May 31, 2018

Glen Foster: Left-wing political correctness ruins comedy

Rebel Staff

On last night's show, comedian Glen Foster (a.k.a "That Canadian Guy") joined me to discuss political correctness and his upcoming performance at The Rebel Live.

Glenn explained that one of the problems facing comedians is the left-wing domination of college campuses, where they can no longer perform without "trigger warnings".

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commented 2018-06-01 06:15:03 -0400
I remember Glen Foster he was a weekly guest on sunnews network
commented 2018-05-31 10:53:51 -0400
That someone would call CBC “Comedy”, comedy….that’s the joke.

Here’s a sample:

Hilarious, eh? Cutting, witty, edgy, original.

I don’t know how they’ll ever get the taste of turdo la doo’s rectum out of their mouths.