August 15, 2017

German court finds Syrian refugee guilty of trying to DEFRAUD Islamic State

StaffRebel Columnist

You can't make this story up!

A 39-year-old Syrian refugee known only as Hasan has been sentenced to two years in prison for trying to get ISIS to transfer him 180,000 euros.

According to Reuters, a judge in the district court in the south-western city of Saarbruecken ruled that the man used the false pretence that he would carry out attacks in Germany for ISIS using explosives.

The court even rejected the claim that he was guilty of a more serious crime – planning to carry out the attack. The money, however, was never transferred to him.

So, because they believe there was no intent to carry out an attack, the court has essentially granted legal protection to ISIS. What would have happened if he was actually sent money? Would it have been sent back to the jihadists?

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commented 2017-08-17 12:09:36 -0400
Only in Europe! BUT, coming soon to Trudeau’s Canada.
commented 2017-08-16 11:27:04 -0400
It would’ve been swept under the rug just like this even if the transfer completed & an attack was carried out with a death count. 2yrs in a warm place bed & food provided. Sounds more like a free meal ticket, his ugly face should have been deported. But that’s not the way things work anymore. Bad is good, good is bad.
commented 2017-08-15 19:48:53 -0400
Wow! Just “wow!!”

And nobody thought to arrest the lawyer representing ISIS either huh? Another wow!
commented 2017-08-15 14:00:02 -0400
Unbelievable!!! Still, I could see such an asinine ruling coming from our Canadian courts as well… unfortunately. Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,878 Attacks, 218,588 Killed, 299,622 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-08-15 12:57:38 -0400
yet these same courts refuse to charge and jail these islamic thugs with the rape, slaughter and destruction of Germany and German citizens! IT boggles the mind.
commented 2017-08-15 12:48:39 -0400
I wonder if they thought this guy was a real terrorist but could not prove it but they could prove fraud and lock the guy up?
commented 2017-08-15 12:21:08 -0400
Politically Correct courts. Merkel must be smiling.

There is no sense like common sense, which is obviously lacking.

Of course, Hasan won’t stand a chance getting out of prison alive when his buddies figure out it was him who tried to defraud ISIS.

BTW: Who filed the charges against him? ISIS? The German government on behalf of ISIS?