September 26, 2016

Geert Wilders: “Open borders have made our country mortally ill”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This riveting hour of video with Geert Wilders in the Dutch parliament shows how stating obvious truths anyone can see by looking out the window is met with ridicule, contempt and derision by the politically correct opposition.

Geert Wilders also made his first court appearance for his third criminal trial on Friday for the crime of offending Islam and its practitioners. 

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commented 2016-09-28 00:20:25 -0400
Mortally ill because of being mentally ill.
commented 2016-09-27 21:39:43 -0400
Jay, you say is this a war we can win? I ask, is this a war we can lose? And is there anything that Geert Wilders says that you can disagree with? Seems very accurate to me.
commented 2016-09-27 13:47:54 -0400
The goal of the UN is to erase borders, by flooding democratic countries with evil barbarians, to destroy freedom and democracy, by targeting those who stand for our freedoms. Geert has been living as a prisoner since having the nerve to insult the enemy. We will all have to face this very same evil, because our governments are evil and corrupt, and the rule of law no longer applies. The free world has been set-up for destruction, and only Jesus himself will be able to help us in the end. The important thing is to have faith. Just stay strong and hold on to your faith. They may kill your body, but they can’t kill your soul for standing for God’s truth.
commented 2016-09-27 08:58:38 -0400
The koran is the un-inspired word of Satan.

“By their fruit you shall know them.”
Jesus of Nazareth
commented 2016-09-27 06:53:36 -0400
@jay Kelly….boy that’s quite the gang of thugs and bushwackers you have arrayed against us….but ya know what….I don’t think they would be a match for even one chapter of Soldiers of Odin…….:-)
commented 2016-09-27 01:55:32 -0400
I see the useful coward is still making dumb assumptions.
commented 2016-09-26 23:57:32 -0400
Criticizing the Quran is criticizing what Saint John Paul II called “the inspired word of God”.

Is this a fight you want to get into? Attacking the Catholic Church and the people of Islam?

Between Catholicism and Islam you are looking at about half the world’s population.

Is this a fight you hope to win?
commented 2016-09-26 23:18:16 -0400
All these politicians just dont want to understand the obvious. Freedom of religion to the muslims is exactly the following: terrorizing people who are not muslims. They want freedom of religion but dont want to give it to anyone else, that is their religion.
the 28,000 terror attacks in the last several years in the western world by muslims are 28,000 applications of the Quran. Talk about hate. And the 375 millions deaths committed by the muslims previous to that are 375 millions applications of the Quran. That is as simple as that. That’s why the Quran has to be banned. It’s a hate book.
commented 2016-09-26 23:17:23 -0400
I am not against queer people, but Geert Wilders takes the cake.

Why The Rebel has adopted him as their “poster boy” is beyond me.
commented 2016-09-26 20:59:13 -0400
@edward JOBIN , Good point and true.
commented 2016-09-26 20:56:48 -0400
Wilders is not a loner, I’m firmly beside him. What if Nazism identified as a religion? The Nazis and Islam were bedfellows in the second world war! The opposition only attacks personally and not the arguments.
commented 2016-09-26 20:39:26 -0400
Wilders us using this hearing as a podium for his policies – simple-minded cuck dhimmi socialists that keep prosecuting him give him a megaphone and opportunity for drumming up more converts to nationalism – every insult, every unjust repression of his rights, results in more nationalist converts.

Sucks to be a degenerate socialist in this epic era of populist backlash.
commented 2016-09-26 20:24:01 -0400
At what point does accusing a person of the same crime they have been exonerated for become malicious prosecution?
commented 2016-09-26 20:06:27 -0400
Seem to me that he will end up in jail yet – the rulers and police of Holland are the enemy of the people
commented 2016-09-26 19:39:49 -0400
Geert Wilders isn’t on trial. free speech is.
commented 2016-09-26 19:03:42 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,810 Attacks, 202,352 Killed, 283,418 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-09-26 18:40:36 -0400
So can someone with Baby Doc’s hair, though white blonde, be taken seriously? I humbly suggest yes.