December 17, 2018

WATCH: Generation Trudeau debate the best political Christmas gift: Trumpy Bear vs. Trudeau doll

David MenziesMission Specialist

With Christmas just a week away, what last-minute politically-themed gift would you like to receive from Santa? The adorable Trumpy Bear? Or that creepy Justin Trudeau doll?

Watch as, er, refreshed members of Generation Trudeau After Dark weigh-in with their choices...

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commented 2018-12-18 12:47:53 -0500
Thanks David. Well generation Trudeau is alive and well in Toronto. Most seem well informed by the fake news. I’m surprised they had enough attention to look away from their i-phones. Maybe next time, try asking people in a shopping mall during the day how much they like Trudeau or Trump with a list of what they have achieved next to them. If 22 minutes on the CBC had the intestinal fortitude to make fun of Trudeau, it would be one of the most watched shows on earth ’cause Trudeau is a walking joke.
commented 2018-12-18 00:12:44 -0500
It proves the recent Theory that Women shouldn’t be able to vote until they are 50, and men 35, unless they can pass a Political Test.
Stefan Molyneux 25min. A World wide study showed women knew 30% less than men regarding Politics.
commented 2018-12-17 22:11:45 -0500
A few more years those women all be locked up at home thanks to their choices
commented 2018-12-17 22:03:05 -0500
commented 2018-12-17 21:06:55 -0500
Wow how can you stand that? Get out and Nuke them. I don’t know anyone that stupid in my world
commented 2018-12-17 20:27:18 -0500
Could the next show down be between gender fluid “Geraldine Butts”and “Climate Barbie”?
commented 2018-12-17 20:27:03 -0500
I’d get both!
The nice furry one for the ole lady, and me’n JustaDoll ‘d head out to the back forty…for some fun! Heh heh heh!
Given JustaDoll’s small stature – about 15 inches – I could only set him back about 200 to 300 yards and use a smaller calibre varminter on him, if I wanted head-shots from a prone position. I’d use a .22/250 Rem or a .204 Ruger or even a .220 Swift, with rodent bullets for multiple body shots – after all, JustaDoll costs over 100 Bucks a pop and we don’t all have scads of taxpayer money to throw around on useless shit…
Yeah maybe someone will send me one for Christmas…I promise I’ll film it…in 1080p…at the range, all legal and safe like!
commented 2018-12-17 20:00:36 -0500
Bet half of those guys interview’d would prefer Trudeau Bare.
commented 2018-12-17 19:12:47 -0500
You crack me up David, love it.
commented 2018-12-17 19:03:45 -0500
Notice the guys mostly choose the Trump bear and the women choose the Trudeau doll.
commented 2018-12-17 18:55:57 -0500
Trudeau doll must:
1, Say alt-left dogma when you pull a string.
2, Arm comes up to grope women.
commented 2018-12-17 18:28:34 -0500
My goodness if Trudeau doesn’t do Canada in,generation stupid certainly will!! Good to see the education system pumping out fine upstanding citizens LOL!!!
commented 2018-12-17 18:11:33 -0500
Interesting that people can’t name what Trump has done wrong or what Jr. has done right.