November 30, 2015

Generation Screwed: Highlights from the Calgary Action Forum for young activists

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

This past weekend, the second Generation Screwed Action Forum brought young activists together with public policy experts to talk about wasteful government spending, unsustainable social programs and other pressing problems.

The location -- Calgary, Alberta -- was especially apt, as Paige MacPherson, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, explained before the event:

It's hard to believe just a decade ago, then-Premier Ralph Klein declared Alberta debt-free, having conquered a debt that reached $23 billion. But that just proves that though the challenge seems daunting -- and it is, with our $14.8 billion debt increasing at over $200 per second -- we, the taxpayers, can get back our Alberta Advantage.

At the conference, MacPherson talked to me about how to help Millennials get active on their college campuses, when universities are so hostile to conservative and libertarian ideas:


I also talked with Conservative MP and opposition immigration critic Michelle Rempel, who says we have "lost the war on deficit spending":

Conference speaker Derek Fildebrandt, a Wildrose MLA and shadow Minister of Finance, told me about the townhall meeting he is organizing to fight Bill 6:


I also spoke to Amber Ruddy, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business Director of Provincial Affairs, Alberta, about how much small business confidence has fallen in the province since the NDP took power.


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commented 2017-09-18 18:41:06 -0400
@ Andrew Stephenson commented 1 year ago
The jobs were gone six months before the NDP was even elected.

Stop being a LIAR!
commented 2015-12-03 23:23:04 -0500
The jobs were gone six months before the NDP was even elected. Not sure you remember this, but the oil rout began more than a year ago, and Big Oil was already laying off workers by late 2014. You have your cause and effect backwards – it was the PC’s economic incompetence that got the NDP elected, not the other way around.

This also does not address my other comments about the complete lack of quality jobs, period. Tory times are tough times.
commented 2015-12-01 15:37:53 -0500
ANDREW opined “They ARE pissed. However, that’s mostly because most of Harper’s economic strategy left this generation behind, unless you aspired to a camp job in Fort Mac. Even those jobs are gone now” What kind of revisionist journalist are you anyway? Those jobs were still there until the new NDP government made them untenable. Is your meme going forward to be the same old leftist bullshit that it is always the previous government’s fault for where we are at right now? At least 100,000 jobs lost since Notley’s new burdens on oilsands producers are not Harper’s fault. Maybe you should look in the mirror.
commented 2015-12-01 14:28:30 -0500
The youth voted for that dimwit Trudeau, so there won’t be any jobs, and it is Juniors’ fault, not PM Harper’s. The youth can whine all the want to now, they voted for this idiot, and they will pay. We are well on our way to double digit unemployment, and it will mostly hit those who were suckered into voting for this lemon.
commented 2015-12-01 10:32:57 -0500
Millenials want JOBS. Why are you going to worry about the 150+ billion in cumulative federal deficits over the last decade, when you can barely afford to make rent (if you’ve moved out at all)? People tend not to worry about intangible problems when they have bigger problems right in front of them. Where are the JOBS?
commented 2015-12-01 10:30:14 -0500
“The Millenials ought to be pissed about what the prospects are for their future”

They ARE pissed. However, that’s mostly because most of Harper’s economic strategy left this generation behind, unless you aspired to a camp job in Fort Mac. Even those jobs are gone now, because apparently nobody thought that after 150 years of commodity cycles, that oil would go down. Where does that leave Millenials? Luckily, Tim’s is always hiring, I guess, but what a waste of human capital. We can’t build an economy on hawking cheap “coffee” to each other.
commented 2015-12-01 03:48:11 -0500
Sadly, there is little room on university campus for anybody that is right of center. And if there was such a place that popped up, I assure you the leftists will find a way to wreak havoc on it.
commented 2015-11-30 18:52:28 -0500
Good interview with Michelle Rempel. It seems natural for students understand the wisdom of fiscal responsibility as individuals. If not perhaps they understand after graduating and being saddled with student loans. Despite what we hear from PM Zoolander government debt is as much a burden on our future as the personal variety.
commented 2015-11-30 18:26:07 -0500
Sigh, Paige MacPherson! ;o)
commented 2015-11-30 18:10:39 -0500
I think some of the progressives think that the debt will not have to be paid, some financial revolution will happen or some other garbage they fantasize about. Hope they enjoy enjoy waiting in line for their 1 weekly roll of uncomfortable state issue toilet paper.
commented 2015-11-30 16:59:52 -0500
Young folks have no need to worry. While visiting Canada’s processing centre in Amman it’s discovered that the families being referred by the U.N. are larger than expected. Rather than four or five people, it’s often eight or nine. McCallum said he viewed that as a positive. “I think given Canada’s aging population, not only are the children sweet-looking but they’re very good for Canada more generally speaking,” he said. (Actually, I’m not exactly 100% certain what he meant by that). Canadian reporters were not permitted to report (i.e. they were muzzled) on McCallum’s visit until after he left the country to return to Canada.
commented 2015-11-30 16:40:01 -0500
Instead of advocating mind numbing libtard propoganda and social justice causes, universities should hand out free copies of Mark Levin’s book Plunder and Deceit. The Millenials ought to be pissed about what the prospects are for their future.