April 17, 2019

Georgetown students vote to pay reparations fee

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Hey, at least it's a cheaper than the textbooks. The fee reflects the time in 1838 when Georgetown sold 272 slaves in order to stave off bankruptcy

Slavery is reprehensible, but are the students at Georgetown almost two hundred years later really the ones responsible for paying a monetary debt to the descendants of the men and women unjustly sold?

While the student government at Georgetown has approved the fee, the board has not yet affirmed the extra cost.

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commented 2019-04-18 07:56:33 -0400
If the students are this stupid then let them pay if they are that desperate to attend this University because they want prestige then it is on them what they are doing is making themselves slaves..
commented 2019-04-18 02:03:34 -0400
Lets be honest. Its a white tax.

Even if your family was in Europe, its your fault, ergo you must pay because you are white. Sorry, no. Even if your ancestors were in the US, living in the North, voting and then fighting against slavery, you are responsible?

What if your families were in the South, and your ancestors did not have slaves, or even were against slavery, should you pay? What about the blacks who owned slaves, or dare we mention that?

Black leaders in Africa sold members of their own tribes to slavers, or gathered up slaves from other tribes for slavery. They then sold these slaves to the Muslims who then sold them to the US. What about demanding reparations from Africa and Muslim lands?

Then we should look into the indentured whites in the North, who weren’t slaves but might as well been called slaves. Actually, slaves in the South had it better than the indentured whites (mostly Irish) as a slave had resale value and indentured could be worked to death without a problem to the guaranteer. Where is the compensation for the white pseudo-slaves?

Descendants of British navy sailors killed while stopping the slave trade, risking their lives for the black slaves, should these families be compensated? The US-England War of 1812 started because the Brits were arresting US slaver ships on the high seas.

Just about every race was a slave, enslaved some of their own, or were slave owners at some time in history. Its the way of the world until recently. Slavery still exists in many nations around the world, as does indentured workers who never get out of it with their ever increasing debt carried on to their children.

It boils down to the feeling of entitlement for something done to an ancestor. What about ancestors who were convicted murderers, thieves, rapists, arsonists, poisoners, et cetera? Should their grandchildren keep paying for their crimes?