August 11, 2017

Generation Trudeau: Is it good to see PM on the cover of the Rolling Stone?

David MenziesMission Specialist

Our celebrity PM was recently featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, a spot usually reserved for popular rock stars, not serious statesmen. 


His appearance on the cover received mixed reactions from Canadians, but what do members of the PM’s biggest supportive demographic, Generation Trudeau, have to say about it?

Watch as we walk the streets of Toronto after dark to find out.

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commented 2017-08-17 09:07:36 -0400
Would have been better on a travel magazine for all the trips he takes on the tax payer dime . And to think he will get a pension from Canada is the real insult to the worst PM EVER .
commented 2017-08-12 06:32:09 -0400
Here’s what one reddit metacanada commenter posted (it’s too good to pass):
“Oh how cute, he is on a magazine named after the band that f*cked his mom.”

What a vapid narcissist.
commented 2017-08-12 01:17:24 -0400
“Generation Trudeau: Is it good to see PM on the cover of the Rolling Stone?”

Only posthumously…

Sorry, I’m a ‘boomer’…generation Trudeau has been very effectively indoctrinated and/or dumbed down, as were their parents…and now Canada doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell!
commented 2017-08-12 00:02:25 -0400
Golly, this is our PM on national television. Articulate, focused, and even more.

You know, we’ve seen more of Donald Trump ‘working’ in the short time he’s been in office than we have of Jr. Trudeau in what seems to be an endless period of time he’s been playing PM.
How embarrassing.
commented 2017-08-11 23:11:58 -0400
WHAT kind of parents do these kids have?
David: next time ask them what their parents think and see if they remember if they have parents.
commented 2017-08-11 21:51:55 -0400
The concocted image and cult of personality is crumbling for the petite patate. Wait till the job market for these sleep-walking revelers collapses and their benefits are scaled back to accommodate illegal migrant programs.

Probably the closest guarded national security secret is Justin’s real IQ score.
commented 2017-08-11 21:10:54 -0400
Now I would really like to see TruDopes dumb-ass looking face printed on ass wipe – would make me feel great one square at a time! …I know it don’t solve the problem – but HELL cant a guy feel like a Lieberal every morning for just a minute or 2?
They are rubbing shit in our face every move they make!
commented 2017-08-11 19:25:32 -0400
Jimmy Reese… Your sense of humor could suck the joy out of a summers day with a clear blue wind swept sky.!!!
commented 2017-08-11 18:25:04 -0400
Jimmy Reece i meant they would not know what a magazine is as they have lived with everything digital since they were born. And fortunately classical , jazz and blues have not been ruined by the record companies like the other styles have been.
commented 2017-08-11 17:31:44 -0400
Drew Wakariuk,

Primarily hard rock – same as now, but dig rock, classical, jazz and blues.
commented 2017-08-11 17:28:25 -0400
Drew Wakariuk,

There is knowing and being ignorant. If you are asking if Rolling Stone Magazine is still around, you are completely clueless and not on the pulse of pop culture, entertainment or media. You don’t have to actually enjoy something to know that it still exists.
commented 2017-08-11 17:18:47 -0400
Jimmy Reece what kind tunes did you listen to back in the day? I preferred metal growing up, even though the media pushed Micheal Jackson and other crap and metal was ruined by record companies. The same is happening to Rap, some of the old school stuff was not my style , but i did like some, now it is over produced garbage and whiny so called rappers, pop and the media ruin lots of things.
commented 2017-08-11 17:15:46 -0400
Generation Trudeau were confused as they did not know what a magazine is?
commented 2017-08-11 17:15:18 -0400
Jimmy Reece Fox only sited polls, they mocked the stupid ones before he got elected, you never watched the channel i see. Many people on the channel said he would win. Even Michael Moore warned the left.
commented 2017-08-11 17:14:03 -0400
Jimmy Reece pop culture and entertainment are subjective, there is no right or wrong. And Justin may have lots of pissed off people in Quebec in a while.
commented 2017-08-11 17:06:32 -0400
Go Hillary go.!!! And take Justin with you.!!!
commented 2017-08-11 16:29:50 -0400
Peter Netterville,

Considering everyone got it wrong about Trump – even people who wanted him to win like Fox News, you think would take that into consideration, but I am talking to someone who lacks logic and reason.
commented 2017-08-11 16:27:15 -0400
me notyou,

Yes, Rolling Stone is still around and popular per both the magazine and website. As always conservatives are on the pulse of pop culture, entertainment and media.
commented 2017-08-11 15:16:18 -0400
turdo la doo – a perfect reflection of his supporters: shallow, stupid, self-obsessed.

And, A REBEL FAN. turdo la doo’s next gig? I think they should jump into a giant bra and call themselves Pamela Anderson.
commented 2017-08-11 15:05:58 -0400
It is only fitting that JustTin TruD’Oh be on the cover of the Rolling stone, since his mother was under the cover with all of the Rolling Stones.
commented 2017-08-11 14:36:18 -0400
Jimmy Reece said, “PM – as he will be re-elected.”

Considering you claimed in no uncertain terms that there was no way that Donald Trump would ever be elected President, I do not assign too much value to your predictions … nor your sanity.
commented 2017-08-11 14:24:27 -0400
Rolling joints and getting stoned
That what the CRIMEMINISTERS most liked for
More of those types of plebs are voting
commented 2017-08-11 14:24:11 -0400
Wow!!! The next generation is hooped!!! They’re far too stupid to survive once their parents stop paying the bills.
commented 2017-08-11 14:18:09 -0400
is there any intelligent life in Toronto?
commented 2017-08-11 14:10:33 -0400
The only question that came to my mind was …

Does anyone read Rolling Stone anymore?

I didn’t know they were still around.
commented 2017-08-11 13:59:30 -0400
A Rebel Fan commented:
“…he and Sophie have missed their calling and they should be models…”

Too late now for Princess Sophia with Ivanka and Melania on the scene. Probably this is why Baby Doc doesn’t go to The States that often any more, both his Butts and his wife have put him on a leash through jealousy.
commented 2017-08-11 13:52:04 -0400
For diversity’s sake, I’m sure Justin will pose for a cover on a gay porn magazine!
commented 2017-08-11 13:51:06 -0400
Justin is far too feminine for my taste I agree with Cosmo woman, as for the cover of the Rolling Stone…they are looking for the dregs of society to feature, and, they found one in the PM.
commented 2017-08-11 13:43:54 -0400
Better to see him UNDER the cover of a sheet on a cold concrete slab.
commented 2017-08-11 13:42:01 -0400
Freedom Rebel commented…
“Cue the gay bar music!”

As in ‘YMCA’ by The Village People..?
.. which would be appropriate, ‘cause that’s where his invited ‘guests’ (illegals) are currently residing.

It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A
They have everything for you men to enjoy
You can hang out with all the boys