January 20, 2016

Germany is still obsessed with race. Here's what's different this time. (Part One)

John InglisRebel Blogger

Many of worst slaughters in history occurred when the gates of a city under siege were opened by one of those pledged to defend it.

By one account, this was how Rome was sacked by the Visigoths.

Today, in a limited sense, all of the non-Islamic world is under siege.

Condoleezza Rice, when she was speaking before the 9-11 Commission stated something we would do well to keep in mind:

“The terrorists were at war with us, but we were not yet at war with them.”

Now consider the German Justice Minister's statement that the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were co-ordinated, with attackers coming in from the Belgium and France.

Rice's words could just as easily apply to Europe's migrant crisis. This time, Angela Merkel has opened Germany's gates before the migrants had even begun a siege.

Many people are speculating about the motivations of “Mother," as Merkel is often called.

One common theme is that "Mother" and Germans generally have a certain disdain for their national history in the past century.

Germans lament the evil of the Holocaust -- although they should also lament the invention of Marxism by one of their countrymen -- and they believe that Germans must be a particular evil breed of man.

Therefore, their thinking goes, they must show how good Germans can be, by opening their borders to those in need.

I would phrase this point of view in slightly different terms:

Hitler changed German culture, and that change remains today.

That is, Hitler made Germany into a nation which is very concerned about race. He gained power in part by arguing that the German race was naturally superior.

Today, as a result of Hitler's infamous reign of destruction, Germans are now convinced that they are inherently inferior.

Some polls show that only 20% of Germans admit to being "very proud" of their nationality.

Yet contrary to popular belief, the German people were not historically racist.

Thomas Sowell has said:

“No, the Germans were not more racist than other people. All the evidence that I was able to find was that in general they tended to be less racist. Not only towards Jews, but towards blacks in the United States, towards the American Indians, and towards the Aborigines in Australia. The really chilling conclusion I draw from that is: that if what happened in Germany could happen among Germans, it could happen anywhere and none of us should feel safe.”

But the truth of an idea doesn't usually stop it from being commonly held, particularly among elites.

(In Part Two, I will talk about the practical consequences this belief in their own inferiority, and in group culpability, has on ordinary Germans.)



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commented 2016-01-21 18:15:39 -0500
Wow Ezra, you kept torturing me by playing more of her clips. :)

And this bucket of hot air is in her third term?
Is there no opposition party in Germany?
Is it just Merkel and Neo-Nazis on the ballet form, pick the least suicidal to your country?

Things do not get better by mass importing a death cult and their freedom-hating cult members.
Expect GermIslamy to be a more dangerous place to visit and live in the coming years and decades.