August 21, 2017

GRAPHIC: Man gets stabbed by Antifa member because he “looked like a Nazi”

StaffRebel Columnist

A Colorado man was stabbed last week because a knife-wielding individual thought he looked like a Nazi.

According to The Daily Caller, 26-year-old Joshua Witt’s photographs of his injuries went viral. Witt told the New York Post that a confused Antifa member thought he was a white supremacist, which some people chalk up to Witt's haircut.

Witt told the Post that he pulled into the parking lot of Steak n’ Shake in Sheridan when the man approached his car and asked him if he was a neo-Nazi.

“All I hear is, ‘Are you one of them neo-Nazis’ as this dude is winging a knife up over my car door at me,” Witt explained. “I threw my hands up and once the knife kind of hit, I dived into the car and shut the door and watched him run off west, behind my car.”

He believes the attacker was aiming for his head and is still at large.

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commented 2017-08-22 09:37:35 -0400
Just a note on semantics:

“Man gets stabbed by Antifa member because he “looked like a Nazi”

So who looked like a Nazi, the man who was attacked or the lefty antifa thug who attacked the man?
Because we all know who the real Nazis are today…
commented 2017-08-22 09:31:52 -0400
Is there anybody out there that can say anything good about any lefty today?
I can’t…not a peep!
commented 2017-08-21 22:37:05 -0400
Let’s say that he was a neo-Nazis which he wasn’t. Does that justify him being stabbed?
commented 2017-08-21 19:21:10 -0400
How are these antifa crazies not terrorists?
commented 2017-08-21 18:04:15 -0400
Well I guess we all make mistakes. If your not a nazi then don’t get a nazi haircut.
commented 2017-08-21 17:27:50 -0400
Colorado has lawful open carry without a permit – there is no excuse for being a victim in this state unless you a a beta cuck.
commented 2017-08-21 15:38:38 -0400
Antifa is the new gestapo/terrorist organization in N America. These people all need to go to prison for at least 5 years whether they stab someone or not. There needs to be a bill M105 gestapo/terrorist ophobia tabled to crack down on these a holes who are all belligerent and violent. There also needs to be a Bill M 104: freedom of speech ophobia tabled to counter Bill m103 which is already covered in our laws.
commented 2017-08-21 15:10:51 -0400
Yup. Those Antifa members are just spreading the love again.
commented 2017-08-21 14:22:41 -0400
Standard Brownshirt 101 behavior.
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