August 03, 2016

“I know that I know nothing”: One German describes life during Merkel’s Muslim migrant mayhem

Lauren SouthernArchive

I traveled across Europe this year, on assignment for On my last day in Germany, my guide agreed to be interviewed about how life in his country has changed since Merkel's decision to let in an estimated one million young Muslim "refugees."

He told me that almost everything they were told about these "refugees" was false.

He also compared the government work program that employs many migrants as akin to "modern slavery."

As well, the government has finally bowed to public pressure to reduce the number of immigrants, but these measures have only hurt integrated and documented migrants, including my guide's fiance, who had her visa declined. 


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commented 2016-08-03 22:42:54 -0400
To hear or read about the influx of refugees coming across is one thing, but to see an actual video clip of the wall to wall masses is frightening. Some of the Germans have started protesting with marches on the streets, hope this keeps up as this seems to be the only way the citizens have a chance to stop the madness of these leaders.
commented 2016-08-03 21:37:23 -0400

Thank you.
commented 2016-08-03 19:05:49 -0400
Kory James: Yes, it was from one of the videos she made about her recent trip to Europe – pretty sure that particular clip was taken in the UK and not Germany.
commented 2016-08-03 18:38:53 -0400
I don’t understand how a former Stasi got elected. It takes a big leap of faith to believe most of these refugees won’t just sit on their hands on Germany’s generous welfare system. Bismark invented welfare, so Germany is the mother of the welfare state.

Lauren is such a ray of hope being so young and not dumbed down by our schools.
commented 2016-08-03 18:20:01 -0400
“Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The CIA

“With the increasing propaganda wars, we thought a reminder of just how naive many Westerners are when it comes to their news-feed. As Arjun Walia, of, notes, Dr. Ulfkotte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job. " I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public.

But seeing right now within the last months how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia — this is a point of no return and I’m going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do and have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany, all over Europe."
commented 2016-08-03 17:24:47 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31.458 Attacks, 199,809 Killed, 280,581 Injured….. that we know of.
commented 2016-08-03 16:38:17 -0400
Merkel is one of the original Marxist who came on to the scene when the Berlin Wall came down. In yesterdays Rebel, one of the Post’s carried a video of Merkel marching and singing,
in East Berlin, she is shown with a crowd of other Marxist, who are now running the UN. Merkel is just following the original plan.
commented 2016-08-03 16:28:45 -0400
Is that Lauren Southern being " shoved " at the 3:40min mark of the video?