June 20, 2018

Getty Images wishes Che “Butcher of La Cabaña” Guevara a Happy Birthday

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews


Of the 80 million photos Getty Images has in its massive database, guess which one its official Instagram chose to celebrate?

How about someone who was an executioner, a Stalinist sympathizer and someone who swore to kill millions of Americans — the Butcher of La Cabaña, Che Guevara.

Watch as I explain why this birthday shout-out to a psychopathic murderer that they subsequently tried to cover up, shouldn’t be too surprising.

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commented 2018-06-21 02:15:40 -0400
Once again, I would encourage anybody who wants to learn about what a maniacal murdering piece of shit Che Guevara really was, is to read Humberto Fontova’s 2007 classic “Exposing The Real Che Guevara”… The fact that this mass murderer’s “image” is still splashed in the media demonstrates that a lot of his “worshipers” really don’t know what the F*** they are talking about…
commented 2018-06-21 01:50:42 -0400
Che is filthy hate filled murdering POS , in other words a Communist.
commented 2018-06-21 01:50:04 -0400
Paul McCullough got that right.

Peter Netterville very true. Then they claim others are greedy when they want it all.
commented 2018-06-20 19:47:33 -0400
Isn’t it odd how so many who love Che Guevarahave (and other anti-capitalists) are vary wealthy made so through capitalism. Hypocrisy (and unmitigated stupidity) much?
commented 2018-06-20 19:45:02 -0400
‘Progressive’ NDP Alberta Premier Rachel Notley sported a Che Guevara wrist watch.
commented 2018-06-20 17:21:46 -0400
Excellent commentary Ben.

Wow, this decision by Getty to post the Instagram message in the first place is truly appalling!

Why are there five statues of Lenin in the US? (Seattle, NYC,Atlantic City, Las Vegas & Los Angeles)
commented 2018-06-20 15:39:38 -0400
- Che Guevara was a racist, sexist, homophobic mass murderer – the perfect icon for the lying left.
commented 2018-06-20 15:29:45 -0400
Unusual subject matter for ‘Pure Hollywood’, but right on the money. Thanks, Ben.