January 26, 2018

Generation Trudeau weighs in on “sh*thole” countries: “I grew up in Africa, and...”

David MenziesMission Specialist


President Trump is alleged to have called some developing nations “sh*t holes.”

If this allegation is true, was it wrong for Donald Trump to have said such a thing, especially given that there are indeed some pretty abysmal places on Earth?

Watch as I ask members of Generation Trudeau After Dark what they have to say about President Trump’s alleged use of honest, albeit salty, language.

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commented 2018-01-28 23:17:59 -0500
But more of these night people are starting to understand. Even just a little bit.
That’s a good thing.
commented 2018-01-28 19:37:52 -0500
Everyone is an expert.

But after spending time in a few african countries and in one – watching people dig up their dead relatives after one year in the ground, wrapping them in white cloth and dancing with the bodies (yeah – they do that) and then in another country – being offered a good luck charm – the finger of an albino that had been hunted down, killed and chopped up so the parts could be sold on the open market – I decided the best treatment for africa (intentional no capital A) is as follows:

Build a wall around the entire continent, two miles high, one mile wide – and then fill it with water.

The world would be a far better place.
commented 2018-01-27 19:00:06 -0500
Glenn Craig… Funny you should mention that but the earth is flat
commented 2018-01-27 13:49:05 -0500
They call them ‘Developing Nations’ but really they are Retarded Developed Nations. Suits the elite just fine…
commented 2018-01-27 01:51:04 -0500
Hope someone sends loud mouth chick this link so she can watch herself.
commented 2018-01-26 19:59:37 -0500
The woman with a mouth like a truck driver isn’t capable of logic….so, she resorts to telling David Menzies to “go and die” – she probably reacts this way sober too!
commented 2018-01-26 18:43:29 -0500
Holy smoke! I can’t believe how uninformed these “people ( sub-human creatures might be a better term) after dark” are. Even taking into consideration their various states of inebriation, they are stupid, STUPID, STUPID!!!!! No wonder that Trudeau was voted in over a cerebral, thoughtful, intellectual and effective Stephen Harper. I feel so sad for this country of ours, Canada. Once great; now abysmal.
commented 2018-01-26 12:54:57 -0500
Canada,that once great Country of freedom and Democracy, is rapidly being turned into a S*** Hole, compliments of that piece of S*** called Trudeau. He and his gang of Trudites are dragging us back to the dark ages. It is We, Us! Who need to arrange for a STOP, END. To be the last entry on his file.

Their is not a lot of time left!
commented 2018-01-26 11:22:52 -0500
Interviewing drunks is not really ‘journalism’ now is it???
commented 2018-01-26 10:03:43 -0500
David…people would risk being doxed and fired from their jobs if they said on camera that they agreed with Trump…not just on this shithole topic but even if they agreed with Trump that the earth is not flat…some SJW offence would be found even in that.

Fortunately in the United States people are more politically informed. The CBC and it’s echo chambers are now full blown Soros pupets and so this is what you get…but they don’t vote in the USA so what does it matter?

Do an interview about the false hijab attack and see what that gleans.