March 30, 2018

German girl bullied by Muslims for being Christian and not wearing a hijab

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I reported on a German schoolgirl who was bullied by Muslims for having blonde hair, no hijab, a German-Hebrew name, and being Christian.

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel's open borders policy is responsible for her country's problem of masses of unassimilable Muslim migrants flooding the country. Parent's from across Germany have reported similar experiences, so this example is far from unusual.

WATCH my video to see what advice the victim's coward principal had to make the bullying stop.

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commented 2018-04-01 18:41:08 -0400
And as we all (except Spudnik, apparently) are aware, Liza, “terrorist-child-grooming/abusing hell” doesn’t even begin to describe the horrors that Canadians are in for in the coming years, thanks to our braindead PM.

Consider, for openers, the near-monthly car-ramming massacres, the concert shootings and bombings, etc. that Britain and Europe are subjected to since they began their Third World mass immigration/fake refugee (mainly just migrants) programs. Only leaders who are either traitors or braindead fools could have allowed this.

Of course, the ultimate legacy of idiots like Spudnik, Merkel etc. will be that Canada, Britain and Europe will soon be just like the enlightened countries that the terrorists identify with, since we must be culture-inclusive. Won’t it be great when we as non-Muslims (i.e. Christians, Jews, Sihks, atheists etc.) are second class citizens without rights, and targets for violent physical abuse here in Canada? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s here now.

So don’t you think Spudnik deserves our thanks for working so hard to destroy the country and cultures that gave him everything, right up to the Prime Minister’s job? So much to destroy, and so little time, eh Little Spud?
commented 2018-04-01 17:43:56 -0400
You bet we are, Liza. Canada is being led straight into the same terrorist-child-grooming/abusing hell that Britain and Europe now inhabit, by an ignorant fool (Fidel’s Boy Spudnik) whose stupidity is of a magnitude that he might as well be a traitor, although in his case, it is just ignorance and stupidity beyond comprehension.
commented 2018-04-01 10:28:36 -0400
Ted, we’re in trouble then.
commented 2018-04-01 05:32:55 -0400

The principal’s sickening reaction indicates that this disgusting despicable physical abuse of German children is now to be regarded as a permanent feature of school ‘life’ for non-Muslim children in Germany.

This is what happens when your government is composed of TRAITORS who hate you and your country.
commented 2018-04-01 00:20:53 -0400
Sandra aside, Tarek thinks Canadians who speak out and criticize, the koran, Mohammad and Islam have brought on m103 by doing so.
What that says to me is that he thinks Canadians should not offend Islam, as it will just make things worse. I just cannot agree with that strategy or lack thereof.

Do I agree with Sandra barging into a Mosque and ripping up the Koran? No. I also don’t think she is just any Canadian. She is an ex Muslim and considering her history with Islam, could have been cut some slack. If anyone should be able get away with serious criticism of Islam in Canada, I would think it would be an ex Muslim.

I would not recommend Canadians use such a tactic, it would of course end badly. But we have to be able to criticise an ideology and shouldn’t be told we are bringing trouble to ourselves for doing so. Fatah mentions it in almost every interview I have ever heard him do in Canada.

Sandra was Muslim, so as far as I’m concerned she has every right to be ticked off. Fatah’s article just seemed like an unnecessary attack and Solomon’s actions should not be used to ‘prove’ some kind of Islamophobia. That just seems ridiculous to me.
commented 2018-03-31 22:54:17 -0400
Liza, I agree. Sandra Solomon has two fatwa’s issued by Canadian Imams, they want her dead. I can understand why she is shouting from the rooftops. Too bad she entered the mosque the way she did…I think it would have been far more effective for her to protest outside the mosque.
I don’t like the tone of the Sun article either.
commented 2018-03-31 10:30:02 -0400
Tammie and Ted, I suspected as much regarding Mary. These people are pathetically transparent.

What I was more than a bit dismayed about in the Sun article was that it was spent bashing an ex Muslim who is brave enough to be telling the truth about Islam, however ‘indelicately,’ while a few short sentences are stuck in at the bottom to put in the required, ‘oh yeah and Imams shouldn’t tell Jews and Christians that they don’t count’.

First of all Imams in Canadian Mosques call for death to Jews and encourage violence. They degrade Christians and demand submission or pay the consequences, jizya or death or jizya and death. They have put a fatwa on Sandra Solomon’s head. She is an apostate for leaving Islam. There is no one to protect her. The best she can do is stay in the light and let it be know that they are gunning for her.

I don’t appreciate anyone, let alone a ‘moderate’ Muslim telling me I should feel angry at someone defending her life and ringing the alarm bell for Canadians. He went so far as to accuse her of playing into Justin’s Islamophobia and took a shot at her Christian faith, as if a good Christian should know their place and shut up. That did it for me.
Canadians need to know that we have to speak up, not be told to hush for fear of offending Islam.

The comments below the article reflected my dismay. I don’t think Canadians will allow themselves to be quelled. I was heartened by the comments and far from pacified by the few light reprimands of the hate speech coming out of Mosques, in his closing. With all due respect to Terek Fatah.
commented 2018-03-31 08:45:10 -0400
Liza, a search of the site confirmed it was Mary Turner’s first time posting….
Ted, you summed it up well.
commented 2018-03-31 00:56:46 -0400
Liza, I could be wrong, but ’Mary’s comment reads to me like a Rebel-hater’s disingenuous and poorly written attempt to discredit The Rebel and drive down its viewership. It is riddled with contradictions, from the first paragraph to the last, and the overall thrust of this comment from someone who claims to “very much appreciate the Rebel” is destructive criticism, for example ‘her’ assertion of “the rabid ways of you, dear Ezra.” Do I hear the Twilight Zone theme playing in the background? The more I read it, the less it rings true as a sincerely written constructive comment from a Rebel fan; rather a devious attempt by some troll to drive Rebel viewers away. We know the lying leftard loser media are in full Rebel extermination mode because The rebel makes them look as bad as they really are on a daily basis. This could be just another dirty tactic they have decided to use.

Terek Fatah’s last paragraph in the Sun column you included in your comment is certainly the most pertinent vis-a-vis the perilous position that Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims find themselves in today in Canada, thanks to Trudeau’s insane hatred of evangelical Christianity and his equally insane immigration/‘refugee’ policy of importing cultures that despise Jews, Christians and non-Muslims in general. We have a Christophobic Prime Minister heading up an utterly insane federal Liberal government that threatens to charge anyone with hate speech who simply doesn’t want to be despised and/or persecuted for simply not being a Muslim, and who can’t see any way to avoid it other than to speak up about what Trudeau’s favorite religion of Islam tells Muslims regarding the way they should regard non-Muslims (who are “the worst of creatures” according to the Quran) and the way they should treat non-Muslims (a very frightening read in the Quran, which I’m sure Trudeau has never read, but which includes shunning and severely subjugating Jews and Christians as Dhimi’s and exterminating anyone else who won’t convert to Islam). Come to think of it, maybe Trudeau has read the Quran; after all,he did refer to evangelical Christians as “the worst part of Canadian society.”
commented 2018-03-31 00:35:08 -0400
To those easily offended Canadians, by ‘inflammatory language’, such precious , special, multi culty elites, if you want to see something painfully unjust ….. and what bravery looks like,
The day the Rebel strays from its unapologetic reporting on what is happening, to appease the ‘Mary’ types, is the day I look for the next brave truth teller and leave the Rebel behind. I don’t want them to change a thing.
commented 2018-03-30 23:34:56 -0400
I know Mary and the Mary types will be offended by this source, but I hope they will listen to the content. It perfectly describes how media folds to pressure.
It describes perfectly why the Rebel shouldn’t and don’t.
commented 2018-03-30 22:06:50 -0400
Ted, ever notice that these ’Mary’s’ are all hit and runs, they never come back to address a counter.
commented 2018-03-30 19:53:18 -0400
Speaking of M103
I find this Sun article annoying in its entirety. I am familiar with the incidents mentioned and could not disagree more. Nice that Islam is lightly reprimanded in a few sentences at the bottom, but the target of the piece is fighting for her life and against a sharia Canada, while being accused of providing, “a fresh lease on life to ‘Islamophobia.’” How ridiculous.

I want people to speak up about Islam.
Sandra is ticked off because she is being ignored. she has reason to be ticked off. There is a fatwa on her head for standing up for herself and all of us for that matter.

….But read the comments at the bottom of the Sun article. It is pretty obvious how Canadians feel about sharia law and the right to argue against Islam in our country.
I was impressed. Nothing hateful just honest fair opinion. I am glad people are standing up for Sandra.

As far as Ezra goes, he’s pretty careful about the words he chooses, what inflammatory language are you accusing him of Mary?
commented 2018-03-30 19:24:17 -0400
I’m with Liza, ‘Mary’. Ezra and the Rebel expose the facts the leftard loser media don’t want you to know. If you don’t want to know what is being kept from you by the LLM, you can always get your ‘news’ from the LLM, who are using your taxpayers’ money to treat you like a mushroom (i.e. keep you in the dark and feed you BS.) If you think the video quality here is “amateurish” compared to the LLM, you might consider that that is because The Rebel doesn’t take millions of taxpayers’ dollars like the LLM do. Personally, I will take The Rebel, warts and all, as my primary news source over the lying, deceiving LLM every time. But each to their own, eh?

As to the subject of this video: A non-Muslim kid in Germany being bullied and forced to wear Muslim apparel in order to not be bullied: Don’t kid yourself. This is coming to a school near you any time now, thanks to Justin Trudeau’s war on non-Muslims in Canada. Read Motion M-103 if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

‘Mary’, I hope both you and your husband will wake up and realize the horrendous situation Justin Trudeau and his government are putting non-Muslims in. This is literally war on non-Muslims by our own government. This is a Prime Minister and a government that claim to be all in favor of ‘inclusiveness’, but which is deliberately excluding anyone who doesn’t buy into and sign onto its liberal value system. In other words, a dictatorship.
commented 2018-03-30 16:28:57 -0400
There are all the other media in Canada which might be less ‘offensive’ to you Mary, why don’t you stay with those sources if you are so displeased. You don’t sound like you appreciate the Rebel, you just listed anything but.

This story is about Germany’s submission to Islam and the soft implementation of sharia law on German citizens. It is the truth. If you think the Rebel should be something else, then you should look somewhere else. People are tired of mincing words, being middle of the road, that’s why they come here. Ezra has always been up front. The Rebel is about reporting on the side the msm does not. If you want the msm side, you can go there.
Maybe you and your husband should start your own conservative media outlet since you have so many ideas on how one should be run.
commented 2018-03-30 15:25:49 -0400
You ask why some do not like the Rebel. I personally very much appreciate the Rebel, but my husband does not. This is not because he has different political views but because he does not appreciate the rabid ways of you, dear Ezra.
I have written on a couple of occassions about ways in which I believe the Rebel is super inflammatory and even I cringe. One occassion was when Lauren Southern went to Germany to interview Muslims. She dressed in a way which would be provocative to Muslim men. The interviews were amateurish, the video taping was poor. Then you want people to take the Rebel seriously ? You wanted money for hiring protection for her.
I love that you really do report the truth. I do not love some of the inflammatory language you use. Calling people perjorative names is not helpful.
You could really benefit from having an editorial board to help you have a more balanced rhetoric.
I am sure you are not really interested in what I have to say as I never heard back from you the other times I have taken time to write.
But if you are, I would love to discuss theses ideas with you. I think I could really help you to find a wider audience out there. My husband is not the only conservative thinker who shies away from the Rebel.
I would feel quite priviledged to be able to help you become very popular amongst those who love truth.
commented 2018-03-30 15:08:55 -0400
I love how a ‘Moderate’ Muslim I will not name, in a recent Sun article bashes Sandra Solomon, a victim of brutal Sharia oppression in Saudi Arabia, for being “derisive, uncouth, ill-mannered, uncivil”. That she is playing into the hands of those who are advocating for m103, because she is calling out the hatred that is preached in every Mosque in this country, all words from the Koran.

An Arab ex Muslim who knows first hand, is fighting to keep Canada sharia free. The country she escaped Islam to , to live as a Canadian, who wants Canada to remain strong in its Christian roots. She defends our values, and she is derided for upsetting Muslims…by a ‘moderate’ Muslim.
commented 2018-03-30 14:52:41 -0400
With all the Muslims we have in the many different branches of our institutions in Canada from school boards right up to the liberal government, how do we think we won’t have to be dealing with this sort of thing as the demographic becomes more and more tipped?

Speaking of which, aside from Justin’s outrageous immigration policies and lack thereof, there is ‘Birth Tourism’ An abusive and exploitative practice whereby expectant mothers who are foreign nationals, with no status in Canada, gain automatic citizenship for their children born in Canada. Just like Omar Khadr’s mother and terrorist father did and we are still stuck with the parasite, and family minus the dead father.

I know that migrants and birth tourism is not only from people who identify with Islam, however the numbers are great and they are much more intrusive and demanding than any other. Islams agenda is well known around the world and has been for centuries. Check it some past and present history if you doubt it.

Sharia bit by bit as the demographic allows, that’s how pop jihad works. I am glad not all Muslims are terrorists, and some consider themselves ‘moderates’. No one likes blood in the streets, if indeed it can be avoided (which I doubt). The results will still be the same. If we do not want our country more than Islam does, moderate or not, they will take it from us. We’ll be fine if we submit, but submission IS NOT AN OPTION.
commented 2018-03-30 13:35:51 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,056 Attacks, 227,480 Killed, 307,417 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-03-30 12:31:42 -0400
Angela Merkel should be forced to wear a Burka in all her public appearances for what she has done to Germany. German female children are all going to be subjegated in the future just as they are in all Muslim dominated countries.
Trudeau is Canada’s Merkel . He must be defeated in the next election or we face the same fate as Germany.