April 07, 2016

Geert Wilders: "Hundreds, perhaps thousands of jihadists are ready to strike"

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In Geert Wilders' first debate a week after the attacks in Brussels on March 22nd, the fiery Dutch MP engages in a riveting one hour exchange with the usual leftist apologists for Islam within the Dutch government. Some excerpts below the video.

"The second truth is this: The jihadists move like fish in the water of the Muslim communities."

(Charlie Hebdo, the magazine Muslim terrorists attacked in France last year, made the same point in their editorial posted here yesterday.)

Other excerpts from Wilders' forceful debate:

"The Silence of the Muslim Communities is the problem"

"These attacks are the direct result of the Islamic ideology"

"The Koran endorses jihadist terror."

"...when people were killed by Nazi Germany, but a majority allowed it. This is the case now (pertaining to the Muslim community)."

"...who was responsible for the Paris attacks in Paris, was protected by the Muslim community in Molenbeek for four months. He could go from place to place, walk the streets, chat to people and order pizzas..."

"We have a problem because we imported|millions of people to the Netherlands and Europe from an Islamic culture, without asking them to adapt to us.We adapted to them. That’s the problem!"

"Use the 40,000 soldiers. If necessary, let the army also patrol between the border posts."

"5,000 jihadists from Syria have returned to Europe. Europe has open borders."

Metaphorically speaking, Europe is "tomorrow's newspaper" for Canada; what is happening there today could come to Canada in the near future.

Watching Wilders' speech in the Dutch parliament may offer valuable insight as to how to push back against the forces of political correctness, AKA Cultural Marxism, that is trying to deconstruct our classical civilization and using Islam as a battering ram to do so. 

So get some popcorn and settle in for this video. It's well worth the time. 

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commented 2016-05-10 12:15:08 -0400
American Muslims need to ban Sharia, too. If you want to live in this country, then live as Americans, follow OUR laws. If you want Sharia, move to an Islamic country. We will NEVER accept it as part of our culture. Freedom of Religion does NOT include giving freedom to a religion that will NOT allow freedom of religion to all others. YOU are the ones who can’t tolerate; ISLAM is the religion that will not tolerate, so America will not tolerate Islam until it changes.
commented 2016-05-10 12:10:48 -0400
America has one more terrorist attack by Muslims, they will be writing their tickets for a one-way trip to the Islamic country of their choice. We are FINISHED putting up with their nonsense, and the NEXT time, we will NOT forgive. If you are a peaceful Muslim, then start reporting the radicals or face deportation when they murder Americans. We demand to be safe from such things, and we will no longer take your faith’s nonsense in our nation, if the murders continue. You get rid of the radicals, no one will trouble you; you fail, and you’ll ALL face our collective wrath. Those terrorists came here WITH you, they are in your mosques, and you know who they are. WE can’t fix Islam – it was broken when it arrived. Either YOU fix it or your faith and you will be banned forever. We have also NOT forgotten how ‘peaceful’ Muslims cheered on 9/11 and cheered at every single terrorist attack that made the news. Assimilate, BE peaceful or get out.
commented 2016-04-08 08:54:50 -0400
Sam Young….no apparently the trial is still ongoing which makes his courage even greater…..all of his opponents in the Dutch parliament want to play “gottcha” with every word that comes out of his mouth.
commented 2016-04-08 02:10:59 -0400
I take Wilders survived the trial?
commented 2016-04-08 00:56:12 -0400
Jamie Macmaster they will walk around pre-lubed in order to service their masters.
commented 2016-04-07 23:12:13 -0400
“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”
George Orwell
commented 2016-04-07 19:43:00 -0400
So, when (not if) the muzzie-wugs get absolute control in Toronto, will all you quaking and quavering little TO socialists and CBCers be their first surrogoats?

Shit, excuse me. I know the answer to that is a resounding YES! What I meant to ask is, will you do it willingly? http://www.steynonline.com/1516/the-shagged-sheep
commented 2016-04-07 18:27:10 -0400
Isolate the Islamist ghettos until they capitulate
commented 2016-04-07 18:04:31 -0400
ALL I REPEAT ALL….of the counter points are argumentum ad hominem against Wilders…..none of them address the points of truth he is presenting.

Let’s have a poll…….which is more likely to bring peace and stop these acts of terrorism…..sending Wilders to jail for hate speech or breaking up and dispersing these ghettos?
commented 2016-04-07 17:49:32 -0400
Self destructive leftists, if they aren’t in denial they identify with Islamist radicals. Hard to know who to deport first.
commented 2016-04-07 17:45:32 -0400
I never get tired of listening to Mr. Wilders. He did lose on one point of debate and it was killing me to listen because the rebuttal was so obvious.
He was getting grilled about the fact that many of the recent terror attacks on the continent were executed by those born in European countries.
The minister was very smug in pointing out this fact and challenged Wilders on how closing borders would not have prevented this.
Here’s how he should have responded.
‘If the country had not been flooded with Muslim immigrants in the first place and the “religion” were restricted as Wilders suggests, the infrastructure would not have ever been in place to radicalize and exploit those young men to begin with"
I loved his metaphor about turning off the tap before you go and mop up the mess. It’s perfect. You can see how pathetic and paralyzed this parliament is. They derail the idea of even BEGINNING to stem the tide. Wilders is saying this is the first step. Uh…yeah. Come on – these are the Dutch . PUT YOUR FINGER IN THE FUCKING DIKE ALREADY!
commented 2016-04-07 15:45:13 -0400
Typical leftist politicians. Wilder is trying to prevent further attacks, and is met with feigned misunderstanding of a situation that is obvious even to the left/greens who, because of their ridiculous ideology, must oppose common sense.
commented 2016-04-07 14:56:18 -0400
We need Geert here in Canada. Start the Freedom Party of Canada. Forget the CPC- too establishment.
commented 2016-04-07 14:17:06 -0400
Was that the Dutch parliament? Pretty civil environment. Isn’t it time that our parliament started debating the issues of Trudeau’s Muslim migration.
commented 2016-04-07 14:00:22 -0400
I’m with you Geert! I wish I could have been there in person to support you. I’m so proud of you for standing up to the evil of Islam. Your reward will be in heaven!
commented 2016-04-07 13:49:58 -0400
all I can see here is a political class trying to protect itself.
and they don’t like Geert because he speaks the truth which exposes their system as a flawed institution.