March 03, 2017

The war on white men (Guests: Cale Hartmann, Uncle Tony Redpill, Greg the Greek)

Gavin McInnesArchive

The war on white men takes many forms.

White men are rapists so if your career needs a boost, post a picture of your bruised legs and say you’re a rape survivor. Of course, they may track down your ex-boyfriend and ruin his life (people take rape seriously in the West) but he’s just collateral damage.

The ex-boyfriend in this case is Cale Hartmann, who lost his job, career, apartment, friends, and life after being falsely accused of rape. He tried to revisit society this weekend and was asked to leave the theater. We’re not even that hard on real rapists. Mike Tyson is a superstar!

During "Shia LaQueefs" art show HWNDU ("He Will Not Divide Us") liberals stood in front of the camera and repeated the exhibit's name like Moonies. Unfortunately, Shia chose the blue collar borough Queens to do his show and worse, he chose Astoria, which is where Archie Bunker is from.

Arch is still alive and well in this neighborhood, but today his name is Uncle Tony Redpill and Greg the Greek. They crashed his show and took it over by espousing all things Trump. The rants became a meme that catapulted the two into stardom and got them on our show.

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commented 2017-03-06 23:03:23 -0500
You need to get Kyle Chapman on the show. Maybe after his trial or if his lawyer says its okay. BASED STICKMAN!! ALT KNIGHT!!
commented 2017-03-05 20:28:20 -0500
Always a great show, just sit down and relax and hear regular folks give their opinion.
commented 2017-03-05 20:23:45 -0500
Hey Gavin, Tell your friend Cale Hartmann that if he wants his day in court he should try suing the people who discriminate against him based on rumors of his supposed crime. Like that jerk who kicked him out of the theater, for example.
commented 2017-03-05 15:03:24 -0500
GUILTY,GUILTY until proved INNOCENT what is wrong with this picture?
commented 2017-03-05 08:13:51 -0500
@john Landry…I could fill two pages of this thread with names and stories of men who were driven to suicide or who just decided to disappear over some incredibly trivial offences and allegations later proven to be false. And those would be just the ones in Canada, world wide it is just disgusting, but what is more disgusting is the utterly calous attitude of the feminist policy makers associated with the liberal party.

There’s pages of it on MGTOW sites.
commented 2017-03-04 19:57:33 -0500
Dr. Hill in Ottawa suffered the same fate. In the end, after constant damnation from the media and the College of Physicians without the possibility to defend himself, Dr. Hill took his own life by asphyxiation. I was the contractor who added weatherstripping to his garage door before he took his own life. I saw his wife a few years later in a restaurant. I approached her to say, “Hi”. She without a word, stood up and walked straight out of the building.
commented 2017-03-04 02:44:55 -0500
Paul McCullough got that right, the feminists are silent , if it were some white guy or some Chinese guy or some other non Muslim , they would be all over it and screaming for the guys head. If they were capable of shame they would be feeling it right now. Cannot get much more hypocritical than this.
commented 2017-03-03 21:53:31 -0500
The theme of this show is one of the reasons why the movement called Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) started. The cure is the flat refusal to court or have any sort of relationship with ANY women or men who support those women who are FEMINISTS and think that this sort of thing is OK.

Uncle Tony Red Pill and Greg the Greek are my kind of guys. Standing up for what is right takes substance and presence. They are the sort of guys who went to the bus company that transported George Sauron’s rent a riot and persuaded them that to do so in the future would be a bad business decision… Steven van Zant’s character in Lillyhammer, Frankie the Fixer…The purveyors of fun are the staunchest defenders of freedom.
commented 2017-03-03 21:52:12 -0500
That’s what I’m talking about. I wanna send that out. Goddamn these gated elitists. There’s a lot more than Mexicans coming from that southern border.
commented 2017-03-03 21:25:12 -0500
- Great show tonight. Muslim taxi driver just got let off of rape charges in Halifax by some jackass judge who basically said she was asking for it & not a peep from the feminists, yet they have no problem screwing some guy over so they can push their fake rape culture. In-freaking-believable.

- Loved the guys from Queens. Real Americans through & through.
commented 2017-03-03 21:14:43 -0500
This white man fights back when he gets attacked.