July 28, 2017

Obama’s “bailout” ripoff, PLUS: Our proud British past (Mike Kimelman, Kevin Donnelly)

Gavin McInnesArchive

This week we have two totally unrelated guests: Mike Kimelman is the author of Confessions of a Wall Street Insider: A Cautionary Tale of Rats, Feds, and Banksters.

He wrote the book while in jail for insider trading and although he isn’t allowed to get involved with the market anymore, he still follows it closely.

Mike talks about documents that were recently released that show Obama didn’t bail out real estate finances Fannie and Freddie. He stole them. This golden goose was taken away from the investors who bought low knowing it would get back on its feet and it has been providing billions for the government ever since.

Nobody is talking about this but it’s the biggest theft in human history.

Then we talk to British photographer Kevin Donnelly who is living in LA now and helped found the Proud Boys chapter there. We talk about the Halifax Five who were told carrying the Red Ensign flag is carrying a flag of genocide.

A fierce UK patriot, Kevin makes the case that North American history is British history and even the American revolution was really just Brits fighting amongst themselves. Canada shouldn’t be ashamed of their British past. We should be proud of it.

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commented 2017-07-29 13:22:48 -0400
- As soon as I saw the Red Ensign on antifas’/ADLs’/anti-West list of “White supremacist” symbols I ordered one – it’s on my wall now (I don’t have a flag poll). This (or some variation of it) was Canadas’ flag for 2/3 of its’ history. It was the flag that Canadians fought under in both world wars. I also got the flag of Kekistan – the more I find out about 4chan the more I like them.

- In the 2012 election there was a great deal of interest in how Mitt Romney made his $200 million + despite the fact that he clearly made it in his past business ventures (he was a business turnaround expert going in to failing businesses & making changes to turn them around & making them profitable again). Nobody seemed too concerned as to how Obama got his $11 million net worth at the time seeing as how he never had a real job or ran a business (his claim to fame was being a “community organizer”). As Dinesh D’Souza talked about in his book “Stealing America” the most successful crooks go into politics.
commented 2017-07-28 22:43:22 -0400
Yep. Democrats in the States and Liberals in Canada only go into politics for the benefit of themselves.