August 05, 2017

“The Uninhabitable Earth”: Global warming hustler peddles “summer fiction” as fact

David MenziesMission Specialist

The global warming debate rages on despite climate-change Cassandras who tell us the debate is over. 

That’s why we still see articles like the one in New York Magazine that resembles summer fiction more than the factual feature it pretends to be. 

Entitled “The Uninhabitable Earth” the subhead reads, “Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.”

The jump-the-shark moment in the story comes when reporter David Wallace-Wells pens the following:

“Humans, like all mammals, are heat engines; surviving means having to continually cool off, like panting dogs. For that, the temperature needs to be low enough for the air to act as a kind of refrigerant, drawing heat off the skin so the engine can keep pumping. At seven degrees of warming, that would become impossible for large portions of the planet’s equatorial band, and especially the tropics, where humidity adds to the problem; in the jungles of Costa Rica, for instance, where humidity routinely tops 90 percent, simply moving around outside when it’s over 105 degrees Fahrenheit would be lethal. And the effect would be fast: Within a few hours, a human body would be cooked to death from both inside and out.”

So, apparently, once the thermometer hits 105 degrees Fahrenheit, or 40.5 degrees centigrade, humans will burst into flames!

Watch as I explain why I know this guy is serving up deep-fried B.S.

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commented 2017-08-09 09:10:37 -0400
Tammie and others.

I don’t know what you are trying to convince me of?
I’m not a Warmist.
CO2 is not our enemy.
I haven’t believed in man made global warming for over ten years.

I know it’s a hoax.

But that doesn’t make the fact that if your body is subjected to a combination of high temperature and high relative humidity it will shut down.

That means that if, for any reason, global warming actually happens then the above cited argument is totally valid.

My point has always been that if one is to argue the above cited quote by only arguing half of its premise (high temperature) to make some glib commentary on how silly Warmists are just makes David Menzies look as silly as the Warmists and most of their arguments.

And no, people will not burst into flame. But they can die if the right combination of heat and humidity is present.

Now do you people understand?
commented 2017-08-09 08:37:53 -0400
Stella, here’s some interesting links for you. Yes, there is science that confirms the man-made global warming theory is wrong; climate data fraud, erroneous data…. in other words, it’s a political ideology.

Global Warming Is A blatant LIE & This video scientifically Proves it.

Man-Made Climate Change Scam DEBUNKED! (With Lord Christopher Monckton)

Lord Monckton dissects DiCaprio`s “Last hours” movie Part 1

Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience”

Global Warming Hoax, Best Document Ever
commented 2017-08-08 20:03:31 -0400
I give up!
You are all right.
Science is all wrong.
commented 2017-08-08 18:53:50 -0400
Stellllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, are you sure David was visiting Arizona? I thought of California, but, he didn’t specify which Palm Springs vacation he took when the temperature reached 123 F
You missed the point of his commentary.
I visited Costa Rica where the temperature in April varied between 36-44 celcius, very humid at times, and, I didn’t stay indoors, n’or did I spontaneoulsy combust. I was busy with a river tour, zip-lining, jungle walking etc… we didn’t suffer heat stroke either. A few days relaxing on the beach, and all of us came back alive….
Oh, and, there was a solar eclipse on our last day there.
It was also very hot in Grenada too, and, I lived to show my photos!

The thing to remember about heat stroke is, there are people who don’t stay hydrated, over exert for whatever reason, and keep doing what they are doing despite feeling unwell. Heat wave marathon runners come to mind!
commented 2017-08-08 17:39:01 -0400
Have you people never heard of “Heat Stroke”?

“Humans can tolerate some extremes of hot and dry temperatures by sweating, which lowers our body temperature via evaporative cooling. However, this ability is greatly reduced when high temperatures are accompanied by high humidity. When people are exposed to a combination of higher temperatures and increased humidity, heat stroke can lead to untimely deaths.” – Roheeni Saxena

Anecdotal stories about being in a hot area which may have felt humid and having survived isn’t exactly very scientific.

David Menzies’s rant about being in Palm Springs and managing a very hot day only with some discomfort totally ignored the basic premise of the argument he is trying to refute by totally ignoring the percentage of humidity present in the air which, by the way. is very low in Arizona.

When and if global warming is coming is of no interest to me nor part of my argument that if one is to go into a rant about the above quoted paragraph one should have a little more knowledge about the relation ship of temperature and humidity and not just take half of the premise as a starting point.

David Menzies is just as bad as the “Warmists” when it comes to providing accurate information.
commented 2017-08-07 19:46:24 -0400
Stella Kowalski Not sure of your point…however having spent 15yrs in the Persian Gulf, summers hit 50 C was quite often and with very high humidity…and it’s been inhabited for a very long time.
Our facility also measured sea temps and along the shore was often 38 C..
commented 2017-08-07 01:11:00 -0400
Andy Neimers i have a good idea where she is pulling them from.
commented 2017-08-07 00:14:28 -0400
Dear Stella… I don’t know where you are pulling your climate statistics from… When it comes to Papua/New Guinea you have evidently not seen the 1960s award winning documentary “The Sky Above; The Mud Below” re “sweat”… I have friends who did missionary work in Uganda last year and they can tell you something about “sweat” in the African interior, and I have personally been to Igaszu Falls in the “winter season” in Brazil and talked to the locals about jungle temperatures during the rainy season… Your “statistics” just don;t reflect reality on the jungle floor…
commented 2017-08-06 08:26:08 -0400
One major rule that climate alarmists always forget is one cast in stone….“Thou shalt not lie”
commented 2017-08-06 00:42:07 -0400
And if you have a little time on your hands Stella maybe just take a trip to Toronto in the summertime and you can see what 35 or 36 or 37° heat is like living by the Great Lakes.
commented 2017-08-06 00:40:19 -0400
Stella… I have been to Caracas Venezuela as well as Porlamar on Margarita Island and that part of earth is 11° off the equator and at sea level by the ocean… I have also been to Bangkok and various other places around Thailand and both these countries have something in common can you guess what it is..
IT’S HOT.!!!!! AND HUMID..!!!!!
And not that pretend heat of 24 or 26 or 28°… Temperatures in Caracas can easily reach 38-42 degrees with extreme levels of humidity as they are right on the ocean and the same as Porlamar… but the hottest place I think I’ve ever been in my life was Bangkok with temperatures easily reach 42° in the sweat from your
for-head stings your eyes so badly that it blinds you.
But you don’t have to go that far to find heat why don’t you just take a little trip into death valley in Nevada or even Las Vegas where it reaches temperatures of 115°F and people live there… You climate alarmists Live in shadows of other leftists’s opinions and you never leave your living room or the bathroom to go and experience life for yourself.
My dad was a second world war vet so I had the opportunity to meet a lot of them (soldiers) when I was a kid growing up and I met some soldiers that fought in Borneo during the second world war they’ll tell you about heat and what it’s like to fight for your life and survive and not spontaneously burst into flames and die from exposure to
S. China Sea’s kinda hot.!
I have worked in Extraction plants where the temperatures can get the 48°C and hotter in the summer months and 90% humidity and you’re wearing coveralls and playing with industrial weight tools changing out pumps and piping spools and repairs to the scavengers and cyclones at the top of the structures where the heat is most intense wearing a full complement of coveralls and heavier clothing if welding is required and I don’t even remember in my 30 years of doing that of anybody fainting or even getting heatstroke while enduring hard physical labor under those conditions.
You really should quit living your life through other peoples eyes and opinions and get out and travel while the world is still stable enough to do so.
commented 2017-08-06 00:11:50 -0400
Fear Not people , hypocrite celebrities and carbon taxes will save us.
commented 2017-08-06 00:10:29 -0400
So all the old BS did not come true and now they need to make up some more happening even farther down the road since they were too stupid to account for that in their previous load of BS.
commented 2017-08-06 00:09:17 -0400
Stephen E good point, but of course the fanatics will make up some BS reason why the other planets getting hotter than they claim Earth is.
commented 2017-08-06 00:07:15 -0400
Stella Kowolski i work with a fellow from Pakistan who has lived with temps as high +52 and limited access to water, and humidity is high when you live near the ocean. I am from Edmonton, my Fiance is from Montreal , she laughs when the humidity gets to me in the summers here as it is much higher there. People survive there and in much hotter places close to the Oceans quite well.
commented 2017-08-05 23:43:32 -0400
To Andy Neimer:
Because Papua New Guinea’s climate can be described as a tropical climate, with the coastal plains averaging a Temperature of 28°C, the inland and mountain areas averaging 26°C, and the higher mountain regions, 23°C. The area’s relative humidity is quite high, and ranges between 70 and 90 percent.

Congo’s climate is classified as tropical. In winter, there is much less rainfall than in summer. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Aw. The average annual temperature in Congo is 24.6 °C.

The same can be said for the areas covered by the Amazon.

Hardly the 40.5 C.
You could have looked this up yourself.
commented 2017-08-05 21:48:25 -0400
Dear Stella… So how is it that the natives of places like the high humidity Papua-New Guinea, the Congo, or the Amazon have managed to survive for thousands of years under just those conditions?… Sheer luck?
commented 2017-08-05 20:32:14 -0400
Mongrel… There will be 150,000 deaths by 2100… The globalists will have complete control of the planet by that time… as well as air-conditioning and heat will be outlawed so the old the weak and the infirm will drop and die like flies. The number will probably even be higher.!
commented 2017-08-05 20:28:12 -0400
Anybody that believes man has been to the moon has no problem swallowing climate change… FOOLS.!!!
commented 2017-08-05 20:26:05 -0400
Our planet spins from east to west at 1000 miles an hour while orbiting the sun at 60000 miles an hour while drifting through the universe at 500,000 miles an hour and gravity must be intelligent because it knows it has to pull harder on the water then it does on a butterfly to counteract the centrifugal force from spilling water away from the surface of the planet while allowing the butterfly to float freely through the air.!!
The planet spins faster than most planes fly making it almost impossible to take an aircraft from New York to LA… And reversely it would only take about an hour and a half to fly from LA to New York. Once the plane rid itself of the initial inertia forces by leaving the runway making both of the above scenarios absolutely true… The lies that the globalists tell just get more and more profound as time goes on in their quest to maintain a death grip on not only what we believe but how we live our lives as well.!!
Climate change is a hoax as well as many other fairytales we’ve been told by entities like NASA that have the complete cooperation and support of all governments and leading authorities across the earth.
Wake up people… The time is at hand.!!
commented 2017-08-05 18:05:36 -0400
As correct as you may be concerning “Man Made” global warming you are unfortunately ignoring one critical aspect of David Wallace-Wells’s argument and that is the effects of high humidity on the ability of the human body to cool itself.
The Heat in Palm Springs is very dry. Today’s temperature (8/4/2017) in Palm Springs is 42 C. with a humidity of 18%.

From the following MIT site:

“Normally, the body cools itself by opening pores on the skin and releasing water and salts. As the water evaporates, it transfers the body’s heat to the air. Because water has a high latent heat, which is the heat required to change liquid water to vapor, this process usually carries away enough heat to do a good job of cooling the body.
But the rate at which water—or in this case, sweat—evaporates depends on how much water is already in the air. On dry days, sweat evaporates quickly, which means it also carries away heat faster. On humid days, when the air is already saturated with water, sweat evaporates more slowly.
This explains why it feels so much hotter in high humidity. When relative humidity reaches a high enough level, the body’s natural cooling system simply can’t work. Sweat evaporates very slowly, if at all, and the body heats up. In extreme cases, people begin to suffer from heat cramps or heat stroke, which is basically organ failure as the body begins to cook itself.
A metric called the heat index provides warnings for weather conditions that will make heat stroke more likely. For instance, the body experiences 88-degree (Fahrenheit) weather with 85 percent humidity as if it were 110 degrees. Working outside, even in the shade, is dangerous in these conditions. At 40 percent humidity or lower, however, 88 degrees feels like 88 degrees, and gardening is once again a perfectly safe activity.”

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Too many times I have noticed on “The Rebel” that the site is often more concerned with creating drama than researching the facts. Sometimes a small oversight can totally invalidate an argument.
commented 2017-08-05 15:50:38 -0400
Some zealot has proposed we send $100 trillion dollars and build CO2 collectors to rid our atmosphere of that dreaded gas, AKA plant food.

Lets see… We are at the lowest level of CO2 in millions, if not billions of years. Grass came into existence 35 million years ago when CO2 was about 3000 parts per million. When CO2 goes below 150 parts per million all plant life dies, so killing off all insects, plant eaters, and by extension all meat eaters – everything except bacteria. Now, how idiotic are the fools who want to remove CO2? Perhaps they should lead the way by not breathing since breathing out contains 20% CO2.

Time and time again I see actual scientists explaining the overly expressed dangers of CO2 regarding global warming. Of the 95% of global warming gas that isn’t water vapour, CO2 is less than 4% of that 5%. Considering how volcanos and decaying vegetation produce as much CO2 in a year as man produces in a century, I’m certain our share is quiet minimal, especially if you consider the actual volume of our atmosphere.

BTW, there is 5 times the water content in our atmosphere than in all the oceans and lakes of earth, and then the other gases that are green house gases, plus oxygen, nitrogen, et cetera. So imagine how minuscule man’s contribution to CO2 really is.
commented 2017-08-05 15:41:24 -0400
I once rode through Death Valley in California on a motorcycle when the temperature was well over 40 and both I and my air-cooled engine lived to tell about it, no problem. Because I took the two very simple, common-sense precautions of going in there carrying almost as much water as gasoline and taking it easy on the throttle. We all have a brain but unfortunately there will always be those among us who refuse to learn how to use it.
commented 2017-08-05 15:15:12 -0400
Still waiting for one of the enviro nuts (cue the trolls) to explain to me how it was that Iceland and Greenland, in the times of the Vikings were actually green, not mostly frozen over as they are now. Crickets………Gotta hate historical facts. So inconvenient!
commented 2017-08-05 14:46:29 -0400
When it’s -35 centigrade this January, all you people in the prairies better put on another sweater (or snowmobile suit) and don’t you DARE touch the thermostat or motor mouth Suzuki will lambaste you from frigid Vancouver. Zoolander with give you the Blue Steel eyes as he tells you from some private island in the Caribbean that you’re killing the Earth and carbon taxes are for your own good. Scheer will be parroting from his gilded cage.
commented 2017-08-05 14:18:19 -0400
Que the resident global warming zealot trolls in 5—4—3—2—1—
commented 2017-08-05 12:35:41 -0400
Big piece of fact that warmists and the MSM never point out: NASA has seen a temperature rise in every planet or our solar system, some as much as 18°. Is this cause by man’s use of SUV, car, factories, heat wells of cities? Nope. Its that big bright ball at the centre of our solar system called “the sun”.

But Al “I’ve fooled enough people to make $300 million out of this scam” Gore still drones, He us such a good conserve and use less energy that his homes consume more energy than 32 regular homes a day. In other words, what he uses in one year, 32 average homes would use in 32 years. Then there is his jetting around with a private jet, his SUVs, his automobile entourages, flying to conferences instead of a video link, and so on.

Yes, its us wee people who will actually suffer from this fraud. Anyone looking forward to virtue seeking Baby Doc Trudeau’s carbon tax? Destruction of the oil patch?

But hey, we mustn’t forget that Baby Doc wants a seat at the UN Security Council and our taxes are the way to go. Luckily most people who have met him realise he has less IQ than a dolphin, no offence to the dolphins.
commented 2017-08-05 12:31:57 -0400
Also, worth noting that for the majority of the last 600 million years, the period of modern life (plants and animals) the temperature was 8 degrees centigrade (14f) warmer than it is today in this inter-glacial period of the Ice Age. Here is what I believe, how I came to my current opinion and what I believe we should be doing: From There to Here,How I Became a Skeptic of Anthropological (Human) Caused Catastrophic Climate Change :