May 12, 2017

New Orleans: A new front in the war for the West

Gavin McInnesRebel Commentator

Berkeley isn’t a good metric for the war on free speech. The place is lunatic central and we won there because we were up against their very worst. 

The “Battle of New Orleans” is a much better data point.

We have corrupt politicians, bussed in liberals, and the mainstream media trying to convince Southerners that their history is racist. It’s been an effective weapon for the past decade, but the sane community is finally standing up to it.

The mayor wants to take down four Confederate statues and sell them to a “white guilt” museum, but so far he’s only been able to take down two and it’s been in the dead of night. (NOTE: I taped tonight's interviews after the Liberty monument was taken down but before they took down Jefferson Davis.)

It’s not a landslide victory like we had in Berkeley.

In fact, if it was a school grade, I’m not even sure it’s a pass.

However, the story got out. When it started, USA Today called the memorials “white supremacist” statues. This kind of talk was perfectly acceptable under Obama, but it didn’t last. Now the racist headlines are gone as journalist learned there is a thing in history called “nuance.”

I believe the rest of the world is learning this ,too.

They got half the statues in New Orleans, but only a small part of the narrative.

We’re still winning but we have a long way to go.

My first guest, Jason Kessler, is the President of Unity & Security for America.

He points out that some of those defending the statues are “Southern Nationalists” and he hopes they took note of the African-Americans who were also there to defend the region’s history.

Then NOLA native George Peterson reports on a lawsuit that’s been filed claiming ownership of one of the monuments slated for destruction. He too talks about the truly multicultural makeup of our side vs. the all-white rich Antifa kids.


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commented 2017-05-15 19:07:42 -0400
ALLAN PETERSON Thank you I am being somewhat facetious… there is too much going on around us that confounds any common sense, decency or objective thoughts to what is genuinely best for society … Leaving my own a far worse world than I grew up in and little I can do about it, it seems :-(
commented 2017-05-13 13:41:01 -0400
How are these uneducated libtards, who want to destroy any history they don’t like, any different then what ISSIS is doing to historical monuments they find offensive.
They remind me of the sickening book burning that went on in Germany by the Nazys
commented 2017-05-13 13:29:45 -0400
HAROLD HOFF commented 16 hours ago
" I’m rapidly losing faith (no not Goldy) that we are on a path of utter collapse, and all forces are conspiring to accelerate this. It seems almost intentional."

Harold it is intentional. Its called critical theory- the destruction of the underpinnings of western society so the leftists can rebuild it in their own image. Venezuela apparently isn’t good enough even thought Chavez has already done the heavy lifting for them.

Here is a vid on critical theory:
commented 2017-05-13 09:50:21 -0400
I hope the monuments already stolen from the people of New Orleans can be recovered, and reinstalled. Stay vigilant and prevent historically significant statues, plaques and art from being whisked away in the dead of night.
When they lose in court, they will send useful idiots to destroy what they cannot steal; I think the people will need to guard their history.
Learn from what ISIS has done:
commented 2017-05-12 23:53:16 -0400
in 1841 we took a little trip down the coronel jackson to the mighty missip we took a little bacon and we took a little bean till we fought the british down in neworleans.
commented 2017-05-12 23:44:14 -0400
@ Paul McCullough commented 2 hours ago

We will never surrender! It’s do or die!
…and I’d rather die standing & fighting -than kneel in humiliation & submission.
The Right is right! The left are lunatics & oppressors.
commented 2017-05-12 21:48:28 -0400
Only the Right can be right. Right? The Left is over and the Center is soft.
commented 2017-05-12 21:42:17 -0400
For a Marxist Utopia, kindly move to Venezuela and relish in the wonders this ideology has bestowed on their peoples. Observing all the sheer idiocy that surrounds us, I’m rapidly losing faith (no not Goldy) that we are on a path of utter collapse, and all forces are conspiring to accelerate this. It seems almost intentional.
commented 2017-05-12 21:23:56 -0400
- They need to erase history before they can rewrite it in their own image.

- Are we losing the war? Not until we surrender or die.