April 05, 2017

Globalist Rockefeller Foundation funds new “Resilience” bureaucrat in Vancouver

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

One of the most recognizable globalist entities is infiltrating four Canadian cities. The Rockefeller Foundation under the 100 Resilient Cities banner, is funding the salaries of new bureaucrats called “Chief Resilience Officers”, in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

This is the same Rockefeller Foundation that for the better part of a decade has been implementing and executing a well funded campaign against the Canadian oil industry in the oil sands and against oil pipelines.

Watch as I show you Mayor Robertson and Vancouver’s new bureaucrat demonstrating their complete lack of a plan for any issues or any details to shed light on what exactly this new job will entail other than "crisis management".

Canadians in these four cities should be concerned that a globalist organization that has funded such strong opposition to our energy sector will have significant influence in city policies.

Get ready for even more emphasis on sustainability and interconnectedness or whatever buzzwords are hot this week. And get ready to see your cost of living go up as a result.

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commented 2017-04-06 09:20:53 -0400
WOW Holistic,leverage, gaps, platform partners. What the hell is she mumbling about !
Sounds like a teenager who has just learned some new buzz words from her grade school teacher .
and the mayor goes right along with it . Wish I lived in Vancouver so I could help to vote this loser out of office.
commented 2017-04-06 08:28:16 -0400
The moonbeam from Van. the two lovers of the UN G.Butts and J.Terddou should be on the first ship to MARS.
commented 2017-04-06 04:05:23 -0400
Ummm…bureaucrats can be funded from outside, foreign, possibly tax exempt, entities? Uh, sure. Why the hell not. Seems par for the course these days, eh Xing Ping Zing, or whatever the hell rip-off golf club you were named after. You too Putin. Hey, who can blame you, western politicians are, if nothing else, open for sale (business? What the hell is this ‘business’? Sounds busy) . Rules are for Harperites and Trump supporters, (and to the nth letter). Progressives can just make it the F up. On the fly, no less. You just need to read into the spirit of our constitutions, or cook them in their spirits or some such shit. Whatever.
commented 2017-04-06 03:01:11 -0400
So, the snow has finally melted in Vancouver, and Mayor Moonbeam is once again able to bicycle to work to spread warmth and joy and happy thoughts… I feel better already… As for that “inconvenient” spike in gas prices last week, the less said the better, eh?…
commented 2017-04-06 01:07:07 -0400
Canadian Mongrel you left out “UHHHH??” that is a progressive word as well.
commented 2017-04-06 00:06:35 -0400
This is an agenda 21 strategy to network metro center politicians in the cause of erecting the modern city-state.

- once power is consolidated large metro councils act in unison like monolithic juntas and in this way undermine to power of the provinces. They had something similar in the UK called “common cause” all of these are essentially front organizations for the super wealthy (globalists) to control political agendas through NGO players.
commented 2017-04-05 23:57:49 -0400
Canadian mongrel…
Good one…!!
commented 2017-04-05 22:31:52 -0400
I Don’t Even Know What The Hell She Said! Easy job. Don’t need to know nuffin.
commented 2017-04-05 22:14:36 -0400
There isn’t anything that could help you with your ‘gap’ Mayor Robertson.
Why is a foreign entity interfering with our business?

“Will someone please explain to me what they mean by Resilient Cities?”, never mind David Heinze, I’m sure it’s all good.(sarc)
commented 2017-04-05 22:13:12 -0400
Rockefeller loves our train oil
commented 2017-04-05 22:11:17 -0400
DAVID HIENZE , resilient cities are like Canadian sanctuary cities
commented 2017-04-05 22:07:50 -0400
WILSON ! Good one
It was good seeing the REBEL mike clamped on its stand , along with the LUGENPRESSE , and appropriately on the right

A lot of buzzfeed and feelings talk
commented 2017-04-05 20:27:35 -0400
Didn’t junior fly off to Vancouver right after he was elected? Something stinks, and I think its the UN/Elitists trying to destroy everything in Canada. I still want to know about the land that was sold in Vancouver, at an extrememly low price. This is corruption at its finest! Something these crooks excel at.
commented 2017-04-05 20:24:37 -0400
Inane gobbly-goop . . . weak link? Robinson for starters . . . a tool of Global Elites,
and the rest of the far-left loons who live in an alternate universe called Vancouver !

Rockefeller . . . still buying our Oil at Bargain Prices as they have been able to use Canadian “Useful-Idiots” to block domestic pipelines from getting to tidewater. Costing Taxpayers Billions in lost revenue.
commented 2017-04-05 20:08:19 -0400
Let Canada and all other civilized Countries perform a one time 360 degree turn around. We are being shafted by Marxism.
commented 2017-04-05 19:57:26 -0400
After hearing all the buzz words strung together by the Resilient spokesperson and the Mayor the only gaps and empty space I can see is between their ears.
commented 2017-04-05 19:42:22 -0400
Will someone please explain to me what they mean by Resilient Cities?
commented 2017-04-05 19:26:25 -0400
I think we need a holistic strategy for a renewable action plan to assess the leverage of the platform performers who connect down to idiotic regressives that personify the kind of global community that dare to be.

I think I used most of the regressive buzz words.
commented 2017-04-05 18:53:41 -0400
Do all left wing politician talk lots but say absolutely nothing?

Sean Penson blubbers out meaninglessly claptrap just as well as Mayor Robertson.
commented 2017-04-05 18:33:05 -0400
I meant the globalist bureaucrast being funded by the Rockefeller foundation. They have no business interfering in any government in Canada. Mayor moonbeam has been bought and paid for by the globalists. He should be removed from office.
commented 2017-04-05 18:24:25 -0400
Gregor is a typical left wing fool. Wonder how many addicts have to die before they do what is right in Vancouver?
commented 2017-04-05 18:20:45 -0400
Oh yes Debbie G. Mayor Gregor is very popular here in Rain City, despite his centre-left agenda. He makes us proud as he personifies the kind of global community that dare to be,
commented 2017-04-05 18:19:22 -0400
Virtue signalling BS brought to you by the globalists, climate freaks, and Trudeau-esque zealots.
commented 2017-04-05 18:14:08 -0400
These people aren’t elected by the people.