January 26, 2016

German clubs ban refugees after women fed date-rape drugs, sexually assaulted in bathroom stalls

StaffRebel Columnist

Nightclubs in the German city of Freiburg have banned refugees from nightclubs after reports of women being fed date-rape drugs and sexually assaulted on toilets.

One women claimed she had been raped and a bouncer had allegedly been stabbed by a refugee.

Daily Mail says that the city has a Green-party administration that supports refugees, so the news comes as even more shocking and serious.

Police spokeswoman Laura Riske said that the police in town were not aware that there were sexual assaults in the clubs by refugees.


This is to be expected, considering how German police have been handling the mass crimes and sexual assaults committed by refugees.

Despite the clubs being privately owned, Freiburg's welfare and social services leader Ulrich von Kirchbach took issue with the ban and called it discriminatory.

A 46-year-old woman told the Badische Zeitung she had been in the White Rabbit in December when a large group of African men had come and 'bothered' guests.

She said the situation made her feel threatened and full of violence.

Clubs are not the only thing Muslim refugees have been banned from. Pools have also banned refugees after women were reportedly sexually assaulted.

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commented 2016-01-27 04:03:16 -0500
There is still somebody defending this? Geez.
commented 2016-01-27 00:55:41 -0500
Germany you didn’t learn your lesson, you can ban them all you want not gonna matter. They will just wait outside, or start breaking into homes. Good Luck with October Fest this year, Im sure the tourists will go elsewhere.
commented 2016-01-26 18:56:05 -0500
While serving in the British Army, stationed in Germany, one of the Gunners in my Regiment was charged with the rape of a fourteen year old girl. He went to court and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Perhaps if he had been a Muslim he would have received a caution.
Das shizen housen.
commented 2016-01-26 16:46:20 -0500
This is about survival now! Our governments have turned on the people, the people who don’t want any part of this crime that they are forcing on the free world. This is a crime against humanity, and those who are behind it, will roast in the fires of hell forever. You deserve no less for being traitors to humanity.
commented 2016-01-26 15:40:54 -0500
Its about time ! There is some humanity left over in German population to stop those Islamic-stowaways thugs
commented 2016-01-26 15:38:48 -0500
If the ban of migrants is ruled “discriminatory”……just ban men generally…..the word “discrimination” will disappear from the lexicon of discussion of the subject.

Our lisping metrosexual PM describes the prioritizing of refugees by ethnic persecution as “dithgusting”…..he descriminates by gender…..nobody seems too “dithgusted” by that.

Just by the way and not trying to go too far off topic…..in a recent conversation with my sister when we were talking about sexual assaults and unwanted sexual advances which we both experienced in our youth…she mentioned that her son…my nephew…got roofied at a bar in Halifax on his last trip home…she was puzzled ….was the roofie administered by mistake…was some young woman the intended victim….I pointed out that as an MRA….I was aware that young men get roofied too…especially when they are “pretty” boys….it had never occurred to her.

To the watchers of this site who are keeping score of my “homophobic” posts…..add THAT to the list of my crimes.
commented 2016-01-26 14:13:01 -0500
Weird that these sickos are being given tax money from the people they are abusing. They have the money to buy rape drugs and party, but not enough to buy a ticket out of Germany. German fathers should buy their tickets for them.
commented 2016-01-26 13:55:45 -0500
WHEN these assaults begin in Canada, we can count on the Muslim-elect to sick the Human Rights Commissions on the normal Canadian business owners & punish them accordingly, while the RCMP and Media party turn a blind eye.
commented 2016-01-26 13:54:58 -0500
Something needs to be done about these old, white, Judeo-Christian, Alberta conservative men from the oil patch travelling to foreign lands and raping their women. There seems to be an epidemic of these attacks. Ooooooppppssss! I just re-checked the article and saw that it isn’t old Alberta W.A.S.P. men after all that are causing the grief, but something about Muslim refugees. Hasn’t Germany listened to the SJW’s as to where the real threat to women comes from?
commented 2016-01-26 13:48:45 -0500
I told my daughter and her friends, that if those rapists and molesters bother them, to go full white woman crazy on them. I told them to bite, scream, pinch, kick, and to do whatever it takes to protect themselves from these criminal rapists. I hope the German men get the opportunity to change these male pigs, into women, and then hand them back to their own, to do what they wish with.
commented 2016-01-26 13:20:40 -0500
It shows very clearly that the MSM have no respect for woman, if they did they would be reporting these assaults and when they keep quite they are actually condoning the rapist behaviour, very sad indeed. By the way, where are all the feminists in North America? Oh right, too busy going to court trying to shut down free speech.
commented 2016-01-26 13:13:06 -0500
Well, another series of assaults and another media cover-up…that’s business as usual in Germany.

Considering that, like the Swedes, the Germans have interest in keeping things orderly, one wonders how long this will continue? Of course, no one told Merkl that rape is a form of terrorism. Her final term as Chancellor can’t end quick enough. As for the progressives in Germany’s leadership, they’ll be laughed out of office and the refugees thrown into the Rhine.
commented 2016-01-26 13:02:27 -0500
German government is going to let the tension build to a boil – gauge this by the riots reported on youtube/The Rebel Media – the worldwide media party is worthless for coverage.