are willing to work with Jews to wreck Iran, Syria, and Russia(by pumping excess oil and lowering oil prices), they get along famously with Jews.

Anyway, US wars on the Middle East and North Africa have to be counted as terror, or State Terror. US attacked and destroyed nations that had done NOTHING to the US. In the case of Libya and Syria, they didn’t even attack an US ally. Gaddafi and Assad were merely putting down domestic opposition. Ugly as such violence was, it was no worse than Israel raining bombs on Gaza, something that received full blessing from the cucked out US-government.

Jews own the media and they can lie til the cows come home. They lied about what happened in Ukraine. They lied about Putin as New Hitler brutalizing the homos.
Jews lied about Sochi Olympics. Jews lied about Russia invading Crimea. Because Jews control media and whore politicians, they can lie all they want. After all, Jews in government and media spread lies to win US public support for the invasion of Iraq.

Also, we mustn’t see homos as innocents. Decent Americans know that homos are now the co-rulers of the US along with Jews. Jews have anointed homos as their main partners-in-crime.

So, we now live in a nation where careers are ruined if anyone expresses disdain or distaste over homosexuality. Buchanan was booted from MSNBC for ‘unacceptable’ views due to Jewish and Homo machinations.
Bakeries and flower shops are destroyed if they believe in Marriage Decency and refuse to believe that homo fecal penetration and tranny penis mutilation have equal value with real sexuality between man and woman. And American schools are filled with homo propaganda filth. Students are told that they better praise homos or else they are suffering from a mental issue called ‘homophobia’.
SJW’s weaned on homomania will even physically attack those who carry out Moral Disobedience to the sicko Homo Agenda.
TV shows and advertising are filled with decadent homo and tranny nonsense.
Homos are cultural terrorists, and Gayria is crazier than Sharia.

Homos are so grateful for having been chosen as co-rulers of America that they eagerly work with Jews to spread globalist neo-imperialism all over the world.

The Jew-Homo deal goes as follows: Homos work very hard to help Jews in their Zionist supremacism, and in exchange, Jews favor and bless vain homos over all other groups and fund homo agenda all over the globe. So, everywhere US spreads its tentacles, ‘gay pride’ parade is almost mandatory.

Indeed, Jews and homos now drape even Christian churches with homo flags and symbolism. As such, homomania is the new faith of the West.

If you go to most young people today and mock God and Jesus, they will laugh and find it funny. But if you say the slightest critical or mocking thing about holy homos or trannies, they will be triggered into delirium and call the police, FBI, and CIA to report ‘hate’.

So, this pretense that homos are innocent little lambs is bogus.

Of course, those homos and trannies at Orlando had nothing to do with foreign policy, but Homo Power has been working with Globalist Jews to advance Zio-American neo-imperialism all over the world.

What we really need to do is to have Bush II, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Samantha Powers, Victoria Nuland, Hillary, and Obama be tried for Crime Against Humanity.

After the Cold War, there was such hopes for peace.
But unfortunately, Jews took total power of US government and have been working with Homos to turn the world upside down, ignite a New Cold War, totally lay Muslim nations to waste, spread the cult of diversity all over(thereby creating more divisions and tensions), uprooting countless Muslims, and then steering those Muslims to invade the West.

Jews rigged it so that they can never lose no matter what happens.

If all those Muslims arrive to EU and US and assimilate peacefully, then Jews can promote it as success and push for further non-white immigration that will turn whites minorities in their own homelands.

But then, even if Muslims turn angry and commit acts of terror in the West, it will help Jews since so many dumb Americans will sympathize with Jews and homos against Muslims. Americans will think, “We sure understand how Israelis feel on a daily basis as they have to deal with these Muslim savages on a daily basis. And we must protect those darling little homos from those nasty Muslims. Gay is the new red, white, and blue.”

Talking about Muslims, Muslims, and Muslims without taking into account the Jewish and Homo role in the globalist neo-imperialism of the 21st century is most disingenuous. It’s like discussing WWII in Europe without ever mentioning Nazi aggression.

The Invisible Imperialism of the Jews and Homos must be outed.

We need to say the Jewish/Homo Emperor wears military uniform and rides a tank.

We have to stop acting as if Jewish-Homo Power is Invisible Power.

What is sickening is that Jews and Homos still speak in the context of ‘antisemitism’ and ‘gay rights’ when they are the ones with the Power and Might to oppress and destroy other peoples.

They are like a bully who punches someone in the face and then complains of his poor little fingers hurt by the punchee’s ‘hateful’ face.

Homos still bitch about ‘gay rights’ when they have the power to shut down entire cities for homo parades and get people fired for not bending over to the homo agenda.

Awful people.
commented 2016-06-21 02:12:23 -0400
What I find is so sickening is the White Conservative outpouring of sympathy for homos and trannies who got mowed down in Orlando.

I say BRAVO, you go Muslim Omar.

The Right’s attitude toward Homos is so much like that toward Jews.

Even though Jews are at the forefront of using blacks and immigrant/Muslim rage & hatred against whites, white rightists are the first ones to shower sympathy on Jews when blacks and Muslims turn on Jews instead of whites.

Imagine this picture. A Jew gets a pitbull to maul you and your family, and this dog attacks you and your wife and kids… but it suddenly turns around and bites the Jew.
Shouldn’t you be rejoicing that the Jew has gotten a taste of his own medicine?
Or would you rush to help the Jew and offer him medicine and protection from the pitbull that he is using against you.

Jews pushed open borders. Jews promoted PC. Jews spread anti-white hatred. Jews produce stuff like new ROOTS, 12 Yrs A Slave, DJango Unchained, and new Birth of Nation movie calling for anti-white slaughter.
Jews demand that EU take in more refugees. Even Netanyahu of Israel says EU and US should take in more Muslims. Jews mess up Middle East and North Africa, and then they say white nations must take in Muslims.

But whenever Muslims act badly in EU or US toward Jews or homos, white rightist shits are the first ones to snuggle up to Jews and Homos and bleat, “ohhhhh, we love you Jews/homos and wanna do everything to protect you from Muslims.”

If a CUCKSERVATIVE is a so-called Conservative who serves non-whites, a Cock-Servative or Cock-Suckative is a Conservative or Rightist who goes out of his way to express sympathy for homos, the very people who desecrated marriage, who spread homo/tranny propaganda in American schools, who spread decadent/degenerate homo filth all over in ‘gay pride’ parades, who associate rainbow with fecal penetration and genital-mutilation, and call for firing/blacklisting of anyone who won’t kneel at the altar of buggery and degeneracy.

It is Axiomatic of Western Politics that Jews, Homos, and Negroes are holy & deserve special worship UNCONDITIONALLY. Even in EU, there is some talk of ‘Muslims are bad’, but NOTHING about Jews or blacks or homos. But it’s Jews who changed immigration policy. It is blacks who are worse thugs and criminals than Muslims. It is Homos who worked with Jews to castrate white males and turn Western Culture into ugly kitschy celebration of decadence.

The True Right must destroy this pseudo-holy-trinity of Jews, homos, and negroes.
But judging by Rightest, even Alt Rightist, rhetoric following the Orlando shooting, it’s like the Right is hoping for some way to get in touch with the homo community and win their blessing as being homo-friendly. So, even though the Homo community has been working to destroy White America, the Right is hoping to win benediction from homos.
Homos worked to get Obama elected. Homos pushed PC into every corner of society. Homos served Jews who messed up the Muslim world and displaced all those wandering Muslim men. Homos got so many careers destroyed for not bending over to the “pride” agenda. NY has a law that slaps you with $250,000 fine is you call Bruce Jenner a ‘he’. Homos and trannies even call for men with wigs to use girl’s washroom.

But when a Muslim attacked homos, the Right acts as if homos are the ultimate red, white, & blue AND that stopping mass immigration is mainly to protect holy homos from Muslims.

No, the Orlando massacre was fantastic in this sense: Homos got a taste of their own medicine. Homos supported Jews and Obama’s open borders policies to use Muslims against white conservatives, but it blew up in their face. We should be laughing and celebrating, not pandering and groveling to homos whose Gayria is worse than Sharia.

The truth is Jews, blacks, and Homos do far more damage to white Americans than Muslims do. Muslims don’t control media and academia. They didn’t spread anti-white culture. Jews did. Muslims don’t control Wall Street and Hollywood and fund homo agenda to tune of billions. Muslims don’t control rap industry or porn industry or sports industry. Muslims don’t make TV commercials that denigrate white men. No, Jews and homos do. And Jews and homos have been bringing Muslims to the West in order to use the hammer of Diversity against whites. But when Muslims strike out at Jews and homos, white Rightists can be counted on to express sympathy for the poor poor Jews and homos.

Imagine if someone takes a knife and starts to stab your family. But suppose he cuts himself in the frenzy. Would you then show him sympathy and offer first aid to help him and heal him? Orlando is a case of homo agenda’s anti-white policy blowing up in homo’s face. We should be laughing and celebrating.

It is Jews who are hellbent on taking away your guns and making your daughters act like whores and have babies with black men. Muslims aren’t promoting Miley-Cyrus-ism. Jews and Homos are doing that.

And we should seek a smart alliance with Muslims. No, I’m not calling for Muslim immigration. We should object to it totally and absolutely.

But white Americans/Europeans and Muslims/Arabs have one thing in common: Their national domains are being smashed by the Jewish-Homo or Jomo Globalist policy.
This policy has turned Middle East and North Africa into chaos and hellhole.
And the resultant ‘refugee’ crisis is remaking Europe and even some American communities that are forced to take in all these ‘refugees’.

Before whites complain about refugees, they need to focus on WHO created them in the first place and who are bringing them to the West. No, it’s not Obama or Hillary or Merkel. They are mere puppets. It is the Jewish Globo-Supremacists and their allies, the homo-imperialists.

So, just as white nations should be protected from Jomo globo agenda, Muslim/Arab nations should be protected too. No more INVADE and no more INVITE.

Jomo Policy calls for INVADE into Muslim lands and INVITE into white lands.

Jomos are making whites hate/fight Muslims when both groups should understand each other and fight the Jomo Globalist scum who are messing up both the Muslim world and White world.

So, no more of this Gavin McGinnes Cock-servative or Cock-suckative BS.

Cock-suckatives are more embarrassing that Cuckservatives. Look at McInnes kissing Milo, the fruit ‘conservative’ who takes black homo cocks up his fruitkin arse.
commented 2016-06-20 22:56:23 -0400

You were wrong then – you continue to be wrong now.

You are an embarrassment to Canada and real Canadians.
commented 2016-06-20 22:50:22 -0400

So it’s OK for The Rebel to mock Macleans and say that nobody cares about Macleans anymore – when The Rebel had a spike in rankings and was beating Macleans for 5 seconds, but it’s not OK to point out that The Rebel has been getting their ass kicked by pretty much every media source in Canada and their ranking is much worse today than it was a year ago.

In other words – the shine of something new has worn off and like Sun News Network, no one really cares about The Rebel and in terms of a business – they are not doing well. The ranking should be going up over time into the 900’s, 800’s, 700’s – not going the other way from where they used to be.

That’s bad.
commented 2016-06-20 22:36:45 -0400
I don’t know about internet rankings, but I doubt a CBC or MacLean’s reporter would deep kiss a guest on air as a way of revolting viewers.
commented 2016-06-20 22:35:25 -0400
I don’t know about internet rankings, but I doubt a CBC or MacLean’s reporter would deep kiss a guest on air as a way of revolting viewers.
commented 2016-06-20 22:05:46 -0400
Anonymous you missed the point completely.You need help.
commented 2016-06-20 20:47:39 -0400
Gavin McInnes – you are promoting homophobia by showing you have no respect for the feelings of non-homosexuals who are probably grossed out by two guys kissing.

Why, because that is what God or Nature made Heterosexuals, but Gay Activists do not want to acknowledge this.

Preferential treatment in the name of Equality = Gay activism today

Personally, if you were puked on, I would applaud the person who did it as you deserved to be puked on because of your disrespect
commented 2016-06-20 20:38:25 -0400
Michael like I said before just because you say it does not make it so.You and Sean are CBC fans.And Lefties hate the truth.
commented 2016-06-20 19:21:44 -0400
You hit a nerve, lefties cannot tolerate the truth. His calling you a “fuckface” shows this as well as how low Mikey’s IQ truly is.

Interesting to note Mikey continues to refuse any acknowledgement of the fact that MacLean’s has been in existence for decades and their website since at least 2001, but he uses it as a bench mark to trash the Rebel. (Just as he refused to acknowledge the huge advantage CBC has with the 1.1 billion+ in yearly federal funding.) The magazine was founded in October 1905, and in 1919 MacLean’s achieved national stature. Their website is copyrighted © 2001-2016 Rogers Media.

The Rebel is barely over a year old (February 16, 2016 was the first anniversary). It does not have the backing of an established corp behind it to fund its website nor yearly federal funding (as does the CBC). The existing stats I posted earlier indeed show that The Rebel is doing rather well when compared. But as you have mentioned before facts are lost on trolls. I wouldn’t bother arguing with him, he’s proven that he is nothing but a militant troll of low IQ intent on trying to destroy the threads on this site.

The magazine (Maclean’s) has been owned by the Rogers Communications conglomerate since Rogers acquired Maclean-Hunter, the former publisher, in 1994.
commented 2016-06-20 18:06:20 -0400
@michael Mann…So is it your mission in life to demoralize us with your numbers? To make us desert to something more trendy? The CBC perhaps?
commented 2016-06-20 17:56:00 -0400
Removed for violating rule:Avoid excessive profanity.
commented 2016-06-20 16:23:21 -0400
“Do you think the Earth is flat too?”

No, but your intellect is. You didn’t use any factual numbers, but Hyacinth did.
commented 2016-06-20 15:59:30 -0400

Yes, it’s so intellectual to ignore factual things like numbers and rankings.

Do you think the Earth is flat too?
commented 2016-06-20 15:16:18 -0400
“In the meantime don’t let your mind wander—it’s far too little to be let out on its own.”

Got a good chuckle out of that one!
commented 2016-06-20 15:14:30 -0400
Michael, if all you have is to call Hyacinth stupid for not agreeing with your “oh, TheRebel is so crappy” shtick, then you should give up your arguing. You simply do not compare to Hyacinth for intellect. You might as well just call Hyacinth a “poo-poo head” like a 4 year old would because that would increase the intellectual content of your comments.
commented 2016-06-20 13:52:48 -0400
What’s so hard to understand Mikey? I told you to go talk to your hand until you grew up yet you continually want to converse with me. Either you must have a big crush on me or you are incredibly dense. I think it is the latter. Do grow up because your vulgarity is wearing thin. In the meantime don’t let your mind wander—it’s far too little to be let out on its own.
commented 2016-06-20 13:06:38 -0400

Yes, it’s worth showing how stupid you both are and how you don’t understand how internet traffic and ranking works.

We were beating Macleans for a bit as our traffic went up and now they are consistently beating us as our traffic has gone down – that’s bad.

What’s so hard to understand here?
commented 2016-06-20 12:46:44 -0400
An excellent posting worth having repeated:

Jim Clark commented 12 hours ago
Michael Mann

Indeed numbers do not lie. The Rebel’s Youtube account now has over two hundred thousand subscribers and is steadily climbing. Numbers do not lie. You do. Also, there are many new names on here. Sure some people come and go, same as every other site, but the growth here is real and palpable. I for one inform people of this site’s existence and wear my Rebel gear proudly. I guess I am an embodiment of your nightmare of the left losing their media monopoly. Get used to it.

Your lies are pathetic, your arrogance sad, and your nonsense quite transparent. You’re much, much dumber than you think. Back to the Globe with you now.
commented 2016-06-20 12:44:01 -0400

It’s the ranking in Canada that matters. Not the worldwide rank. It’s how The Rebel is doing vs. their competitors like Macleans, which they celebrated beating for two seconds and haven’t beaten since then.

The Rebel’s doesn’t want to be ranked 1,000+
commented 2016-06-20 12:37:27 -0400

Are you retarded? The Rebel’s website internet ranking and traffic is what matters most. Not people watching videos on You Tube of which 200,000+ subscribers is nothing.

This is why The Rebel celebrated beating Macleans, when there was a temporary spike. Things have gone downhill for The Rebel since then.

Thanks for proving me right about extreme conservative dipshits like you.
commented 2016-06-20 12:30:56 -0400
This is one of the problems with the homosexual movement they think that this behaviour in public is acceptable and somehow validates them? Heterosexuals find this kind of behaviour publicly unacceptable and I shudder to quote Trudeau senior when he said the government has no right in the bedrooms of the public. He’s right the government doesn’t but GOD does and he is not impressed with our rejection of Him and his morals. Displays like this between Gavin and Milo only reinforce the historical account of where mankind goes in his sexual depravity when He rejects GOD.
Wait now, here’s the kicker, we as Christians who’s ancestors were Christians (in morals at least) founded this country with freedoms that led to the ability of Milo and Gavin to sin against GOD in this manner without imposing death on them from a high rooftop.(Islam) Christianity tolerates sinners because we recognize we are all sinners in need of GOD’s saving grace by faith. If Milo and Gavin choose to reject GOD we are okay with that as long as they don’t expect Christians to endorse, support or in any way approve of it. In fact the same freedoms they want to express themselves in rejection of GOD they should be allowing for Christians to express themselves in favor of GOD. That is how free speech works people and freedoms enshrined in the Magna Carta should not be trifled with. There will be a backlash from all citizens who cherish their freedom if the LGBT community does not learn to respect other peoples rights to the same freedoms they scream for all the time. You are a minority and you need to stop acting like a totalitarian majority and trying to indoctrinate everyone on a global scale into your groupthink by political and armed force. (yes I said armed because the police support hate crime tribunals – notice I did not say court of law because they are not)
Sadly even the Supreme Court needs an overhaul when sex with animals has any place in civilized society. (study your history people we are just repeating the errors of other long ago societies – preferred sex in Rome at their fall was with an 8 year old boy and we already see that in Afghanistan and across the gay community)
Love in Christ,
PS – I do note hate gays, If I wanted to say that I would have said that!!! I have a brother-in-law who is gay and has rejected GOD and I do not hate him.
Paul Bryce (don’t need to hide behind any pseudonyms as GOD is my KING!)
commented 2016-06-20 12:03:39 -0400
Liza Rosie you are a useful idiot. That was a damn fine display to Muslims? You can be proud of mental illness and depravity. Good for you. I’d rather be proud of respectable aspects of our civilization.
commented 2016-06-20 10:56:08 -0400
Sarah, speaking of missing the point……you may be missing what Gavin and Milo were displaying with the ‘kiss’. It grosses me out too and it grosses me out when I see two chicks doing it also, maybe even more, but that is not the point.
People either love or hate these guys, there is no in between. I don’t know why everyone is piling onto Gavin, it took two for the ‘kiss’. Milo was more than consenting you know. They both equally grossed me out but made a damn fine display to Islam. Good on both of them.