July 29, 2016

German refugee volunteer has epiphany, says Muslim migrants need to go back home

StaffRebel Columnist

School teacher Anette Walden knew Mohammad Daleel, the Syrian refugee who killed himself by carrying out a suicide bombing at a music festival this month.

She claims she used to know him well because of her voluntary work supporting refugees and never would have thought he would carry out a terrorist attack.

“I know he didn’t do Ramadan, we had talked about that. He was not a soldier for IS, not at all,” Walden told BBC.

His July 24 bombing injured 15 people. According to Express, he left behind a video pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Walden no longer feels positive about Germany's role in the Syrian refugee 'crisis'.

“I just told my friend; everybody needs to go back home,” she said. “I’m not willing to go out of my way and help because I’m afraid you’re friendly and actually you turn out to be totally different.”

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commented 2016-07-30 14:41:08 -0400
Political correctness is just cultural Marxist crap designed to make white people guilt-ridden cowards who won’t resist their own destruction. You can ask any white person what political correctness, diversity, etc. are and they can tell you, but none know where this twisted ideological garbage comes from or what its true purpose is (destruction of white societies). I keep waiting for white people to wake up and realize they have been scammed by traitors. White people and white Christians especially are the target. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3iki9m_the-real-truth-about-muslim-refugee-s-migrant-s-asylum-seeker-s_news <<< this is what happens when you let scum into your countrys, german people dont let one ugly old potatoe face dictator communist woman destroy your country rise up and take it back put merkel in jail she is a german traitor to the people and the country, have the german men forgotten how to stand up for themselves and the women and children? the fact that the german men have not come to the aid of the german women or fight the islam/muslim scum thats invading germany just shows the german men no longer know how to deal with violence! WAKE UP GERMAN MEN!!!!! BEFORE GERMANY BECOMES A THIRD WORLD SHITHOLE!
commented 2016-07-30 08:05:57 -0400
The only thing more stupid, weak, flaccid and helpless than a frenchman is a modern day german.

Those men wear panty hose and carry man purses.

The women are already shopping for burkas.

Anette Walden is typical of a female Euro – weak, insipid and unable to make a decision until someone punches her in the face.

Europe is getting what it deserves and I no longer have any pity for them.

Hope it gets worse – sooner and faster.

That will be the only way to wake up the few potential real men that MIGHT be remaining.
commented 2016-07-29 23:42:33 -0400
Its called Islam. Read any part of the Koran and you will find a section telling you to kill unbelievers. You don’t have to be absolutely devout to do something like that.

So this do-gooder finally figured it out.
commented 2016-07-29 20:00:41 -0400
Jan G well put, so tired of the complaining, there is help out there for anyone for pretty much anything , they chose not to get it. And their friends and family did not do a damn thing to push them there usually.
commented 2016-07-29 19:58:59 -0400
Bob Egli , like Kelvin says , progressives take a loooooong time to get reality.
commented 2016-07-29 19:30:20 -0400
make that ‘hole in the ground’!
commented 2016-07-29 18:49:55 -0400
“he didn’t do Ramadan”?
Well, Hitler didn’t do Catholicism either. He re-wrote the Bible and created his own ‘religion’ of insanity, killing and trying to eradicate all Jews, and that is not metaphorically speaking.
This guy didn’t have to be following any religion to want to be part of the killing.

At this time in my life, I am meeting people who are so incredibly naïve I cannot understand how they have lived this long and not learned anything.

I recall a woman speaking about her single mother neighbor who killed her baby due to post-partum depression. The woman said if her neighbor needed help, she should have asked. Mind you, she never offered or stepped forward to do anything of her own volition.

So people put their heads in a whole in the ground, don’t want to know anything, see anything or do anything.

If you don’t pay attention, you will miss all the clues to life. The clues were there, no one noticed.
commented 2016-07-29 18:48:56 -0400
See we told ya!!!!!! Progs have such a steep learning curve.
commented 2016-07-29 18:21:56 -0400
Never trust a Muslim, or do so at your own risk.
commented 2016-07-29 17:48:59 -0400
Gee Anette , You have been helping them for two years, through hundreds of New Years Rapes and worse and you are just figuring out now that they must leave Germany!!
commented 2016-07-29 17:15:59 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,418 Attacks, 199,606 Killed, 280,373 Injured.
commented 2016-07-29 16:32:31 -0400
I can only hope that several million other Germans have had a similar realization: then Merkel can be replaced by someone who actually cares about protecting Germans.