March 12, 2019

Allum Bokhari: Google manager said company must stop “fake news” because “that’s how Trump won”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Senior Breitbart Tech Editor Allum Bokhari joined me to discuss an explosive new revelation, a leaked internal message from a manager at Google reveals that the company wanted to "stop fake news" because "that's how Trump won."

Google employee James Damore was fired simply for raising concerns with the company's obsession with gender and diversity, so Google's liberal bias is already well established.

When tech giants like Google, Facebook, and YouTube claim they want to increase censorship of the news it isn't because they care about removing fake content. It's because they want to silence conservatives and prevent Trump from being re-elected.

WATCH my interview with Allum to see the leaked internal messages that reveal the anti-Trump bias of top Google management.

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