August 21, 2018

Government's Scaremongering “No Deal” Documents Edited to Reflect REALITY

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

I’ve been talking about the upcoming release of around 70 documents that outline the UK’s plans for leaving the EU on World Trade Organization trading rules. Now we’re closer to that day – this Thursday – and it appears there will in fact be 84 documents in total.

Originally, these documents were going to be used to scare the British public, the press, and business into thinking a No Deal Brexit would cause the sky to fall in. But that plot was exposed. Remember? A government insider told Newsnight that May’s cabinet were planning to scare people witless?

Now, sources have told The Telegraph that the tone of many of the documents from the treasury – run by Chancellor Philip Hammond – have been a cause for concern. The paper reports that sections of a document that claimed the implications of a No Deal Brexit could be “negative.”

So let’s translate that: the government is exposed as wanting to scare people. The government denied it. The government changes the documents before release to prove that they aren’t trying to scare people over a No Deal Brexit.

Are we really meant to believe that Chancellor Hammond, who supported Remain during the referendum, is being totally honest about this?

Well, let’s see. The documents will be released in two days. If No Deal is played down, then great – but we’ll know they’ve been lying.


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commented 2018-08-21 19:48:24 -0400
Thank God that Nigel Farage has already started to explain to the public how PM May and her crew of Marxist are trying to spin the public. If she cannot accept the result of the original referendum then she should resign.