August 19, 2016

Justin Trudeau at the organic pet shop, PLUS: a female anti-feminist

Gavin McInnesArchive

Daniel Tirado (@TornadoTirado) is a comedian from Montreal who now lives in NYC, so we talk about why those cities are so different. He likes Justin Trudeau’s “energy,” which is disconcerting because I think Justin is a Zoolander buffoon, but Daniel is a good guy for other reasons.

Edmonton’s Karen Straughn (@girlwriteswhat) is a great female voice for anti-feminism and one of the realest moms we’ve ever spoken to. She recognizes that the left has been practicing oppression while waving the flag of freedom for too long and the lie has run its course. We talked to Karen about all the things we love and hate about our homeland.

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commented 2016-08-24 23:00:28 -0400
After that she sips tea! Nice lady!
commented 2016-08-22 11:39:43 -0400
Thanks for having me on, Gavin. Was a fun morning. :)
commented 2016-08-22 11:39:13 -0400
@lloyd Nolan

The seasons are winter and construction. K-Days is more like a localized cyclone that sucks up money and leaves a bunch of litter and dazed children in its wake…
commented 2016-08-21 21:14:23 -0400
Ok a few Justin Jokes are due here:

So Justin has a spat with Sophie and goes out on a toot.
He walks into a bar and sees this really handsome guy staring at him from across the bar. He just can’t take his eyes off him and is soon infatuated. He calls the bar tender over and orders a drink and asks him to deliver it to “the handsome fascinating guy across the bar from him”.

The bartender leaves and comes back with the drink and sets it down in front of Justin.

Justin says; " I told you to take this to that fascinating incredibly handsome guy across from me, what’s this?"

The Bartender says, “Sir, you’re sitting in front of a mirror”
commented 2016-08-20 22:54:15 -0400
GAVIN , there’s only two seasons in Edmonton , winter and Klondike days , I know , cause I lived there for a few years
commented 2016-08-20 16:56:15 -0400
but harper…
commented 2016-08-20 16:32:01 -0400
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commented 2016-08-20 09:20:45 -0400
Mr. Reardon, I read the article on the Women’s weekly, that you attached to your comment, and I wondered , if Harper would have done half of that, the MSM would have treated him like an opportunistic propaganda heartless machine . and the lady that wrote that sticky loving, dickless man article is frightening . the new feminism, a man that act like a woman. lovely. pardonnez mon Anglais.
commented 2016-08-20 09:09:55 -0400
What ! he didn’t take no calls ?, that is the fun part, all those weirdos with anything to say . but I still like Gavin more than a friend?? for whatever that means .
commented 2016-08-20 07:50:45 -0400
How dare you insult our Dear Leader! He is the finest man ever to grace this country and this planet! Don’t take my word for it, one of the foremost publications in Australia says so, clearly demonstrating their compelling intellectual gifts to make an overwhelming case for his universal appeal:

Or to put it another way, the Australian feminists have been guzzling the same koolaid our media has and have gotten completely drunk on it. These morons, like our own, should be roundly ridiculed until they sober up and start evaluating Sonny Boy on more than his hair and vacuous blather.
commented 2016-08-20 05:32:51 -0400
CAMERON ROBOCK ; seems the most of the left get their news from ‘comedic’ late night shows from the states.
commented 2016-08-19 23:41:15 -0400
Funnily enough, Trudeau has been accused of taking a vacation out of the public view while he has been showing up on major local newspapers and websites from British Columbia to Novo Scotia.

If this is a private holiday, I dread to see when he goes public.
commented 2016-08-19 22:54:39 -0400
Cam-moron…yet you continue to watch and post. LOL….you leftist regressive fucktards never cease to give us comic relief.
commented 2016-08-19 22:45:51 -0400
So taking advice from a comedian as research and facts. Sigh rebel has fallen
commented 2016-08-19 21:47:35 -0400
- Justin is a moron who’s job is to be pretty & read speeches. Once & a while they have him run around with his shirt off. He’s a mimbo.