December 06, 2017

Germany Pays Syrian Migrants to Go Home - Canada Should Do The Same...

Rebel Staff

In his latest video, Ezra Levant revealed that Germany is now paying refugees 3000 Euros to go home, and he calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do the same thing in Canada. 

Back in 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited two million Muslim migrants to come take refuge in her country. It didn't take long for chaos to descend on Germany, as the refugees quickly showed that they had no interest in assimilating into German culture and instead launched numerous violent attacks. Now, Merkel appears to have realized her mistake, as she is literally bribing migrants to leave her country.

Similarly to Merkel, Trudeau rushed 40,000 Syrian migrants into Canada despite the fact that they were barely vetted. Two years later, 90% of these migrants are unemployed, choosing to live off welfare paid for by Canadian taxpayers rather than get jobs. Many of these migrants have been launching violent attacks in Canada as well, with one even beating his wife with a hockey stick for half an hour. This refugee claimed that he had no idea beating his wife was even illegal in Canada, showing just how dangerous the mentalities of these migrants can be.

If Trudeau were to pay migrants to leave Canada like Merkel is doing, it would make the Canadian people safer and save them money. Find out more about this in Ezra Levant's new video here!

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commented 2017-12-08 11:34:03 -0500
Liza Rosie, that’s the most sensible comment that I’ve heard. In situ is the only way to help them. The 90% who are not employed should be sent back immediately. They can work at rebuilding the country that they truly love and miss.
commented 2017-12-07 00:32:23 -0500
Yes Canada should do the same. What are the chances? Private sector encouragement? A campaign directed to those who would rather live in their own homeland, bypass Justin, make him look bad? Whatever it takes they have to start leaving.

It is without a doubt cheaper to help them in Syria than to pay for them here. They would receive a whole lot more bang for OUR buck assisted insitu. If this was ever about helping them, Trudeau would start a program of return, immediately! If this was ever about what was in the best interest of Canada he would start a program of return immediately!
Of course we all know what this was really about, and it wasn’t refugees/migrants best interests or Canada’s.
commented 2017-12-06 20:24:27 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,459 Attacks, 223,961 Killed, 303,490 Injured that we know of.