January 20, 2017

What happened to me at the DeploraBall

Gavin McInnesArchive

The majority of my show was shot before The Deploraball, a gala event on Thursday night for Trump supporters. 

It was organized by my guest Mike Cernovich and various #MAGA types and has been racked with controversy since day one despite it just being a private party.

Protestors from #DisruptJ20 made it clear they were going to prevent the event from happening and dedicated an inordinate amount of time to making sure this happens. Unfortunately, while they were planning this, an operative of my other guest, James O’Keefe, recorded their conversations and now they’re going to jail.

At the end of the show, I'll tell you exactly what went down.

Were we attacked with urine and feces as they promised? Did they chicken out? Did bikers show up and kick their ass? Did the police handle it?

Watch to the very end to find out.

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commented 2017-02-13 16:34:55 -0500
I LOVE watching liberal assholes get punched. It’s as though they really think they can get in our faces and we’ll just take it or back away. The last thing they seem to expect is a fight, even as they instigate fights. Bunch of goddam sissies.
commented 2017-01-22 18:01:14 -0500
It so great to see people pushing back against those assholes.
commented 2017-01-22 12:04:46 -0500
Be kind to your web footed friends,
For that duck may be somebody’s mother
She lives in a hole in a swamp
Where the weather is always damp
You may think that this is the end:
Well it is, but to prove that we’re all liars
We’re going to sing it again,
But only this time we will sing a little higher

With appologies to John Phillip Souza…but jeez it’s just so appropriate especially the swamp reference and constantly repeating the same lie each time more stridently
commented 2017-01-22 02:46:04 -0500
Jay Kelly There was a ball, that was a nickname.
commented 2017-01-22 01:13:53 -0500
Wonderful non-lying Jay Kelly. Now that you’re in a talkative mood again, perhaps you can finally answer my question and clear this whole thing up: How does stirring up hatred of Muslims encourage Jihad as you suggested in the comments section linked below?


This time, I’m holding out hope for a non-shifting definition of Jihad.
commented 2017-01-22 00:13:28 -0500
@jay Kelly….I would like to take this opportunity to disclose a another Canadian exclusive regarding the MSMs false narrative on their being a feud between Donald Trump and the CIA…….


The MSM distortion is quite apparent by the enthusiastic reception. The business about the conflict with the CIA arose from some insider making leaks to the press of fabricated slander.

Donald Trump did a little of his own James Bond style investigating to get to the bottom of it. He set up a meeting with the CIA so secret that he didn’t even tell his own personal staff. He has experience with dealing with corporate espionage and outing the perpetrators.

Not trusting any sort of electronic device he hand wrote the invitation and had it delivered by a white glove butler who was a longstanding and trusted employee of his hotel. The instructions to John Brennan were to tell NOBODY of the meeting but to arrive before the other invitees who would be summoned in similar fashion.

John Brennan was hand picked by Obama. He had converted to Wahabi Islam while on diplomatic assignment to Saudi Arabia and has often been suspected of being a Saudi mole.

When Brennan arrived for the meeting Trump said he wanted to know why the press always knew about his security briefings before he did. He asked Brennan if he had told ANYBODY about the present meeting….Brennan denised it. Trump then told him the he was the ONLY invitee and yet the press had got wind of the meeting….and that he was fired.

Brennan threw a petulant fit for the media and the media concocted the fiction that Trump was in danger of suffering the same fate as Kennedy.

The whole business about the Russian blackmail and Russian hacking of the election was pure fiction and a last desparate attempt of the Obama regieme to scuttle Trump….the CIA mutinied and would not go along with the attempted coup.
commented 2017-01-21 22:10:20 -0500
Once again, I am honoured that Nnaumbua Farrell feels compelled to quote me in full. There are greater writers than I am who you could quote. I am humbled.

You mention Islam and Christianity and include the capitalized word “Progressive”. I think you are keeping in mind that Christianity and Islam make up more than half of the world’s population (I mean those who identify themselves as Christian or Muslim). You use the term “morally equivalent”. It is a bit tricky as a term.

If you mean that overall the one billion Catholics, for example, and the one billion Muslims, worship a single and indivisible G’d, and that they strive to pray each day and to serve their neighbours because of their faith, I think you are right. The Roman Catholic Pope Francis sent a note yesterday to Donald Trump urging him to serve the poor. Serving God by serving the poor is certainly a moral equivalency.

Nnaumbua, please remember, we Muslims and Christians (not just Catholics) are from all ethnicities and races and languages and backgrounds.
commented 2017-01-21 19:46:57 -0500
“I feel so honoured.

Nnaumbua Farrell quotes me from things I said five months ago. How does she keep track of these things? Did she actually save my posts? Except for her quoting me, I wouldn’t remember something she said ten minutes ago.

Thank you, Nnaumbua, and I hope you continue to read and participate with The Rebel. With BuzzFeed in the United States, and The Mirror in Britain, The Rebel is still the only news outlet in Canada to report Donald Trumps activity in Russia. This is freedom of speech."

Anytime non-lying Jay Kelly. It’s a pleasure really. You’re implicit admission that Christianity and Islam are not morally equivalent despite previously suggesting that they were was illustrative of Progressive double think: Islam is a religion of peace so don’t criticize Islam or Muslims or they’ll kill us you backward Christians!
commented 2017-01-21 19:05:12 -0500
I feel so honoured.

Nnaumbua Farrell quotes me from things I said five months ago. How does she keep track of these things? Did she actually save my posts? Except for her quoting me, I wouldn’t remember something she said ten minutes ago.

Thank you, Nnaumbua, and I hope you continue to read and participate with The Rebel. With BuzzFeed in the United States, and The Mirror in Britain, The Rebel is still the only news outlet in Canada to report Donald Trumps activity in Russia. This is freedom of speech.
commented 2017-01-21 12:27:17 -0500
@jay Kelly……Hillary is going to jail………:-)
commented 2017-01-21 09:06:23 -0500

I note at my time of posting the poster with pen name, Jay Kelly, has yet to respond to his own words you so deliciously served up for him :)

I guess the regressive left don’t like crow when they have to eat it.

Again, great post.
commented 2017-01-21 04:35:54 -0500
“Jay Kelly commented 5 months ago

Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States despite her weaknesses, and the bigotry shown against her.

She will win because the main opponent is weak.

Donald Trump has shown great bravado, but cannot present reasons why he might be the United States’ President.

So many Republicans have come out against him, including fifty security advisors. They made it plain that if he really cared about the United States he would resign.

So there we are.

Hillary Clinton is weak by Canadian standards, but she becomes President of the United States because they have nothing better to offer."
commented 2017-01-21 04:28:45 -0500
Ohhh butthurt Jay is really riled up on Inauguration Day….and what a day for President Donald JAY Trump. Haha you fucking moron Kelly!!

Trump Trumps Morons!!!!!!!
commented 2017-01-21 04:25:29 -0500
& Mark Ruffalo is a communist elite.
commented 2017-01-21 04:15:00 -0500
commented 2017-01-21 02:36:04 -0500
Maurice Potvin continues even to the presidential ball. Satan was there with the statistics, and the Rebel is not about to edit the tally.

At the DeploraBall: 32,674 Attacks, 209,419 Killed, 293,191 Injured.

Why does the Main Stream Media exclude this?

Really, why is this excluded?
commented 2017-01-21 02:31:14 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,674 Attacks, 209,419 Killed, 293,191 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-01-21 02:26:57 -0500
No way was Gavin McInnes at the “deploraball” spoofing the presidential balls. This pretend ball was for emasculated men who would not otherwise have been invited to a formal dance on the night of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Donald Trump was not there, nor were any of his newly appointed (white male) cabinet ministers, because the Ball did not take place. McInnes and some others like the term “deplorable” as simpletons who supported Trump.

There was no Ball
commented 2017-01-20 22:00:10 -0500
Paul, that’s a true what you say and cowards are bullies. They have to be in a gang in order to show off their “fake power”. Just look on the internet when anybody says anything a muslim doesn’t like. There’s like 10,000 of them lining the streets with their stinking arms up in the air (like a Nazi salute) screaming at the top of their lungs (like Hitler stoned on drugs) “allahu Akbar” and for the death of that person. Pathetic.
commented 2017-01-20 21:42:13 -0500
- Islamic terrorists have a lot in common with “progressives”. They hate fun, they’ll lie to get what they want, they’ll play victim until they have power & then bully everyone, they will seek power no matter the cost & try to hold power at any cost & when you get right down to it – they’re cowards & bullies.
commented 2017-01-20 21:36:18 -0500
Pardon me , I was one of the REBELS that threw that punch including the ladies
commented 2017-01-20 21:34:12 -0500
I threw that punch with you GAVIN